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Musical Vibes
Publicado en:29 Septiembre 2020 11:32 am
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A little random but everyone loves music, a few songs that I am obsessed with right now. Feel free to share or comment an opinion.

First and foremost she has such a beautiful soul, sensual, bisexual, good voice, and both of these songs have a good vibe. Definitely on repeat.

Dej Loaf and Jacquees- You belong to somebody else

Jacquees- Bed

Forbidden fruit is sweeter..haha and again sensual music by singers with smooth voices.

G Eazy-Some kind of...

Just plain hot.

Trey Songz- Chill

If you don't know about him, now you know.

Enjoy Everyone! (:
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Publicado en:18 Octubre 2020 4:18 pm
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It always starts off so innocent,
It begins with a gentle kiss.
Your lips touch mine and you pull me close,
Soon we’re ripping away the clothes.
You whisper sweet nothings into my ear,
I give you that look and it becomes clear.
Vanilla is nice but not tonight,
Come here and do me right.
You catch the vibe and I’m not surprised by
The toys on the table, don’t forget the ice.
F me heels and candles bright.
Take away my sight and kiss me while you do,
Grab the ropes and tie me up too.
Pull my hair and don’t be nice.
Treat me right with a gentle bite.
Whisper dirty things into my ear,
Turn up the heat in here.
Sight gone and tied up at your mercy,
The intensity builds as you explore me.
Trusting you to treat me right, baby we can do this all night.
You grab the candle and then it’s drip..drop.
The pain and pleasure makes me hot.
You’re thirsty I let you have a drink,
And soon you are tasting all of me.
The best part is when our bodies connect and you know what to do.
You grab my neck as you pull me close and soon I am feeling all of you.
Pain and pleasure, pain and pleasure, for those who relate nothing feels better.
The intensity, the trust, the connection, and the respect makes everything wetter.
Add some sprinkles to that vanilla, throw an extra scoop on that.
Come over to the kinky side baby, and I promise you won’t want to go back.
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Publicado en:2 Octubre 2020 11:36 pm
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A best kept secret, but not in my mind.
I find you so beautiful and divine.
Damn baby come here I would love make you mine.
The shy ones, the wild ones, the in between.
Blonde hair, black hair, hell even green.
I admire you from afar but become a comrade close.
A bicurious girl forever in the friend zone, there when it matters most.
The way you smile and how that curvy body can move,
That sweet nectar you have and the way you walk in those shoes.
Looking so innocent but that’s just one side.
Get close and tell what you fantasize.
Those soft lips, soft skin, and the warmness that radiates,
You make want scoop you and eat off you like a dinner plate.
I admit it, I admit it I’m not too experienced but passion can trump that if you give a chance.
You like it kinky or sweet and gentle?
Lick around it or right in the middle?
I can whisper sweet nothings or say things make you blush,
I’ll make you dessert after we go out for lunch.
You might have teach a thing or two but I’m down explore baby,
Are you?
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Just getting my toes wet...
Publicado en:21 Septiembre 2020 11:41 pm
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Ideas? Fantasies? A short story/poetry competition? For those who truly believe that the pen is mightier than the sword, stay tuned.....
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