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Started good but ended very bad.  

ShedrivestaxiSF 54F
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9/9/2015 2:35 am
Started good but ended very bad.

Well, I dropped my phone in the dog’s water dish! I am so pissed at myself! I was getting ready in the bathroom and I was texting a friend about Sunday, I sat my phone on the edge of the counter and plop it fell into the water dish. I have thought, maybe a thousand times I should put my phone in a baggie when I am in the shower or when I am getting ready for work. I will do that from now on! I often am texted when I am in the shower so having a baggie around it will not make it so I can respond to the text but the drips will not bother it too much. Well, I have a phone I can use until my 3 day rice “soak” is done. I have been using my iPad mini while I am at home but I really need a phone at work for many reasons.

Well, sometimes I use my phone for directions. I don’t always know where I am going. I was asked to go to a hotel I had never heard of last night and I was happy I at least knew the street it was on and they could tell me what side of the street it was. Also I give out my cards to many passengers and I like to be able to respond to them quickly. Plus in an emergency I would need my phone.

I will tell you about some things that happened in the past week then I will tell you about last night. Yep, saving the best for last, I guess.


Is it really September?!?!?!?!?! Crazy, it feels like it still is April or May. Time flies when you are old. Also is there a full moon tonight? People are driving so crazy! Cutting other cars off and turning into pedestrians. I have tried to stay calm but sometimes I just want to yell at them! I want to find out where they learned to drive and how they are able to pass the driving test! Okay, done with that rant!

I picked up this young lady who didn’t seem to know where she lived. Just that she lived by the Target off of Geary and the street number and name. Happy I know where the Target is but I wasn’t sure where her street was. She was really snippy when I asked for a little help with directions. I let her just sit in the back quietly and I drove to the Target and she said she wanted to go to the Target instead of her home for food (yep, just the information I needed to know). She wanted to pay with a credit card but give the tip in cash. After she was done with the credit card transaction she said she was trying to save money so she couldn't even give me a tip. She tried to tell me what she was saving for but I cut her off by telling her to have a good night and out she went. Wonderful, she is saving for whatever and I am trying to pay my rent. Did I have a right to be unhappy with this customer, no not really but why would she be saving money and not wanting to give a tip? She works as a server, according to her. Nice

What or who is Australian Pink Floyd? They are at the Warfield this weekend and it seems like it will be a big concert! They are they only group on the marque.

I was driving around Fisherman’s Wharf one afternoon and I noticed a young male about 10 to 12 standing on a very busy corner. He was looking very nervous and concerned so I pulled over and asked him if he knew where his parents where. He nodded and turned around to walk off but didn’t go far. I bet he really didn’t know where his parents were but was afraid to tell me. I don’t really blame him. I was a scary lady in a taxi. Hope he found his parents or who he was with quickly. When I drove back around the corner he was no longer standing there and I didn’t see him anywhere.


I picked up a young man whose family is from Palestine. He owns two pizza places, one on Polk and one on Geary but there are like 5 pizza places in his family. He was super nice! We chatted about all kinds of things, I will go to his pizza place and try it, if I can find parking! We talked about how he grew up wanting to follow his religion. He never dated a female, just his wife. They met and knew each other, chatted with each other at family parties and gatherings. They never went out on typical dates but really liked each other. He asked her to marry him and they were engaged for 3 years before they married. They have been married now for 2 years and have a baby on the way now. They are almost traditional Muslim couple. They didn’t live together before marriage, they didn’t touch before marriage, she wears traditional abaya dress when outside the family and can wear what she wants (within reason) around family or very close female friends, the only thing they are doing different is not having a right away as well as having as many as they can have. He is the 2nd youngest of 12 (I think that is what he said). He said that was WAY too many and they were planning on only having a few. They are expecting their first in May and he is very excited! He is happy they waited to get to know his wife before having a . So excited for them! He was so much fun to chat with and I hope to drive him again some time! I gave him my business card. Oh! I forgot, he says he always asks people how they feel about his religion and how he is living his life. I said, I have a billion questions but not trying to be mean but just to learn stuff and he was happy to teach me more. I hope he calls for a ride again so I can ask so many more questions!

I picked up a very drunk man who was talking a lot of nonsense things. I seem to be picking up a lot of them lately. Why? I have no idea. This guy was even preaching to me about rent control apartments in the city! He asked me to take him home to the Haight area but then remembered he parked his scooter in the street and he needed to move it before the morning or he would be ticketed. So he told him to take him to 2nd and Brannan and I got him there and he told me to stop but when he got out he said we were on the wrong street, he wanted Bryant instead. He seemed to think it was all my fault and I wasn’t following his directions. He was giving them to me by the way. Oh, well. I hate the time around a full moon. People are even more crazy.

Okay so I am back to yesterday. I think that is all the stupid crazy things that happened to me this past week! Who knows but I may remember more later.

After my phone dropping in water my world seem to drop out below me. I am not sure if it was the lack of having a phone or just the stress of regular life but things are not going as good as they should.

I went to the airport and spent 1 ¾ hours there waiting for a passenger! That is WAY too long to wait at the airport. The ride out of the airport was just into the city but it was two very nice men. Nothing special except they were nice.

Most of the night was spent picking up and dropping off very nice people, nothing special or exciting until I was driving down 16th Street about to turn onto Mission. I was flagged by a guy and I waited for him. He got into the front seat and laid it completely back. He closed his eyes and when I asked him where he wanted to go, he said, I just need to get out of this area and to just drive and drive far. I said, I need to know where you want me to go before I move or he will have to get out. He said “turn right”, so I did. He said drive faster “turn right”. Why are you stopping. I let him know people were crossing the street so I needed to wait. He seemed okay with that. As I was turning right he started chanting… Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me. I was starting to freak out! I wasn’t sure if it was because I did not have a real working phone or if he really posted a threat to me. I asked him again to tell me where to go and he said Motel 6 Millbrae. He had turned me around the wrong way, since I was very nervous about what was going to happen I actually took the longer more full of people way. Fortunately by the time I got to the freeway he had passed out. I was a little stressed at this time so I got onto the freeway and took him to what I thought was the Motel 6 in Millbrae. Okay what I thought was the Motel 6 was actually a Travelodge and I started to look for the Motel 6 in Millbrae then the guy sat up and started to get out of the taxi. I asked if this is where he wanted to get out of the taxi and he said, “no, maybe 5 more minutes”. I drove a little farther and he acted like he wanted out of the taxi again and he said “no, maybe 5 more minutes”. I asked him again where he wanted to go. This time he asked me where his friends were at, I didn’t pick up anyone else, I let him know. He said, just take me to Motel 6 in Redwood City with my friends. I said, I only picked up you. At this point I was actually getting pissed off! Again he was telling me to go someplace else. This time there was a small inn and BART ahead so I told him I wasn’t going to take him any further because he kept changing his mine. He said he understood and asked how much the ride was and paid me. Then got out of the taxi but asked where his friends were before he shut the door. I said, I have no idea. They were not there when I picked him up. Hope he found a place to sleep off whatever he was on and found his friends.

I think that is all I missed over the past few days. I have been struggling to get this all written. I would start and then doze off, not knowing what I have written. I guess it has been harder to write lately than in the past. I am very sleepy all the time. I need to do something different but what? I do not know.

Okay, I think that is everything I can think of tonight! Nothing much happened on Tuesday night. Kind of slow, my guess is because it was the end of the holiday weekend, are back at school and the people that went to Burning Man are still trying to become human again (haha).

Thank you again for reading my blog! I love you very much!

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

I love you very much!

sinofos 108M
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9/9/2015 2:37 am

thanks for sharing...

nightsoul1962 58F
17862 posts
9/9/2015 2:57 am

You might want to think about getting a Samsung Galaxy 5 or 6, they're waterproof.
Be safe!!


HamburgDave2 76M
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9/9/2015 3:50 am

Australian Pink Floyd are an almost perfect Tribute Band, according to a friend who has seen them. Next best thing to going back in time to see the real thing. If you are a Pink Floyd Fan, worth getting a ticket.

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Han54boat 67M
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9/9/2015 6:14 am

One time, I drop my phone into the toilet while I'm pissing. After that, no more phone is near the toilet while drunk.
Be safe,

Cum to my blog and respond. Have a great kissing fun time.

citizen4722 62M  
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9/9/2015 11:12 am

I've seen Brit Floyd but not the Australian Pink Floyd tribute band.
No wonder you were stressed out about the 'chanting man'

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