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ShedrivestaxiSF 54F
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3/21/2015 12:43 pm

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3/23/2015 12:20 am


I am feeling frustrated this morning. I didn’t get to sleep until way after 5:00 am this morning and was awoken at 10:00 am. That is not enough sleep. Why do some people have to talk so loudly when others are sleeping? Okay I know it is midday and most people are awake at that time but the adult person who was talking loud lives with me and should know better. Happy he is leaving next Wednesday! Long story…

I am also frustrated because I miss having someone in my life. I am not sure if I want to date someone or do I want a ready made sleeping with buddy. I am lonely, even though I have family all around me. I miss the warmth of having a man in my life. I have a strange schedule but I can fit in someone, if they just give me half a chance.

What I think I am looking for:

*someone who works nights (because I work nights)
*someone who would like to spend time with me, outside of the bedroom
*someone who enjoys sex.
*someone who understands family comes first
*someone who is clean, no std’s
*someone who is clean, sober, or someone who doesn’t drink much or often. No drugs, at all
*someone who is friendly
*someone who is chatty on text (I am not very good on the phone but I love to text)
*someone who is close to my age, between 47 and 55
*someone who is taller than I am, I am 5’6”
*someone who has their own place to live
*someone who lives close
*someone who is interested in me (I know sounds strange but most men do not ask questions, or ask questions correctly.)

I am really not that picky about looks but someone I am attracted too would be good. How do I go about finding that person? Vanilla dating sites? I am not beautiful or thin so I am not contacted by a lot of men. I know most women are over run by men on dating sites, not me. I don’t know why but I am not. Maybe at first a few men do contact me but they are very young, very old or just want sex.

I am going to post a picture of me. I wouldn’t normally do this but I feel like it is okay for a few days. Maybe I will remove the photos after a few days.

Okay, I am not feeling bad about myself or sad or anything like that. Loneliness is hard for anyone so I understand that I am not alone. So is there someone out there for me? Hope so! I am positive I can find someone who fits into my life as well as me fitting into their life.

I am not expecting too many personal messages but if I do, I would feel pretty impressed.

Thank you very much for reading my blog! I love you very much!

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

I love you very much!

ShedrivestaxiSF 54F
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3/21/2015 12:48 pm

Okay, tried to find a photo not on its side or upside down. Couldn't. WTF!! Why not? Stupid.

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

I love you very much!

flowerkings2012 57M  
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3/21/2015 1:14 pm

Loneliness and alone, are different. Or are they? You can be alone but enjoy pursuits that complement your life choice and comfort level.

It just depends on the individual, as I've pondered the same questions as you, and we're not alone in having done so.

But as long as you know what you want in someone, what you have to offer, and remain optimistic for love then you're still in the game

I will admit to having given up on women. I'm straight, attracted to them, but once again realised that what we have to put up with is too high a price to pay just to get sex.

As long as you're not that cynical, you'll be fine and happy

ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 3/22/2015 11:35 am:
I agree. I am rarely alone but lonely sometimes.

I have not given up on the pursuit of a person of the opposite sex, just yet. I am just not going to work so hard to find someone. If I do, great, if I do not great too.

citizen4722 62M  
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3/21/2015 2:59 pm

You look nice at any angle
It's not as if you're asking for a lot. I hope you find that man to be in your life.

ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 3/22/2015 11:36 am:
Thanks so very much.

Should I make it my quest? To find someone?

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