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Full Moon Saturday!  

ShedrivestaxiSF 54F
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5/24/2016 1:48 am

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5/26/2016 2:00 pm

Full Moon Saturday!

It was a full moon Saturday and it was AMAZING! The moon was beautiful and orange. Every amazing passenger got into my taxi! I was super busy but each ride were pretty short. That is okay, it was a wonderful night!

I started at the airport with a very nice lady who was going to a SID convention starting on Sunday. She was from India but had lived in Japan for the past 15 years. She was so excited to visit SF again and do things she was not able to do the last time she was here. She will not have much time during her stay but she will have next weekend to do something. She was thinking Yosemite but didn’t want to drive since she had never driven in the US before. In Japan and India they drive on the opposite side of the road. She will check out to see if she can find a tour company that can actually take her to Yosemite or maybe someplace a little farther out of the city.

Flagged in the Fisherman's Wharf area doesn’t happen often but I picked up 3 people, I am assuming they were Grandparents with a preteen granddaughter. They wanted to go to Pac Heights area for pizza and thought it might be in walking distance of their hotel on Mission. I said, it was a very long walk but doable. He said, well maybe we will go to closer to the hotel since they were a little tired. The lady suggested we go down Lombard Street. They were so excited and happy to go down the curvy street. I also suggested that they go down the steepest street in the city since it was just a few blocks away and they were thrilled! If you have not gone down Filbert Street off of Hyde you are missing a great view and amazing fun ride. I finally took them to the restaurant they were asking about. They said I was the best driver they had ever had! I had a bit of knowledge that they had not received from the Hop-on-Hop-off bus tour they had been on earlier in the day. I am always happy to tell something awesome about my city.

Picked up my Giggling couple again! They are such a cute couple and I love chatting with them about everything. One is now working a place that helps addicted people find places to live. He loves his job and is trying to make a difference in SF. We did talk about politics, which I try to steer clear of except the silly Trump stuff. I also love that I know where they live without any help, except maybe their actual door.

When you hang out in the same area you often pick up the same people over and over again. Tonight it was the smoke shop guy. I have picked up not only him but his partner, makes every ride even better! He had also even got a new tattoo on his back. He was sitting kind of strange so I asked if he was okay. His back was still very sensitive so sitting back would hurt. Poor guy but he showed me a photo of his new tattoo and it is awesome! I hope I can see it again when it is finished.

I picked up a great guy who is interning to become a hair stylist. He went to beauty school already but to work at this salon he needs to intern there for a year and a half plus pass “testing” for the salon. He has about 6 more months and he is on his hair cutting part of the testing. He asked me if I needed a haircut but I am really not ready to get my hair cut but I said my is really in need of a hair cut. (Sorry I still love you!) We exchanged business cards and maybe my will call him. So exciting!

Uber is on everyone's minds these days even my passengers. I got into a conversation with a male passenger who wanted to know why I wasn’t an Uber driver. I let him know my feelings about driving with them, non regulations, little to no background checks, so many of them out there that a driver can no longer make much money during a shift, they have to pay up to 30% to Uber and a few more things. We ended up talking about why people switched to Uber/Lyft which is always fun. I do think the taxi industry needed a kick in it's pants. I still hear about smelly taxis, drivers not wanting to take credit cards, drivers who drive like maniacs, drivers who do not want to drive out of the “hot” areas, or not take passengers short distances. My passenger agreed with me. He prefers taking taxis but where he lives, it is hard for him to get a taxi to pick him up, it is also hard for a taxi to take him back home or even take a credit card. I explained to him about the new Arro app, where the passenger can pay while in the taxi and the driver cannot say anything. Sounds a little underhanded but if it makes the passenger happy, I am all for it! He was so excited to have me as a driver and said he wished I could teach more drivers to be like me. That made me feel real good! Plus after dropping him off, I stopped for donuts.

My last ride of the night I was driving down Mission Street and a male flagged me but a female was being hugged by another male, she was the one who got into my taxi. I said, that looked like fun. She said it was very complicated, she is a manager of a Latin club/restaurant. I told her I understood since I liked to drive in the Mission. We talked about her night, she had 8 shots tonight. I asked if that was normal for her and apparently it is. She does try to eat healthy, drinks tons of water and hikes a lot.

Well that is about all for tonight! Getting a little sleepy. My wonderful set me up with a nice desktop computer and screen so it is so much easier than using the tablet we thought would work for me. I love the tablet and will be sad it is gone but I love that I am not struggling with so many things. I have the best !!

Thank you again for reading my blog! I love writing it and hope you enjoy it. Mistakes and all.

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

I love you very much!

nightsoul1962 57F
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5/24/2016 9:01 am

Sounds like you had a really nice night, that's great!!! Be safe!!!!


ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 5/26/2016 2:00 pm:
It was a great night!

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