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Two Nights in ONE!  

ShedrivestaxiSF 54F
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3/26/2015 3:21 am

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3/27/2015 3:40 am

Two Nights in ONE!

Haha! Coming up with titles is part of the fun of writing this blog! Sometimes they are meant to be funny, at least to me, but some are just mundane. Tonight ended up giving me a little chuckle.

Tuesday night was a trip of a night! I went to the airport twice and had two pretty good rides but when I got back into the city, it was DEAD! I hate slow nights but it was. I drove around and picked up a few people but decided to go home at about 11:30 pm. On my way out of the city I received a text from a young male who has been living on our sofa since beginning of December. We invited him to stay with us, hoping for good Karma but he was really nothing but a young immature who only created problems in my household. He moved back home to New Jersey today. Yippee!! NO more stress and bad roommate manners. Moving on….

Okay, so after the text from the boy, wanting to know when I was going to be home so he could say good bye. I was almost to the freeway and I was flagged by a confused young male. Before he got into my taxi he asked if I would take him to San Mateo. I said sure, it is meter and a half from the city and it would be about $99. He said that is fine I will pay you but I need to run to an ATM on 6th and Mission, first. He asked for my phone number and I gave it to him, because he was going to run there then call me. I said I would just drive him over to where he needed to go. We got to 6th and Mission and he made me drive around the block because he didn’t know where he was. We finally got to the place where he was going to meet his friend, then we drove on to his house.

This is the some of the stories this young male gave me. He was driving home after having a single drink with a friend and he was pulled over by the police and told he was going to be given a DUI. They put him in handcuffs after he failed all field sobriety tests so 3 police man argued that they should just arrest him but 2 argued that he should be given a chance to get home on his own. He told them his brother was a police officer in San Francisco and had told him it would be fine to drive home after he had most of one beer and ate chicken wings. He also said he had gone to a therapist and started a new medication today. He didn’t know he was not suppose to drink alcohol while taking any medication. He said no one had warned him so he didn’t think it would be a problem. He left the almost empty bottle of meds with me so he could get some money. He was prescribed Alprazolam Intensol, not to be taken with alcohol. Plus it had looked like he took way more than he should have taken.

He went on to say he had a pregnant almost 21 girlfriend and they were going to go out clubbing when she turned 21. I asked if he was really going to take his pregnant girlfriend clubbing. He told me, yes because she is “self aborting”. Self aborting???? You mean miscarriage? No, self aborting is what she was doing. He said she was very underweight and really didn’t want to have baby at this time. So she was doing whatever she wanted to get rid of the baby. He was happy and hoped it was going to be a girl. He also said, his girlfriend had been bleeding for the past week. Seriously??? Why not take her to the hospital. He did say she had an appointment next Wednesday to find out what is going on. I am so confused at this time. I asked him what he did for a living, he said he worked at Google in Mountain View as a software engineer. I asked a few minutes later and he said again he worked at Google. Then he said he was going to school to be a lawyer, he was working as bartender and waiting tables. He had to call his mom to get money for the taxi ride, she came down in her robe.

I was happy he was done with his web of nothingness he was giving me. I hope he gets some help for his problem. Any one of them! I also hope he didn’t get into his mother’s car and drive back into the city. Hope he waited until morning or until he sobered up a bit to drive again.
Today started out okay, the airport was moving slowly but not bad. My first ride was a short to Burlingame, nice lady. Then I got a ride into the city, nothing special. Drove around the city and picked up a few fares.

Great tip night!! On 3 different rides that were about $7.40 every one of them gave me $15! That is a great tip. Wow! I must have done something right tonight.

I stopped for lunch today at one of the many Mexican restaurants in the city. I have been there many times because they have good food and there is always parking. Well tonight I was sitting eating my nachos and I saw something move on the floor out of the corner of my eye. At first I hoped it was just a shadow but it wasn’t. It moved again. I didn’t see anything but I could only suspect what I thought it was. I was done eating at that time. Yuck! A couple said they saw the mouse come in the doorway and come down the stair. Gross! I am so grossed out by mice! Nasty creatures! I am still freaking out about the mouse!

My last ride of the night I picked up on California and Taylor. He was in black tie and looked pretty amazing! We chatted all the way to his home about how being nice gets you niceness in return. If you do not judge anyone then they will respect you and feel comfortable in your presence. We are a lot alike. He was a great ride. He also said Conan O'Brien was in town to let loose a little bit. Hope I meet up with him! That would be great! Hope he will let me take a picture with him. If not, I am okay with that too!

Oh, my gosh!! I almost forgot the best news! I picked up a lady at the airport and she looked just like the Felicity from the tv show the ARROW!! I even said something to her and she denies that is her but was very complimented that I thought that it was her. I even was able to get a picture of her (and for my . He loves the Arrow and when I sent it to him, he said “YOU MET FELICITY???? From Arrow??” Needless to say, he was excited for me but sad because it really wasn’t her.

She is such a cute young woman!
Well, I am getting a little sleepy now! Hope this blog makes sense. My cat is trying to help me write it so…. She really isn’t much help at all but she is darn cute!

Thank you so much for reading my blog! I love you very much!

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

I love you very much!

citizen4722 62M  
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3/26/2015 1:43 pm

It all makes perfect sense. Your tales of taxi life make therapeutic reading.

ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 3/27/2015 1:36 am:
It makes for therapeutic writing too.

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