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Typical night with my Mistress  

Sheetnutz 34M  
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1/17/2020 2:54 am
Typical night with my Mistress

I wrote a story. I submitted it to the erotic stories post. I wanted to make sure it got some views, so I figured I might put it in a blog, some people might find it easier here. Enjoy

A Typical Night with my Mistress.

Nervous, not knowing what she has in store for me tonight, I knock on her door. She opens the door. Standing there expecting and impatiently waiting for me, she demands, “Enter at once and kneel!”. I attempt to hand her the flowers I purchased, only for her to snatch them and throw them on the table next to her. “Do not make me repeat myself!” I enter and fall to my knees.

The door closes. My collar is placed around my neck, “Strip!” I do as my Mistress commands and quickly remove my clothes. As soon as I removed my shirt, the leash was attached to my collar. Once I was fully undressed, I looked at you, with some small satisfaction with the plans in her mind for evening. “Get your things and bring them to me.” I go and collect my cuffs, and other toys we have been using and bring them to her.

“Put them on now!” Once I do, you walk me to where you normally tie me up and do so accordingly. That’s when she sticks the first plug of the nignt inside of me. She notices me starting to get an erection and quickly grabs my shaft, “No, I did not give you permission to get hard. Put this on.” She drops my cock cage on the floor. I put it on and she immediately locks it in place. Dangling the key in my face, “Not until you have earned it.”
She walks away from me and goes into another room. After a short time, she reemerges. Wearing a full sexy corset and stockings. It showed everything without showing a single thing. The sight of her was a tease. I could feel my cock trying to swell and unable to due to its cage. I slightly whimper at the sight of her. Wanting to touch her. Caress and massage every inch of her body. My queen. My goddess. My Mistress.
She struts over to me and slaps me in the face. “What was that for?” I asked. “Did I say you could speak!” She ignored my question. She carried over with her a whip and a tassel. She started slapping my rear with the tassel. “You will only speak when I ask you to speak.”

She unties me and walks me over to a chair, where she proceeds to sit. She pulls me close and swipes the tassel from my face to her crotch. I stare into her gorgeous eyes wanting this and I snuggle my face in between her legs. She hits the back of my head with the tassel, “That’s not for you to rest on. You know whats required on you.” She smacks me harder with the tassel.

I start to kiss her thigh. And without moving from her I continue to move up, until she grabs my head and pushes it to her other thigh. I repeat the notion. I kiss down her thigh, moving closer to her waiting desire. She lets me get just a bit closer, until she pushes me to the other thigh again. I can see this is exciting her. I repeat. Getting closer, I could smell her. I became hungry to get to my target. And again she pushes me to the other thigh. Understanding her game, or so I thought, I tired to quicken my pace. She pushed me back. “No!”

She drops her tassel and gets up. “Over the chair.” She says, demanding and in a not satisfied tone. What did I do. She then proceeds to ball gag me. I stare at her. Confused. She then blindfolds me. Tied to the chair, blindfolded, I began to wonder what she was doing. After a few minutes, I could hear her behind me. She removes the toy from my ass. Next thing I know, I feel the cold sensation of lube just grazing my ass hole. Then without warning, she pushes our biggest toy, the one im not fond of completely inside me. I whimper loudly into the gag. “I didn’t say you could touch me there yet slut, did I?” She pulls the toy out to the tip, and before I know it, the entire thing was deep inside of again. I whimpered and cried out a bit louder. “Hush! You didn’t answer me Slut!” I again whimpered into the gag, “No.”

She pulls the toy out to tip and once again it was completely in me again. “Excuse me Slut, what did you say?” “No my Mistress.” I cried out into the gag once again. She leaves the toy in me, as I hear her walk away. After a few more minutes, she returns and removes my blindfold. She unties me from the chair and sits back down in it. “Now are you going to be a good little slut?” I nodded. “Lets try this again.” She removes gag, and returns me to one of her legs. “You will start down there. Kiss my toes.”
I proceed to kiss each toe on one foot, before its taken away and the other foot is in place. She kept switching and I would move slightly closer. She tired of that. “Closer!” I moved up to where we began earlier. We played the game. I would inch up her thigh and she would push me to the other as I got closer. And without warning, she wrapped both legs around my head and pulled me forcefully into her snatch. I immediately began to lap at her. I sucked and licked at her with wild ambition.

She slapped me. “Stop that, you know better. Do it right!” I began to eat and lick at her as I have been trained and instructed to do so. Her legs tightening around my head burying my face inside her, I struggled to breath. She was pulling my hair with wild ambition holding me between her legs. She was ecstatic. She let go long enough to let me breath and then pushed my face hard into her pussy. After a few seconds, she would give me air and then push me back in. My face was covered in her juices. After what seemed a while she let go of me and licked herself off my face.

My cock was struggling. Her licking herself off my face while I was still trying to regain my breath was the hottest thing ever. She pushed me back and tied me back to the chair. She pulled the toy out of my ass, and walked away from me. I fell to the floor.

After a few minutes, she returns. As I see her walk in, she had completely undressed. I perked up on all fours as she walked over to me. She was nude in front of me. I soaked in every thing I saw. She can see my excitement growing. “Down little slut, or you wont get fucked tonight.” I sit there, as she walks over to the table and pulls out her strap on. I watch her strap it on. She walks over to me, “Be a good little Slut, you know what you need to do.”
She wanted me to suck it. She wanted me to stare at her and suck the dildo, much like a good Slut should do for his Mistress. “Do you like that?” She says to me. She continues to talk dirty to me, trying to make me take more and more of her dildo into my mouth. Finally she pulls it away and picks up the leash. She walks me into the bedroom. “On your stomach.” I lay over the bed. She gets behind me and once again she lubes my asshole.

She slowly starts to edge herself into me. I whimper slightly. “Quiet or I will gag you again. You will take this and get fucked like a good little Slut.” She keeps pushing in, and then forces herself in completely, and then pulls out halfway before its pushed back in. “Hows that man cock, Slut? Do you want release yet?” She leans into me and reaches under and releases my cock from its cage. She strokes it quickly and its instantly fully erect. She strokes it matching each thrust she take in and out of me. My cock swells. She knows im about to explode. “No!” She lets go and pulls out completely.

She leaves the room. I don’t move. She comes back after a few minutes and sees that I was no longer at full erection and caged my cock again. My dick swelled unwanting to be caged, wanting release. It pulsed angerly in its cage.

She reached down under the bed by my feet and pulled out her straps. She strapped my feet to the floor, still bent over the bed with my ass in the air, and then strapped my arms to the bed as well. She left the room and came back with her box of toys, not mine. She got up on the bed in front of me and laid out each one. She sat in front of me where my face was just barely out of reach of her pussy, and began to with herself.

She teased me, every so often grabbing her tassel and slapping my face with it. I sat in silence and begged with my eyes to be close to her again. After what seemed forever she got tired of her toys and scooted closer to me to let me finish her off.
Once she was satisfied, she untied me from the bed and led me back to the chair. “Sit!” I sat in the chair. She blindfolded me again. She walked away and came back and strapped me completely to the chair, arms and legs. I couldn’t move, or see. She removed my cock cage and began to<b> stroke </font></b>me. Once I was fully erect, she began to suck on me. She quickly stopped and I was confused. She then straddled me. Knowing this is what I wanted, she sat on me and placed me inside her. She rode me agressively. I moaned loudly at her.

She could feel me tense up. She got off me. My balls and cock were swelling and hurt. I just wanted to explode. She began to suck me and fondle my balls. Before I knew it. I unloaded into her mouth. Little did I know what she was going to do next. She removed my blindfold, and spit my cum all over my face. She then rubbed it all over my face. She walked away from me. Still tied to the chair. She went and cleaned up.

She returned to me after about 5 minutes, having cleaned herself up. She puts my cock back in its cage and unties me from the chair. She removes the leash from the collar. “Go clean up and return to me.” “Yes my Mistress. Was I good tonight?” “The night is young my slut, now don’t make me tell you again.”

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