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I cried a lot tonight  

ShedrivestaxiSF 54F
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6/20/2016 1:37 am

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7/6/2016 12:35 am

I cried a lot tonight

Last night I had the best night!! Okay, I did cry at least 3 times after dropping off passengers or with passengers. It was the night of the best passengers ever!! My first ride I picked up at the international airport was 3 young adults (1 female and 2 males). This was their first time in America from Switzerland, and they were super excited. They were going to be in the US for only 14 days, 3 days in San Francisco, drive down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), LA for 3 days, San Diego for 3 days and Vegas for 3 days. Plus time in between to travel places. On Sunday they were going to Alcatraz, take a hop-on-hop-off bus tour plus a few other things. I gave them a few more suggestions, like take the California Street Cable Car versus the other ones because there is always a long line to get on the other lines unless you go earlier in the day or later in the night. I told them we have 4,400 restaurants in the city, with so much variety, I only told them because they seemed to get excited about McD’s. I also told them about In’N’Out, hope they try the burgers somewhere on their travels. They were very excited about having “comfort food” while they were here. I kind of giggled and asked what was their “comfort food”. They said it was burgers, fries and pizza. Haha! I guess it is the same everywhere! Too funny. One of the guys spotted a much older pickup truck that had been modified and given a “muscle car” feel. I guess on the guys was an auto mechanic, one a carpenter and the girl was studying to be a nurse. They were super sweet and I really enjoyed the ride and I gave them my card, just in cast. They said they enjoyed all the tips I gave them. Great ride! So much fun! I hope they find so much to do here in the US and come again, over and over!

My second ride I picked up two girls in the Castro who were visiting San Francisco. It was there first day here and they wanted to see if they could go to Twin Peaks also if they could get a ride back down. I let them know I would wait for them while they took a look around. It was a clear and beautiful day outside so they were able to see all the way to across the bay, even the Golden Gate Bridge. They were so excited and happy they were able to see the city from above so it would put it all in perspective. While I was waiting for them to finish taking pictures another couple came and asked if I could take them back down the hill. I let them know I had passengers but I would try and get someone. A sent a message to my taxi buddies but all seemed to be too far away to pick them up, I also called dispatch and I was the only taxi close. My passengers came back and suggested the other couple take the ride back down the hill with them. I let the other couple know. They were very happy and excited to have a ride back down. On the way, we talked about other places they (both sets of passengers) were planning on going and it warmed my heart to know these young ladies felt good about helping out fellow tourists. It was great chatting with all in the taxi. The older couple from the top of the hill were here from Belgium and had hiked from Powell Street all the way to the top of Twin Peak. It took them about 9 hours to walk that far. Everyone in the taxi was so impressed! I dropped everyone off on Market Street close to both of their hotels. My original passengers paid for the ride quickly and got out. One of the other passenger tried to give them money but I saw the girls say, no to them. I love people!! These young ladies were amazing. Not everyone would have helped other people out like this.

I stopped on the side of the road to text a taxi friend about something that had happened earlier (just silly work stuff) at the airport and while I wasn’t paying attention, a couple tapped on my window and startled me! I apologized to them for not being ready but they were okay. They were here for their 30th Anniversary and they have been coming to SF every year since they got married. It is their “I love you forever” weekend. I think that was so sweet. He held her hand and kissed her cheek every once in awhile. When we got to the restaurant they have always gone to, he helped her out of the taxi and kissed her. I was so happy to see this! Made my night.

I picked up a few more people who had just quick little rides but I needed a few minutes break. I stopped off at the Opera House to see if I could find out what time the Opera let out but Bill, the amazing Usher, came out and said if I came back just before 11:30 I could come in and see a little bit of the end. Don Carlo is there. I don’t know what the opera is about but I love to see the little bit at the end. I finished texting a few people and I took off to go to the Castro but I was stopped at a restaurant just past the Opera House.

Picking up 4 people in captain hats. They were going to see a group that wears captain hats and mustaches on stage. They were here here on a Friend’s Weekend. Two were married but then there was 2 other ladies. They asked me where I came from only to find out one lady came from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and another from Chicago. It is always great to meet others from Michigan. We talked about how awesome we think California is and happy we are here but miss the seasons. They noticed that City Hall was very colorfully lit in preparation for Pride Week. The girls started talking about times they came to Pride. So funny! Then one of the girls said a coworker pulled her aside and said he was not sure how to treat another coworker who had just come out. The girl said treat them the same as you treat me. Apparently he didn’t know she was a lesbian. He also omitted to her that his had just come out to him and his wife. He talked to my passenger for a long time. I guess it changed how he felt about his coming out. He thanked her the next time he saw her. Their conversation changed how he felt about his coming out. This moved me so much! With all the sadness that is happening in the world right now, it is great to hear stories about people doing good. I tried to tell them the ride was free since their conversation moved me so much but they wouldn’t hear it. They even gave me a very good tip on top of the cost of the ride. I had to drive away quickly because I started to cry. I am so impressed with my passenger’s hearts.

I had to sit in front of a hotel for about 10 minutes crying my eyes out. There went all the makeup I had on. Hahaha. I guess it was time for a good cry. At about the time I was done, someone tapped on my window. They needed a ride to their hotel. I was again startled but was happy to give them a ride. I apologized for not being prepared for them but they seemed to be okay. Chatting with them only to find out they are here visiting and having a great time. They were surprised to find out that there was so many cool things to do in San Francisco and their driver (me) could suggest awesome things for them to do. Great couple and great conversation.

My night couldn’t go any better, right… Well, you would be wrong, it got better and better. Plus I cried a couple of more times.

The next amazing passenger I had was a guy who was in the Castro with friends visiting the memorial for the Orlando shooting victims that has popped up. We started talking about how horrible it was. It was such a shame that happened. We talked about how hard this tragedy is to get over. It is so senseless. As soon as I dropped him off, I cried a little bit more.

Driving through the Castro a little bit later and I picked up a lady who was out with her friends. My passenger got into the taxi and really sobbed. I asked if everything was alright. She said that she had just broken up with her partner. I am happy we have tissue in the taxi for these nights. She really was in love with her partner and didn’t want to break up with her. It happened about 2 weeks ago and the partner had to move back in because of the cost to live in San Francisco. She was a beautiful lady and I hope everything works out for her. I cried and we hugged as she left the taxi. I really hope all works out for her.

Tonight there was a major 5 alarm fire in the Mission District. 45 people were displaced from their homes but no one lost their lives. Many neighborhood business were lost as well. This is not what San Francisco needs right now. There are no places for anyone to go that are reasonably priced. I am sending good thought and prayers to all those who were affected by this fire. I am hoping the city of San Francisco helps all of these families and business out.

Driving around the Mission was a little different tonight with Mission Street being closed for about 6 blocks. I was lucky to have understanding passengers plus driving past all the blocked streets and seeing all the firetrucks.

Thank you very much for reading my blog! I love knowing others enjoy reading it as much as I like to write it. Thank you again.

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

I love you very much!

nightsoul1962 57F
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6/20/2016 3:25 am

Sometime crying is good for the soul!! I'm glad you had such a great night!!!!


ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 6/22/2016 2:26 am:
I really agree with you! Even today, I could cry at a great comment like yours! Thank you so much!

citizen4722 62M  
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6/20/2016 3:25 pm

Tears of joy and sadness all in a days work

ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 6/22/2016 2:27 am:
Yes it is! Love my job.

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