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ShedrivestaxiSF 54F
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7/21/2015 3:07 pm

Have you ever had vertigo? I had not until about a year ago. I am dealing with it again. Last time it was really bad for only a day or two but this time it has been going on since Thursday. I didn’t drive Thursday night but did drive on Friday and Saturday. It was okay. I found this movement you can do to help with vertigo and it helps for a little bit. Not sure what I have to do to get rid of it forever or at least for another year. It would be amazing if it came back next year and I knew how to get rid of it.

July 7

On most nights you can find a large group of people around either one of the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) stations in the Mission District. One group is interesting to watch! They are there preaching the gospel. Rapping, singing, yelling and just having a wonderful time! When this group of young people is there,the police presence is very little, so it is wonderful to see. I end up driving around that block a few times just to show, in my own way, support for them. I am not a religious person but I do know and understand others believe and need the support from a religion and others who believe. I hope they continue to be able to pray in this manner.

July 9

Two older men got into my taxi and kept saying “discard eligible” and “that is not awesome”. They tried to explain what discard eligible meant but I didn’t understand. I guess it has something to do with someone you would sleep with but nothing more, or not really because they couldn’t explain it. Oh, well, somethings are better not explained to me or do you know what that means?

July 3

Why do you go and visit a city when you do not like cities? I had a couple who was visiting from Florida and they complained there was too many people at the Wharf. They complained there wasn’t any “chain” restaurants in the city, like Olive Garden, Chili's or Red Lobster. With 4400 restaurants in our 49 square mile city, why would you want to spend it in a chain restaurant? Oh, well. They also complained about how cold it was in July. They were expecting it to be “hot California” but Karl the Fog was over the city. I guess they thought Florida was perfect.

July 11

I picked up a drunk mom, a young lady and a 7 year old boy. As soon as they got into the taxi the mother said she had bought 10 hamburgers, small fries and water to give to homeless people to teach her how it felt to give to those in need. It was 11:30 pm. She didn’t want to go to the Tenderloin area where her might get into trouble or hurt but someplace where a group of homeless who would be appreciative of her gift. Her thoughts were nice but she kept repeating how good her was going to feel after giving this food away, over and over. I started to doubt why she really was doing this. Plus she kept eating out of the bags of food (really?!?!?! Wanting to help others?) The young lady with them (I think she might have been a cousin or nanny) kept agreeing, kind of with the mother. I was not sure where she wanted to find a group of 10 homeless people who would love her food and maybe call her queen (sorry, I cannot help myself right now) So she wanted me to stop all the street and look for homeless people, she wanted me to wait. Her young was falling asleep and she demanded he go with her so he would feel better. Also the young was asked to give his money from the bank to homeless people and he told her no, he had plans for that money. Plus his mother said she had already doubled it. He said he was given $4,000 from his aunt and his mom would make it $8,000. I kept thinking, I wish someone would give me $4,000 them double it to $8,000. The mom kept saying she spends a lot of time in her town walking the streets and asking what a homeless person needs and giving it to them, except for cash. She doesn’t give cash because they will only spend it on alcohol and drugs. She just annoyed me more and more. I wanted her out of my taxi quickly. Finally her majesty and family got out at Fisherman’s Wharf. I know I say that often but there are so many more people I would love to keep in my taxi for so much longer! I love chatting with people and finding out more about them.

July 12

Flagged by a bunch of young black men, I let them know I could only take 4 and they said okay but 5 got into my taxi. I said, one of them needed to get out but they said, just take us home. I replied “no, one of you needs to get out or all of you need to get out”. They said they wanted me to call and get another taxi that would take all 5 of them but I said you can call the phone number on the side of the taxi. They wanted to talk to my manager and I said, “you can call the phone number on the side of the taxi”. They still were not getting out of the taxi (I was starting to stress at this time) but a small moth landed on the face of the guy behind me and he started to freak out. He got out of the taxi and yelled at the others to get out to. They at first were not budging but then the small moth landed on the leg and then the face of another guy. That guy freaked out more than the other did! I wanted to laugh so badly! A tiny moth got them out of the taxi more than the threat of calling the police. I drove off laughing! Made my night! Happy the moth followed them out of my taxi!

July 10

I watch a lady standing at a corner with a male companion. It looked like she had something on her foot but I couldn’t figure out what it was. As she started to walk across the street the thing on her foot moved up and down her leg for a few steps and then fell off and ran back to the side of the road. I am guessing it was a large cockroach. She didn’t even notice it! So gross!

July 11

I received a proposition for sex for money! Well, they guy I picked up was propped up on a meter when he flagged me and walked over to the taxi with a crooked neck. He gave me where he wanted to go and we chatted for all the way to his place. When we got there, the ride was about $6 and he gave me a $20 bill asked for $12 in change but if I came upstairs with him for a bit then I could have it all. I said, thank you very much but I would have to pass. The guy said, it will not take very long. I again said, thank you very much but I would have to pass. He ended up saying, he had a girlfriend and she wouldn’t be happy if he cheated. I agreed. He got out of the taxi with no problems but complained his neck hurt him.

The next guy I picked up kept asking if I wanted a ride from him but he was joking. He was a wonderfully nice guy. He told me he was 28 and asked if I had a . I do. He asked if I would give him her phone number because all the ladies in the city were very superficial. I laughed with him. We got to his home and he wanted to order pizza in the taxi before he got home. I was okay with it since his ride was $9 and he gave me a $20! Great tip! Nice guy.

July 18

I watched guy help women and males get into a large SUV and then put his hand down his pants for a few seconds, smell his hand and then use that hand to close the door using the window. As I passed by the SUV I saw his fingerprints on the window! So gross!!!

Okay, I need to get ready for work now! I am still spinning a little bit but if I take it easy tonight I should be fine. I guess I will spend most of my night at the airport.

Thank you again for reading my blog! I love you very much!

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

I love you very much!

nightsoul1962 58F
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7/21/2015 3:30 pm

Hi Sweetie!!!!
I know all about vertigo I have chronic vertigo since 1990....wow....25 years......anyway one gets it when there is a bad infection going on in the body, it could be a sinus infection, it attacks your inner ear, and messes with your balance. The spinning motion is quite scaring!!!!!!!! I have to take meds for it every day. The chronic condition only develops from either an inner ear tumor or to someone who experience a terrible trauma, my case. Do you have sinus problems, allergies??? If not there is an infection somewhere in your body. Hope you feel better soon!!


Furbal1972 48M
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7/21/2015 4:06 pm

Never a dull moment when you're behind the wheel of a taxi. .. That can be good or bad.

Read my diary Journal of a Taxi Driver for taxi stories and pictures of flowers and trees.

citizen4722 62M  
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7/22/2015 3:48 pm

I don't suffer with vertigo but I did get a bout of iritis recently. There was pressure on my right eye. I've not had that for 20 years!
You must get a lot of headaches driving your taxi?

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