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operators are standing by to take your call
Posted:Jul 1, 2020 1:27 am
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 11:6 am

Thanks for tuning back in to our corona Virus telethon.Were raising money so we can mail it back to china. along with all the plastic crap and garbage they've been shipping over here for years. And we as Americans have been accepting it by the boat load!

I want to urge everyone to try to boycott anything made in China. next time you go to make a purchase. check to see where its from? if you have an option to buy NoN China please do.

Sorry that is all of the politics that there is here. and might be the only serious request that we will make here.

hummmm........"we?"............threes only me.

Anyway Back to the fun raising, I mean fund raising. We have operators standing by to take your calls . If you dont get an answer. Leave a message . and someone will call you back. that I will guarantee. So just pick up the phone and Call ..................

whats the dame number? ....three............huh? .............six.....oh. ya its Washington. Boeing 747.
Sixty...................are you sure about this? its not to some pay phone is it? or jail?
Ok yep thats the number. so call today . call often.make a , a suggestion, Find out what you really want to know. Ask one of our Psychics about the FUTURE.

So whats the total up to??? Drum roll and lets see the numbers............is it broke?
$3.35 serious?
Well we will be back..........operators standing by
The life you save maybe your own
Posted:Jul 1, 2020 12:33 am
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 11:6 am

Abandoned, left alone to die in the wilderness. To die from exposure and a broken heart. It would be considerable easier if she would have died. That I could understand. That i could deal with. But to cut off all contact with out a reason. after 20 years of being my friend. the only friend that mattered, my best friend. or so you had me believe.

I had a splinter, like glass. buried deep in my mind and my heart. That splinter so painful is called hope. I can not hold on to it.

never once did I ever entertain the idea that she would not be with me .And your still in the same town I am. (I now understand the Shooting Shark by BOC.)

I think anyone with half a soul would not treat a friend in such a way.
leaving me alone to die is worse than having the guts to kill me.

So that is all I am going to say about it.
I was my hands of it.
at least I still have me.

I have no idea how the title even relates to that ranting above.

Next weeks blog:FREEBASING COCAINE: How the professionals do it.
if i said I dident care
Posted:Jun 24, 2020 2:02 am
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 11:6 am
i want to be angry. I just cant.I wish I could say I dident care. but i cant do that either.

Tell ya what I did to get the no contact order.
I couldn't go on wondering, not knowing.hanging onto that splinter of hope in my mind. It was making me crazy. So I sat down and wrote a letter to her husband.telling him the facts nothing more. because I was sure he was not getting the whole story. just her side of things. I did not embellish or exaggerate things. I said things that he would recognize that she had said to him while I was with her. He would often call wondering where she was. I dont know if he even read it. I had it delivered to his work by delivery service. along with stills pictures I pulled from some videos her and I had shot and just some pics and dates associated with all them. showing the extent of her deception.

why did i do that? I had nothing to lose at that point. I had lost my friend. And there was no going back after I did that. I thought that he should know the truth or at least a part of it. And really see who was in his bed. it did not absolve me of my sins. But I did confess

She had once told him that we attempted to sleep together one time, and said that "it dident feel right" well the pictures showed just the opposite and how right it did feel to her.

I guess I miss what I thought it was. what she lead me to believe it was and that I believed it to be

Even that she was married, i dident or couldent have a girlfriend. She made that perfectly clear to the friends that we had in common. The people we had in common knew about the affair too it wasent a secret by any means.

I dont want to sound like i am whining but I got nothing now accept my broken heart. She gets her family. i get the prize of my broken heart.

I am not proud of what I did. I thought it would have been different in the end. not like this
Book review: :1001 excuses for a wife /or GF to be out past midnight
Posted:Jun 23, 2020 10:49 am
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 11:6 am

1001 excuses for a wife or GF to be out past midnight By SinKingDown. This a must have book for all the cheating wives and or girlfriends. SinKingDown is an expert 20 + years of fabricating believable realistic sounding stories, situations, half truths and excuses to tell a waiting husband at home why your out so late. Classics like" I lost track of time" " i fell asleep watching a move"or " I went to the store" Tricky Excuses as to not be home all day and then turn around and leave for most of the night. Plus many many more. "Had to pay the rent" " an injured animal"" helping a friend"" giving a friend a hand"(job)
Warning: not all excuses will work for all women in all similar situations. The author or the publisher take no responsibility for being caught. Excuse should only be used by professionals .USE EXCUSES AT ON RISK. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE

(Book is for entertainment purposes only) (LOL ya right . as )
Well thats what i get
Posted:Jun 23, 2020 9:55 am
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 11:6 am
this is a live blog. (no edit)
well where do i start.
after 20 + years I have had an going affair with a married woman. and over that period of time. became best friends. but recently I was abandoned and served with no contact papers. I guess someone finally caught on.
Now I knew it was not right. I remember thinking " i know better." But I went and did it anyway. ( I am not a horrible person) I was helping a friend out. not being satisfied at home.( she told me of his premature ejaculation and small equipment) .....Now I am not trying to justify my actions, I guess just confession of my sins so to speak.
Anyway, Over time we got closer. she would lie to him more often to spend more time with me. It seemed on a daily basis .Somewhere along the line I fell in love. how could I not? we had so much in common, the sex was great, we enjoyed each others company, we worked well together. I believed she was my ideal. we shared things no one else knew about us. there was nothing that stood between us (or so I thought) I had never considered or entertained the idea she would not be in my future for the rest of my life.
But I guess she had been lying to him for all those years why wouldn't she lie to me too?
The whole thing has sent me to my knees. Abandoned and unable to do anything about it. because of the no contact order. (made of lies) She knows the truth. But I guess i have be made out be the bad guy.
Maybe the whole thing did not mean as much her as it did ? I guess I get what I deserve.

Fell free leave comments. Remeber I feel bad enough as it is.

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