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Gay men, fish?  

SilyconBond 53M
269 posts
12/2/2020 3:43 pm

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12/14/2020 7:42 pm

Gay men, fish?

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SilyconBond 53M
148 posts
12/2/2020 3:44 pm

Before my confinement, the gay men in my life consisted of an engineer, a grocery store manager, and a bank office manager. The engineer is my mortal enemy, the bank manager is a great friend.
My confinement exposed me to two more gay men and one who has a passion for saltwater fishing. As far as I know, he has fished in every ocean and caught a plethora of fish. My time onboard was as fun as I could make it, and this man let me forget at times I couldn’t leave. I didn’t think I made that much of an impression on him, but he sent me a picture of his latest catch, a huge tuna this morning.
Seeing his smile in the picture, holding his fish up, made me smile. The short time I fished with him, he talked about dicks. Big dicks, small dicks, all colors of dicks, all shapes of dicks. In my life, I had never been around someone so focused on dicks. None of the gay men in my life ever talked to me about dicks or even sex, so the conversation was one-sided. I only have my own dick as a reference.
When he wasn’t fishing, he talked about fishing. So we talked about fishing a lot. The boat moved too fast during most of that trip to get much fishing done for him. Yet, seeing the fish in his hand today reminded me about his dick experience and knowledge. Until then, I didn’t know that a majority of gay men do not cum when another guy is fucking them in the ass. It just never came up in conversations, and I never saw it first hand. Yet, he told me if the man doing him was extremely good looking, he could.
Now, and he would laugh at this, with him holding up his fish, I have an image of his Tom Selleck like man preference fucking him in the ass. I can’t even look at the stupid fish at the grocery store now without his dick conversation coming to mind. I just find it funny. I asked him if that was a banana dick fish or a monster dick fish. I can't tell the difference.
Not once have the lesbians in my life discussed the physical attributes of other women. It has me wondering, do lesbian women talk about other women like that such as, “Hey, did you see the boobs on that woman?” I believe my fisherman friend would talk about the dick of any man that walks by him. He had an opinion on a lot of them and everyone onboard.
In my twenties, men talked about boobs all the time around other men. Now, they are afraid to discuss anyone’s physical characteristics. It’s not done at my work, or around friends I know now. It's like everyone in the world around me doesn’t like boobs anymore. There are exceptions… women I have a personal relationship enjoy me discussing their tits with them. My own preference for female boobs is personality matching. Must be an ingrain quirk with me.
I know the security guard loved it when we were sitting in the car on the way to her Dad’s house, and I reached over and fondled her closet boob next to me and said, “I’m not gay.” Then I didn’t crack a smile.
I’m sure other guys have caressed her assets, but I was the first to say that line to her. I got so much joy out of making her laugh. I'm showing her the tuna tomorrow but I'm gonna talk about dicks.
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AnewWoman 63F
266 posts
12/2/2020 7:23 pm

I'm in a lesbian relationship and most my friends are lesbian. I won't say body parts never come up in discussions, but it is rare. Sex in general will be alluded to, but not discussed in any detail.

SilyconBond replies on 12/3/2020 7:28 pm:
My lesbian friends talk about politics mostly. That seems to be their passion outside of work. Thank you for the comment.

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