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To have Tan Lines or not?  

Shhhsquirt 61F
52 posts
8/9/2016 12:00 pm
To have Tan Lines or not?

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CumchatwMike 44M
252 posts
8/9/2016 12:16 pm

I prefer tan lines... Just looks sexy...

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:13 pm:
Thank you CumchatwMike.

justskin1 68M
11749 posts
8/9/2016 12:18 pm

I prefer no tan lines but then I am a nudist for the last 23yrs.
They closed the nearby nude beach this year so I now have tan lines.
Your argument for tan lines has some good points but few tan lines are crisp enough to carry off the impression of a naked swim suit or bikini.
You look so sexy hot in the first pic and your breasts and tits in the second one are Mmmmm! \8

If you see me in the real world, come say "Hi Justskin."

I always behave. Preferably not well.

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:15 pm:
Thank you justskin1 for commenting on my blog. I hope you find yourself another beach, boo hoo.

nwburbsman 58M
147 posts
8/9/2016 12:25 pm

I prefer that the only tan lines are the ones on the undercheek of the butt when a lady tans nude. Guaranteed there will be a tan line there.

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:18 pm:
Thank you nwburbsman for commenting on my blog.

spunkycumfun 60M/65F  
36114 posts
8/9/2016 12:28 pm

Tan lines are sex as are no tan lines!

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:19 pm:
Thank you spunkycumfun for commenting on my blog.

Heathen_G 61M
7838 posts
8/9/2016 12:38 pm

I say , don't tan at all. This is not good for your skin in the long run.

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:19 pm:
Thank you Heathen_G for commenting on my blog.

fkmeallnitelong9 49F  
2064 posts
8/9/2016 12:50 pm

I don't tan either....sun is too harmful to the body....that's why my whole body is soft as a baby's butt....so no leather-skin on my body AT ALL.

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:23 pm:
Thank you fkmeallnitelong9 for commenting on my blog. My skin is still soft because I use baby oil, all over....lol

peterlikesplay2 64M
453 posts
8/9/2016 12:52 pm

Tan lines are hott ...especially on a tight body....

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:33 pm:
Thank you Peterlikesplay2 for commenting on my blog. You have a nice chest.

I_willoralu 46M
1563 posts
8/9/2016 12:53 pm

I like tan lines on a woman. Think it is sexy as hell and you make those tan lines look even sexier.

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Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:34 pm:
Thank you I_willoralu for commenting on my blog.

chocolates52 68F

8/9/2016 12:57 pm

tan lines are awesome on both sexes Be careful when tanning boobs I got too much too soon and now nipple area is very sensitive to the sun gets very hot and uncomfortable before it's even close to being sun burned Do what feels best for you just be very careful

laugh love be happy

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:35 pm:
Thank you cholcolaates52 for commenting on my blog. I know what you mean about getting to much sun on sensitive spots, it happened to me last year. lol

Mark35160 42M
113 posts
8/9/2016 1:00 pm

I LOVE tan lines!!!!!

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:36 pm:
thank you Mark35160 for commenting on my blog.

SweetLiks4U 64M
11 posts
8/9/2016 1:06 pm

Your body looks fantastic either way and I would be willing to apply all the sun tan lotion you need !!!!!!!!!!!!the way your nipples contrast dark on light is so nice to !!

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:38 pm:
Thank you Sweetliks4U for commenting on blog. I'd be willing to bet you like to massage in that oil. lol

bamaman359 60M
1620 posts
8/9/2016 1:11 pm

I love tans line on a women n I also love no tan lines on a women that means she tah in the sun naked n I like to catch a woman tanning naked

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:38 pm:
Thank you bamaman359 for commenting on my blog.

bestfriend2156 64M
840 posts
8/9/2016 1:12 pm

I find tan lines very sexy. It makes it seem like something very special and private is being shared just with me

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:39 pm:
Thank you bestfriend2156 for commenting on my blog.

lok4fun500 110M
47528 posts
8/9/2016 1:16 pm

I'll look at your naked body with or without tan lines!

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Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:40 pm:
Thank you lock4fun500 for commenting on my blog. You can enjoy my photos anytime. lol

classicalrebel4 65M  
1492 posts
8/9/2016 1:27 pm

I agree tan lines give you the impression that you are seeing something hidden from everyone else. I feel privileged. But on the other hands uneven tan lines are a bit of a turn off. You know when edges of what you are wearing or straps aren't always in the same place. But no tan lines at all can be aesthetically pleasing to see as well as long as the body isn't too deeply tanned. Same with tan lines, if the body is too deeply tanned it is a turn off for me.

Please don't let me be misunderstood.

WeatheredVet 38M
1 post
8/9/2016 1:39 pm

On you ? I would take tan lines or no tan lines! However tan lines give my tongue a "Line" to trace before I get to those hidden spots!!!!

But either way my tongue is going to cover a females body whether she has them or not

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:41 pm:
Thank you WeatheredVet for commenting on my blog.

bigasabuck 55M  
54 posts
8/9/2016 2:59 pm

both ways are a turn on , just let me be the spritzer boy ,

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:45 pm:
Thank you bigasabuck for commenting on my blog. I knew I could count on you to apply the oil.

captain696963 57M
38 posts
8/9/2016 3:29 pm

God you look absolutely Sensational. Tan lines or not.

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:45 pm:
Thank you captain696963 for commenting on my blog. Enjoy the photos

foxyman721000 48M
59 posts
8/9/2016 3:29 pm

Tan lines rulez.

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:46 pm:
Thank you foxyman721000 for commenting on my blog. Nice chest you have.

younggun4fun27 31M
54 posts
8/9/2016 3:37 pm

Both have their merits and are sexy for their own reasons. The tan lines or lack of dont really affect the sexiness of a woman though

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:48 pm:
Thank you younggun4fun27 for commenting on my blog.

ReBar100 53M
4168 posts
8/9/2016 4:12 pm

Oh the tan line debate. So difficult to decide. On the one hand, yes the tan lines tell me I am seeing something normally kept covered and you are sharing with me. That is so sexy.

Then again no tan tells me you are adventurous, comfortable being nude outside. That makes me wonder what else you are comfortable doing outside?

So I guess I have to come down on the side of...I really don't care as long as you are naked.

Just the right amount of wrong. Occasional participant in various ongoing blogging projects. Rather be naked. The Blog: [REBAR100]

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:49 pm:
Thank you ReBar100 for commenting on my blog.

brksbaja 66M  
3 posts
8/9/2016 4:13 pm

no tan lines,that way I could apply lotion all over your body

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:53 pm:
Thank you brksbaja for commenting on my blog. It looks like you like to tan as well. Is yours all over?

cumalluwant 55M
84 posts
8/9/2016 4:21 pm

Like someone would really care one way or another. Tan lines or no, I'd be happy to have you, dear...

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:55 pm:
Thank you cumalluwant for commenting on my blog. I believe you like to tan as well, is it all over?

I_giv_pleasure 56M  
2715 posts
8/9/2016 4:29 pm

I like no tan lines, but tan lines can be very sexy.

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:56 pm:
Thank you I_giv_pleasure for commenting on my blog.

markcorvallis2 60M
780 posts
8/9/2016 8:07 pm

i prefer no tan lines with a nice all over tan to show that you love to be naked outdoors

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:57 pm:
Thank you markcorvallis2 for commenting on my blog. I love your sexy profile photo.

WellSeasoned2 70M  
393 posts
8/10/2016 6:58 am

You are getting a lot of comments....great subject...I like both...tan lines can be sexy...but no tan lines let me know you are open to nudity

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:58 pm:
Thank you WellSeasoned2 for commenting on my blog.

hunktoronto 47M
48 posts
8/10/2016 9:49 am

This is a great question..... Must say I can make an argument for both but thats not what you asked lol so I vote no tan lines, I like the exhibitionist of yourself to come out as I to is an exhibitionist

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 12:59 pm:
Thank you hunktoronto for commenting on my blog.

TJAY762 43M
118 posts
8/10/2016 12:56 pm

Give an answer and hope to get an answer...

Like TanLines. The idea of seeing something "forbidden" or envisioning a swimsuit on your body or perhaps you tanned in lingerie can definitely be a turn on.

The contrast of dark skin and white meat is also sexy.

How about a woman's perspective of tan lines on a guy?

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 1:02 pm:
Thank you TJAY762 for commenting on my blog. I would prefer an overall body tan on a man. It just seems so inviting.

doe_ra_me 108M

8/10/2016 2:09 pm

I think you have missed the advantage of the tan line, it defines the form, accentuates the dimensions of curvature, flatness, convex/concave surfaces.

But enjoying your own sun kissed flesh should not take back seat to making eye-candy for voyeurs. Unless you're an exhibitionist.

We suffer primarily not from our vices or our weaknesses, but from our illusions. We are haunted, not by reality, but by those images we have put in their place.

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 1:03 pm:
Thank you doe_ra_me for commenting on my blog.

poloarmani69 60M
31 posts
8/12/2016 1:48 pm

ur awesome with or without........bellissima.....

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 1:04 pm:
Thank you poloarmani69 for commenting on my blog and for your compliment.

Raven9376 43M
476 posts
8/20/2016 9:40 pm

I prefer no tan lines. To me it show the world you have nothing to hide and you are free spirit and open minded.

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 1:06 pm:
Thank you Raven9376 for commenting on my blog.

Matureplease4me 43M
29 posts
8/24/2016 4:36 am

Hi I love your photos, the tan lines do turn me on as it covers what is normally hidden, I like unknowns. Thank you for posting, you look amazing.

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 1:08 pm:
Thank you Matureplease4me for commenting on my blog and for your compliments.

rm_mrpitch 65M
1 post
9/1/2016 9:11 am

your to sexy lol

Shhhsquirt replies on 9/1/2016 1:10 pm:
Thank you mrpitch for commenting on my blog. You're pretty sexy too.

Yours_4A_knight 55M
1379 posts
9/10/2016 6:45 am

I usually find tanlines to be really hot. but an attractive woman like you makes any look the right one

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

Shhhsquirt replies on 7/26/2018 6:44 am:
Thanks for your comment on my blog, tan lines or not. I guess Ive been slacking. Have a great summer.

putter111964 56M
29 posts
10/3/2016 4:20 pm

I think they are great but at end of day the indivual has to like them..........I'm good either way and you look great either way I am sure!!!

Harddcock652 68M
33 posts
10/6/2016 12:36 am

Tan lines, no tan lines, both are sexy. That means we are both naked together and having fun in our nakedness...

Shhhsquirt replies on 4/1/2019 8:00 am:
Thanks for posting on my blog. You are correct.

kinky_prof 59M  
10 posts
12/18/2016 7:56 am

Tan lines are wonderful. I love the juxtaposition of revealed and unrevealed flesh. The sense of excitement that comes from knowing that what I'm seeing hasn't been exposed to the sun. I also like the nice contrast of smooth white skin against black leather. Very hot.

ks2212 67M
1 post
5/23/2017 10:06 am

I LOVE tan lines! I've never tried to analyze why I'm attracted to them. Probably has a lot to do with the fact that I am a butt guy who prefers petite breasts.
Sure like YOUR parts! wink

oohfa50 65M
2 posts
5/23/2017 10:53 am

i prefer tan lines. find it very sexy. also shows the type of outerwear that you had on while tanning. that being said being sexy is more than just tan lines and body. sexy starts and ends in the mind of both partners.

mydog1955 65M

7/24/2018 9:57 pm

makes no difference if a connection is there

Shhhsquirt 61F
57 posts
7/26/2018 6:45 am

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I guess Ive been slacking. Enjoy your summer.

Tallguy_dom 65M  
2 posts
11/19/2018 10:03 pm

Tan lines are hot!

SPArtanarts 64M

12/12/2018 11:55 pm

I find tan lines quite erotic. Seeing you fully naked is being given the privilege to discover all the mysteries of your body. Your profile photographs are absolutely fantastic and you have taken great care not to show your 'white bits' and this makes them very enticing. Finally on your blog you are naked, or I'm assuming it is you and wow, well worth waiting for.

Now I'm intrigued about your name and wish I could discover the reality of this.


Kcw46 72M
3 posts
2/20/2019 6:45 am

I like tan lines but then again I like to know someone is not afraid to expose themselves

standingtall45 61M  
86 posts
2/22/2019 8:43 pm

Looking HOT

ludwig202 68M
11899 posts
3/21/2019 8:36 pm

you are a wonderful woman elegant attractiv and super sexy all you want as a friend i also you are here the queen 1000 kisses

Shhhsquirt 61F
57 posts
4/1/2019 8:03 am

Thanks you ludwig 202

Leosrule2018 64M
1 post
4/11/2019 9:21 am

Your first nude pic is very sensual to my eyes as it shows how you nurture and care about your physical being, your proportions are perfect, warm and flowing as to what the perfect 11 looks like, and very pleasing to everyone that sees it.
Tan lines in the second pic define the beauty of your breasts and focus my attention to pleasure and joy of secret parts of your body that are covered normally to me. It is very titillating and stirs up the sexual overwhelming electricity of viewing your singularly hidden areas that tell me this is a very special moment of connection with someone that wants to share her beauty with that special male.
The mind explodes with imagination on how the sun kisses your naked skin and yet you reserve the covered breasts to share that intimacy with your romantic male partner. Wish I could be that bead of perspiration between your breasts!
A female and a male share the best of sexual connection that exists and anything less that intimacy is just not good enough. The perfect moment of mutual orgasms in the perfect connection. Tan lines bring that out in most males! We tend to go sexually crazy. So, the corollary, what about male tan lines to please his woman?

Shhhsquirt replies on 1/16/2020 2:41 pm:
Thank you so much for commenting on my tan lines or not. You have spoken quite eloquently about your choices and outlined your reasoning. Nice
I like tan lines on men as it feels like I am seeing something that is usually hidden and the contrast from the darkened tanned lines in comparison with the untouched virgin untanned skin.

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