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Im blogging to have fun, share stories of erotica, and make fun of the things I have witnessed in my 19 yrs as a member of the A.F.F. Community.
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What LIVE CAM SHOWS are your favorites?
Posted:Apr 28, 2020 5:47 pm
Last Updated:Apr 29, 2020 12:56 am

Hi all...

Here are 5 of my favorite CAMs to watch.

1. s0wet4u
2. Dal1282
3. camnnsm
4. LadyAutomatic
5. ShyCuriousgirl
Please Read !!!!! Must READ
Posted:Apr 26, 2020 12:40 pm
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2020 7:27 pm

Customer Service...

The name of the Department itself says "Service" but I'm not sure they understand the meaning of the word. On April 13th I had roughly 2000 site points when I logged into my account. As usual I started cruising the site and chatting with friends via email and IM. As I checked my friends list I noticed a friend was on CAM so I went to view and see what she was up to. Upon giving up my 25 pts to view her CAM I noticed that it said I now only had 1700 some points. I'm like whoa....what did I do. Did I mistakenly double or triple tap the TIP button by mistake? I immediately checked my tips sent tab. Only to discover that some one hacked my account. I immediately changed my password and figured someone found a glitch and that would be the end of it.

Logged in on the th and was relieved see that my password change seemed remedy the situation. Cruising the site as usual for a few hours when the site point bandits struck again. Again I immediately changed password and then immediately called A.F.F. Customer Service and reported the issue. The CS representative accessed my account and verified what I told him to be true. The thief used one handle on the 13th, then a similar handle on the th (changed the "s" a "z" in 2nd handle and changed the city). I was told that my account was being placed under investigation and that someone would contact me in regards to the results and having my site points returned.

Logged in today and immediately noticed that once again my site points were depleted. I immediately called A.F.F. CS and reported the problem. I was told my account is under investigation still and that they do not have a resolution. I asked to speak with a Manager, I was told there isn't one currently available. I asked to have my site points returned and was told he didn't have the ability to do it. I told him to note my account that I want a Manager to contact me tomorrow. It's now been days that I've been inconvenienced. Does anyone else see or my account being serviced?

I've been a MEMBER of A.F.F. for 22 yrs. My first account SexyItalianguy72 mysteriously vanished on or about March of 20. That account was a paid in full Gold membership. After speaking with A.F.F. Customer Service they told me they had no record of my account. I asked how can they have no record of my account when they have no problem charging my credit card for my annual membership fee? To which I faxed them a copy of my bank statement showing them taking it. I asked to be reimbursed or allowed to start a new account and have my GOLD MEMBERSHIP transferred to the new account. Both options were denied. Since that day I have refused to for this site. If my current experience isn't RECTIFIED MY COMPLETE SATISFACTION IN A TIMELY MANNER I will be leaving for good.

Thanks for being a LOYAL MEMBER and Promoting our site.......yeah right!!!!!!

my friends.... there have been ups and downs in my years here on the site. Originally I joined meet people across this great country of ours as my career had me traveling out of the months of the year. Initially it was a great tool for meeting people in cities where I knew no one Boston, Denver, Aspen, SLC, Vegas, Tulsa to name a few. But get burned once and the scars constantly remind you. From that point on I used the site to educate and explore my own sexuality and fantasies. I not only learned a lot about myself but came to learn so much more and hopefully helped educate others. My journey here allowed me to become more open minded, allowed me to be more tolerant of other's wants and desires without judging them in today's society and acceptable standards (there are limits to my toleration). Every one who joins this site has a reason. This site may not be for everyone based upon there reasoning. But for the most part it worked for me and the reason I joined. In my opinion the site has been in continual downward spiral ever since it was sold. Services and access that were once FREE and an ATTRACTANT for joining the site are now the main reason PERSPECTIVE NEW MEMBERS avoid the site.

Over the years I've met more good people then bad. I've developed great friendships that I wouldn't trade for the world. Those friendships I will continue to nurture via outside social media sites. Finally with the current state of the Global Pandemic affecting each one of us....God Bless You All.

As Always have fun.... but more importantly BE SAFE.

Thanks ..... your friend SIG
Why me? Always stuck in the middle. ..
Posted:Aug 13, 2018 1:59 pm
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2018 4:21 am

Where to begin....it's been a rough 2 weeks. My Aunt /Godmother finally lost her battle with Cancer. Sad yes....hardest part praying over as a family and watching her take her last breath. Then this past Thursday one of my best friends decided to take his life.for.no.apparent rhyme or reason. Leaving behind his wife and.2 beautiful high-school aged daughters. Vinny and his wife Antoinette have been friends of mine since.childhood in fact (she even despised me) for not dating her when in high-school. Naturally we were all very close almost family like. So as I sat through the last few.days helping her makethe necessary arrangements with emotions flowing I could sense a chamge...not Sexual but in a supportive kind of way to Antoinette and the girls. Stayed on the couch for 3 nights with barely any sleep. That's when things got crazy. As Gianna the older of 2 girls finally realized her Daddy was gone. Crying and rambling uncontrollably I embraced her with a hug and did my best to console and comfort her. We eventually fell asleep side by side on the.couch. The next morning as I opened my eyes I could not help but look over her well developed young body, flowing hair, olive skin. I don't know why as I never felt like this around her before but instantly I was aroused. Pinned between her and.the back of the couch no where I could go. I simply closed my eyes and.tried going back to sleep. When I felt Gianna starting to push back into me.I said to myself you CAN'T DO this. She pushed so far back into me that my know hardened pole lay perfectly between her ass cheeks. The push then became a wiggle and I put my hand on her hip to stop her...at this point I am not sure if she is asleep or fully aware of what she is doing. Hand firmly on her hip stopping her motions when my cock just continued to throbbing (was it in my head or was my cock throbbing like that for real). I couldn't tell honestly. Lost in the moment literally. It was probably less than a minute but it seemed like eternity when Gianna placed her hand on mine and removed it from her hip. Tucked it under her arm and began slowly grinding against me. It was now light out but just barely and the thought of someone in the family seeing us and me being hated and every other possibility flashing before my eyes...my inner Voice screamed NO this is wrong but the words never left my mouth. Next thing I know she is stimulating me with her hand through my shorts. Why why why didn't I actually like the adult I am and stop it. Then it happened she managed to get a fingertip on the swollen,throbbing, tip of my cock. Stroking that spot over and over again until I shot the gooiest thickest load I think I ever shot. All in my pants against my body on her ass. As she removed her finger.she curled around my shaft and scooped up what she could bringing it right to her lips and sucking savoring my taste. I let my heart stop racing before making my way to clean myself up. When I exited she was gone from the couch. I went to get us all breakfast and for the first 5 minutes wasn't sure if what just happened was a dream or reality. Pick up breakfast return to the house to find Antoinette, Gianna, Paola having coffee......
So you have a profile on sex website.... (Part 1)
Posted:Jun 16, 2017 12:40 pm
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2020 7:45 pm

People join this site for many reasons varying from curiosity to those who are just flat out sexually deprived and have to have some type sexual fix if they arent getting it on a regular basis. For me when I first joined I traveled for work exstensively west of the Mississippi and rarely was ever home. So I decided to join thinking it would be easier to chat in the rooms local to where I was on business and rather going out to a bar and HOPING to strike up a conversation the site would allow me to meet/chat with people first and if the opportunity presented itself allow for meeting up at a local watering hole.

(Need to get ready for work so this will be continued)
A.F.F. 101 ( A class for those with no Class)
Posted:Jun 15, 2017 5:21 pm
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2019 2:54 pm
Hi All,

Believe it or not I have decided to BLOG again. Yes.....again. For those of you who do not know me I have been an A.F.F. member now for 19 yrs (as of Aug 2017). And yes when I first joined the site I was an active blogger. Back then I enjoyed writing post of Erotica but this time I around I think I am going to throw in some Sarcastic Humor by pointing out specific "Troll Tards" and there lack of manners, respect and knowledge blended into some of my stories.

Ladies/Gents if you have been on the site and in the chat rooms you know exactly what Im speaking about. And I welcome your assistance if you so chose to share with me (and yes I will make sure know not to reveal my sources and if necessary I will disguise the characters by using fictcious names etc).

Make sure you click the follow my BLOG button if you want a good laugh from time to time.

Thanks ....


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