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Cum Inside  

ShyTurtles 24F  
147 posts
8/27/2019 7:30 pm
Cum Inside

If you're cumming inside pussy, you better not just your head in. I want that whole dick deep in when you're cumming. I want everything and all of it.

luis360 37M  
55 posts
8/27/2019 7:51 pm

I will gladly follow your rules

HuttValleyboy67 53M  
503 posts
8/27/2019 7:54 pm

solid advice

benard69 63M/63F  
5603 posts
8/27/2019 8:15 pm

Yep sure...Okeedokie!

dotdash1961 59M  
174 posts
8/27/2019 8:18 pm

if you insist

Naughtygent6772 53M

8/27/2019 8:22 pm

Only way to do it

tantallblue4u 55M
298 posts
8/27/2019 8:25 pm

I want to creampie that pussy at least twice right against your cervix.

justifiedplus1 56M
15 posts
8/27/2019 8:27 pm

I would put it in deep and then dig it out with my tongue!

pdxlong20191 39M
4 posts
8/27/2019 8:41 pm

Yes! Love that feeling of squirting deep inside a woman's pussy. So good.

jolielaide 49F  
1555 posts
8/27/2019 8:55 pm

spoken like a true boss bitch

Stevie9990 30M  
2 posts
8/27/2019 9:52 pm

Good to know

Titnazzman2345 50M
20 posts
8/27/2019 9:53 pm

would love to do it deep

Anariska_1 51M
3 posts
8/28/2019 3:16 am

Your wish - is my command ...

Phntmfox2019 37M  
38 posts
8/28/2019 4:18 am

Ok.... that blog post was a major turn on. Lol

Blkgent007 42M
22 posts
8/28/2019 5:12 am

Hey, I can't argue with that. If you gonna cum inside the only way to go is "All In" poker style. šŸ‘šŸ‘
Cum InsideĀ 

proteus_2a 55M
7965 posts
8/28/2019 6:52 am

And feel the walls of the vagina spasming all along my length

Cheers - P

needfriend4fun3 55M
228 posts
8/28/2019 10:24 am

hmmm no other way sweetie!! balls deep!!!

NorthSideAznGuy 36M
18 posts
8/30/2019 11:41 pm

It's all about commitment It feels better all the way in too haha

Daddy_Longleg82 38M  
3 posts
9/1/2019 9:03 pm

I would push my cock right up against your cervix and pump your fertile womb full of my seed.

sandynsafun 34M
6 posts
9/12/2019 9:45 pm

Of course šŸ˜

ProfessorNaught 108M
1226 posts
9/23/2019 12:32 am

If you're doing it right, you'd be feeling the walls of your pussy stroke his cock ever so gently pulling back just enough so each burst of semen fills the depths of her cavity until it overflows allowing both of you to enjoy the heat quickly cool as it drips and runs all over. . .

Cum_Happy 107M
2779 posts
12/21/2019 2:48 am

And then . . .You can sit in my face and cum in my mouth

If you don't reply to this, I won't know.

I love your dirty mouth! If I cum on it, will you kiss me?

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Mjh8787atOutlook 40M
35 posts
1/17/2020 11:57 am

Would be more than happy to!

Texman1975 45M  
129 posts
12/14/2020 9:54 pm

I love to get my cock deep inside as I cum inside you. So you can feel all of me inside you.

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