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Today I got a brother and man, is he ugly.  

SilyconBond 52M  
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7/30/2020 6:36 pm

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7/31/2020 7:08 pm

Today I got a brother and man, is he ugly.

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but Austin Texas is hot at the moment. Freakishly hot.

Can’t wait until we get enough nuclear energy to cool the whole world down, starting here. Put one in my back yard.

Anyway, my normal job requires me to work outside sometimes, and today was no exception. I wish I spoke Spanish, so I could communicate better with the material handlers that work around me. Doesn’t matter really, enough of them know English that getting work done with them is pretty easy, besides I’m considered their customer when I am around.

Today, six of them on the dock were talking in Spanish about one of them. “Helio” had just recently moved his grandmother into a really old house. Two bedrooms, no central air, and the guys had taken up a collection to buy a window AC for her. A little over $250…. decent amount for six guys to help out a friend. I would have helped had I known.

Just the smallest AC they bought was too large for the window it had to go in. They are aware of all the construction projects I have done. So they asked me to help make the window bigger or the AC smaller. So, at lunch, I went and looked at it with Helio. She didn’t live that far away from work.

As I walked in the door, it was at least ninety degrees inside. Two fans blowing, but not enough cooling with no wind from outside. Sweat was pouring off grey-haired Grandma, Helio, and me. The AC unit was on the floor…useless, not really practical to make it work. I looked at the window…

Pulling out the two tiny narrow windows and putting a single one in was an option for this room, and expensive time consuming one. Guessing about three hours, depending on hard it was to remove these two.

The unit was so small, that probably only one room could be cooled with it.
“So…did you pay cash for this unit?” I asked Helio.
“Sie, I mean yes. Sorry, I always think in Spanish around Grandma.” He said.
‘Let’s take it back, get a different one.” I said.
“The other’s are all bigger for the window.” He said.
“I’m sure there is a type we can use, just not this one. She only uses this room? Someone sleeps on the couch here?” I asked.
“No fans in the bedroom, so when it’s hot, she sleeps this room.” He said.

I walked into the bedroom. The same type of old-style narrow windows. Everything was clean, and a feeling of peace permeated the house. It felt like I was walking through the house I grew up in South Dallas. It even had a cutout for the phone in the hallway. No phone there now. Candles sat, partially melted on top since it was so hot in the house.

“Let’s go return the AC,” I said.

We did. Then, I bought two portable ones. Helio argued with me that he couldn’t pay me back for a couple paychecks. I argued with him that it was a gift to Grandma, not him and he already gave me $250.

We installed one in the dining area so she could get cooler in the kitchen when she cooked, it cooled the living room area also. It worked great. I sat on the couch as Helio installed the other in the bedroom for her. The drop in temperature made me drowsy, within minutes I was asleep. I think I heard the other one kick on, but I was tired.

I woke up to the smell of frying meat. It was heavenly. Grandma was moving around the kitchen with so much energy. Cooking, and it sounded like she was cursing at Helio, but he was laughing. I looked at my cell. A little over two hours since we left. The place felt different, and I was actually a little chilly sitting in my shorts and t-shirt.

“Helio, I got to get back to work,” I said.

“Grandma made us lunch. Sit for a few minutes more.” He said and motioned for me to move to the small dining area.

Grandma was easily eighty years old. Dressed in flowery Mexican (I guess) dress that went all the way to her ankles. She moved around us and talked to Helio in Spanish. He translated some of it for me. “She says you have nice legs.” He said. With a smile, I pulled up one leg of my shorts higher to show her more leg. She laughed.

I was motioned to eat, so I ate. She kept moving around and when she was picking up a pan of leftover fried plantains off the table… I couldn’t help myself. I pinched her ass. After all, it was right there.

She squeaked, then I said in a stern voice and pointed my finger at him, “Helio, respect for your Grandma.” She hit him with a wooden spoon and soon both of them were chattering back and forth. I just ignored it as I ate the rest of the food off my plate. It was obvious they were talking about me, but I pretended not to notice.

I finished eating, got up. Thanked her. She took my face in her hands and I think she said, “ Mi hijo angel” Helio started arguing with her in Spanish. She threatened him with the wooden spoon again. He quieted, but he looked like he was going to pop holding his<b> tongue.

</font></b>She went into the kitchen and brought back a plastic bag full of frozen tamales. I think there must have been fifty of them in the bag and gave them to me, then kissed my cheek, hugged me goodbye.

As I drove us back to work…well…”You asshole. She thinks I did that.” Helio said.
“You did. I saw you. I didn’t get hit with no spoon. “ I said.
“You..but…No…” He sputtered.
“It was the butt cheek closest to you. Yup…saw you do it. I’m telling the guys.” I said jokingly.
He got quiet.
“You ok?” I asked him.
“How can a bad guy like you be such a good guy? The guys won’t believe me. Grandma doesn’t believe me. I don’t even believe it myself, no one does that to Grandma.”
“I believe you, but I’m going to lie. Do you think Juan can cook those tamales for lunch for us tomorrow?” I asked.
“I’ll take care of it…and…thank you. She hadn’t cooked since we moved her in there. It was just too hot. I almost cried when she started making lunch for us. She always loved to cook.”
“Do you think she would make me lunch if I just show up?” I asked.
“Are you kidding? Her fucking ‘angel ’? She would cook for you for the rest of her life. Me, she would beat with that spoon the rest of mine.”
“She loves you a lot. I can feel it when she talks to you.” I said.
“When mom died, she took care of me, my four brothers and Dad. I wish we could have afforded a better house for her. My brother and I both have room for her. She wouldn’t move in with us when Dad died. We take care of family, but she said no. Wanted space for just herself.” he said.
“I wish I had a brother. My sister hates me.” I said.
“Today, my evil friend, you have one,” Helio said.

He called her something else in Spanish...but I didn't know how it was spelled.So I substituted Grandma. He is a good man. Better man than I will ever be.

author51 57F  
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7/31/2020 7:48 am

Oh my friend, you are without a doubt a good man yourself..What a great feel good story this was..It is also very hot here in the Great White North and thankfully, my air conditioner does my entire apartment...Don't work too hard....xoxox

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

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