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Ummmmm......It's Jake....from State Farm  

ShowMeGirl10864 55F  
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10/25/2015 9:00 am
Ummmmm......It's Jake....from State Farm

Just not sure why it is so difficult to find what we are looking for, on a site like this, it should be simple. Lol, with the intent being clear, there is really no need to try to “impress”, basically it’s a sure thing. You can chat endlessly, tell all about the great things you can do to me…..but what it all comes down to is the meeting. But it is SO hard to actually meet. In my experience, roughly 9 out of 10 people who make definite plans to meet either make some bullshit excuse or just don’t show up at all. The reasons, if any that are given are lame to say the least. A 10 year old could come up with more believable.

I think it comes down to the old saying that the grass is always greener on the other side. Lol, I KNOW in my mind what I want. Lol, I want someone with the magnetic energy of Luke Bryan, the rugged good looks of Sam Elliot, and Simon Cowell’s accent would hurt at all. Lol, chances are, NONE of those men are going to be knocking on my door anytime soon. So, it’s a good thing that I understand any or all of those things could be hidden inside of just about anyone, and if I ignore someone because he isn’t 6’3”, or magnetic, or hot, then I might be missing something great. FYI, when I met the love of my life, I was not physically attracted to him, but I felt something and I took the time to get to know him and it was fucking amazing.

So, WHY is it so hard to just meet someone? Here are some of the more insane excuses I have been told and actually expected to believe….if you see yourself here, don’t worry, I won’t mention names.

A married man was relentless. EVERYTHING inside me screamed he was married and I wanted nothing to do with him. It started out he had no pictures on his page (FYI, to me no pictures is the first indication of being married), this one couldn’t give any reason whatsoever. He wanted to email me a picture….funny thing, I would rather give out my phone number rather than my email…odd yes, but with messenger also being my email it kinda sucks when someone randomly decides to send a giant penis pic and my 8 year old granddaughter is using my laptop….yeah you understand. He wouldn’t text, because “he didn’t like his phone”. Well I finally got tired of his shit, so I gave him what most men would have jumped all over. I was in a very small town, told him I lived at a lake, maybe there was more than one, but not likely, and I told him what kind of car I drive and said it has Missouri license plates. Lol, I said find that car and you found me, and you can do ANYTHING to me you want for as long as you want. This was around 8:00 on Friday night, I only attached one “catch”, he HAD to find me before 6:00am Monday morning because it wouldn’t be very fair if he went to the hospital and found my car held hostage in the parking lot and follow me home…..his answer, “Oh man, I have my and don’t have a babysitter for him”………………his was 15!!!!!

Had plans to meet someone at Applebee’s, I texted before I was leaving and didn’t get a response, so I didn’t go…..he did not know this. Next day he called. “I am SO sorry, I am SUCH an idiot! I was on the way out the door to meet you and this girl I’ve been trying to meet suddenly called and very foolishly I decided to go meet her…..OMG, I made the WRONG choice, she was SUCH a bitch….PLEASE give me another chance”. Lmao…..Guess he didn’t get laid. Here’s a pointer for all…..NO ONE male or female EVER wants to KNOW that they were your second choice.

My phone died (for 2 months? Lol, REALLY). I fell asleep and didn’t wake up for 17 hours (I hope you changed the sheets, because surely you pissed the bed in that amount of time). I am SO sorry, I forgot that I agreed to go see Garth Brooks tonight with my friend. Cant’s let him waste a ticket……Are you FUCKING KIDDING me? First off WHO would forget they were going to see Garth Brooks? And WHAT man would be wanting his good buddy to go with him, lmao there are PLENTY of woman who would do just about ANY sexually act to be able to say she was there…..Ummmm the ticket would NOT be wasted.

These random examples are ALL from people I have NEVER met, every single one was from a 1st meeting. I suppose some just do not understand you NEVER get a second chance to make a first impression.

If you find any of this shit remotely believable, then I want to take a very long stroll on George Strait’s beach in AZ with you at midnight with a full moon.

Funny thing is, I want GREAT sex, I am not asking for love or marriage, for you to take care of me, I don’t want your money. The ONLY thing I ask for is HONESTY. Lol, the best sex is possible when you trust the one you’re with…..lol, we are talking about sexual fantasies….maybe you want to blindfold me, restrain me, or choke me? HOW do you expect me to trust you enough to let my mind go and try to enjoy any of it if the first encounter is a lie? If something ends up not being what I expected, how can I trust you will stop if I say NO?

I suppose what I am trying to say is, YES this is a sex site, and YES I do want sex…..I just choose to be respected while I am getting that sex.

redrockrascal 62M
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10/25/2015 10:50 am

I don't get how dumb some guys are. Just getting women here to respond can be difficult enough. Then there is seeing if there is chemistry. Then if there is you set up a meet and they just drop the ball. That is just stupid. IMO, if you set up a meet then be there.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

maestroexmanoa 60M  
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11/9/2016 9:58 pm

It's a shame that you've had those experiences, and that you have to explain gentlemanly behavior. It makes it hard for nice guys like me to navigate the online dating world, because all the jerks have made all the nice women (like you) bitter and cautious.

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