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ShedrivestaxiSF 54F
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3/24/2016 2:52 pm

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3/31/2016 2:13 am


Last night didn’t start out bad, the airport was moving okay. I picked up a man going to the Mission District. Great conversations. Apparently many people do not know this weekend is Easter. His wife is going to spend time with family out of the country and he is going on a long buddy fishing weekend.

After dropping my passenger off I went back to the airport. My taxi friends were saying it was full but moving. When I pulled into the garage that houses the queue for the taxis, the line was moving very quickly! I was so happy I made that choice. In the queue for taxis there are 4 lots; entry, wiggle, donut and pay lot. It is great to have other drivers let you know how long it takes to get from one lot to another so you know how long it will take to get to the terminals. We also have a TTT (tap to terminal) end time. Makes knowing if the airport is moving or not. Most times your airport time is different than someone who pulled in an hour before you but at least you have some knowledge about what you can do.

In the airport taxi queue you just wait behind the taxi that came in front of you but a few “different” taxis get to move to the front of the queue. These taxis can take more than 4 passengers and or they have a larger trunk space for lots or larger luggage. Tonight I made it all the way to the pay lot and I was actually pulled to go up to the International terminal. That doesn't happen often at all! When I got up to the International terminal, there was no one waiting for a taxi. That was okay but chatting with the starter (airport person who directs taxi traffic) he said he had so many people who needed SUV’s and larger taxis but he only had a few and mostly sedans. Then people came out and wanted to go to a hotel in Redwood City but they wanted me to follow another driver. I asked the mom that got into my taxi if they didn’t want to wait for a larger taxi and she said no. The had gone to school that day and it was a long day of travel to San Francisco from Washington DC. The other driver approached my taxi so I asked if he knew where the hotel was. He said he was and his passenger wanted me to follow him but the other taxi driver said, we know where to go. His passenger was almost insistent that we follow each other but my passenger told the male we would just leave. I took off and started chatting with the family. They were going to Hawaii for 1 ½ weeks. Spending time doing all kinds of fun things. I asked the if they knew they were going to learn things while having fun. The older boy said, “I hate that but yes”. His mom laughed a little at that. We arrived just seconds after the other taxi.

Since it only took me about 13 minutes to get to the hotel I thought I would try for a short ride (any ride that you can drive to and come back to the airport in 30 minutes or less). I made it with about 4 minutes to spare! So excited! I was able to go to the front of the line, another perk the airport gives us.

This ride from the airport was into the city by the ballpark. She immediately was on the phone talking to her mom. So we didn’t chat much.

I picked up a man just around the corner from the last passenger drop off. He was very chatty and we talked about his day and plans for the next week and a half. His plan was meeting a friend who was visiting from the East Coast who had never been to San Francisco. The thing the most they were planning on doing was eating at a different fun restaurant every night. They would see the normal touristy things but not in any quick pace because his friend would be out every other week for work for about a month or two.

I had a few other smaller rides but I dropped off in the Tenderloin and a man standing at the corner gestured for me to move forward to but the light was red and I moved up a far as I could. He then walked up to the taxi and showed me his hands. I wasn’t sure why he was doing this. Very confusing to me. He finally got into the taxi and asked me to go to the Castro. He said he wasn’t sure where he wanted to go in the Castro but he really wanted to go dancing. I suggested a few places so he said, okay. I started to drive that way and he asked if I had any Hip Hop or R&B music instead of the crap you are playing. I let him know that I didn’t have much on my ipod and asked for a suggestion for a radio station. He gave me one and I switched it. He asked me to turn it up loud. I turned it up louder but he was not happy. I said, this is not my music. He seemed okay with it for a little bit, then asked for it to be turned up louder again.

We turned onto Market Street and he said, I have changed my mind and I want to go to Dolores and 18th Street. We got to Dolores and 18th but he said to go to Church and turn left. At this point I was getting really nervous. We get to Church and 19th, he told me to stop. We stopped and he says, “look I am broke so I cannot pay you”. I was so pissed at this point. I told him to get out of my taxi, I was broke too, it wasn’t very nice to waste my time and steal from me and never do that again. He just said “have a blessed day” I normally do not care about race of a person and I do not pick up because of it. I may have to change my views a little since it is the same kind of males that keep doing this to me. I hate to bypass a flag. I guess I knew when I picked up this male that it was going to happen.

Okay, I need to get ready for work now. It should be a great week since more and more are off of school. Lots of families come to San Francisco for vacation. Perfect place to see amazing sites and 4,400 places to eat! Please come and visit my city! I love to give tours, even if it is just on the way to your hotel.

Thank you again for reading my blog! Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

I love you very much!

love2pleasu13 52M
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3/24/2016 3:43 pm

hope u find what u need along with having a happy easter

ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 3/25/2016 1:58 pm:
Thank you very much and Happy Easter to you as well!

citizen4722 62M  
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3/24/2016 5:14 pm

Reading about the airport only made me think of what happened in Belgium earlier in the week.

ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 3/25/2016 2:00 pm:
I know! That was scary. We are in the bottom floor of an airport parking structure. At one point we are out in the open as well but sometimes I think I would be stuck there if something happened. I must think of all the positive things instead of the "what ifs"

nightsoul1962 58F
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3/24/2016 9:24 pm

What a jerk!!!!!! There has to be a way to stop people for doing that......shameful!!!!


ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 3/25/2016 2:01 pm:
I agree! I think people should do the right thing as much as they can. I know we are not all perfect but that was clearly the wrong thing to do.

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