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Part time job!!!  

ShedrivestaxiSF 55F
338 posts
8/21/2016 7:37 am

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7/12/2017 10:04 am

Part time job!!!

I have a new (part time for now) job! I will be working for a passenger train company! I am super excited. It is only part time and I am not sure how much taxi driving I will be able to do since the hours I will be working will be in the middle of the day 5 days a week. I am also looking for another part time job to fill in the rest of the time.

I think I am going to stop blogging for a little bit. Starting a new job is much more intense than I remember it being. I have been working very hard learning all the new stuff. It is fun and exciting and I hope to retain as much new knowledge as I can.

Thank you all for being faithful readers! I have loved writing every posted blog, every question asked of me, all the support everyone has given me. Thank you so much! You mean the world to me.

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

I love you very much!

classicalrebel4 65M
1687 posts
8/21/2016 8:56 am

I was worrying about you, glad you are okay. Sorry I should have reached out to you sooner, my bad. Good luck with your new adventure.

Please don't let me be misunderstood.

ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 8/23/2016 9:58 pm:
I am happy you reached out now! Thank you so much!

Resident_Bitch 104M/104F  
9131 posts
8/21/2016 9:16 am

Good luck with the extra job....

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ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 8/23/2016 9:58 pm:
Thank you so much!

ltrskr 73M  
4773 posts
8/21/2016 10:16 am

Good luck with the new job, sounds interesting!

"Riding on The City of New Orleans".....

ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 8/23/2016 9:59 pm:
I want to ride on the City of New Orleans! I just learned about that train! Someday I will ride them all!

Thank you very much!

JR_1_5 26M
43 posts
8/21/2016 10:39 am

Goodluck with the job

ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 8/23/2016 9:59 pm:
Thank you very much!

pocogato12 69F  
36602 posts
8/22/2016 3:51 pm

Best wishes on your new adventure. Come back once in a while so we know how you are

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ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 8/23/2016 10:00 pm:
Thank you very much! I will stop in every once in awhile. I still have a few taxi stories I would like to share!

citizen4722 63M  
71649 posts
8/23/2016 9:17 am

It was so good to hear from you and I wish you all the best in your new job.
I'm going to miss your funny and informative taxi tales

ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 8/23/2016 10:01 pm:
Thank you so much! I still have a few taxi stories to share.

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