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Disco Lady Review  

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8/29/2021 6:16 pm
Disco Lady Review

Directed by Bob Chinn. Released by Freeway Film Corporation in 1978. Available on DVD from Vinegar Syndrome. Runtime: 56 minutes.

It's New Year's Eve and various people are hooking up at the Disco Lady Club. Characters aren't particularly developed. One couple is introduced late in the feature and produces the most drama with the inclusion of a gun, but the motivation for its use is incredibly weak. A story barely exists. Story Grade: D-.

Shot on film. Medium Grade: A-.

It appeared that some practical locations were used. The phonebooth, bathroom, and bar were among those. However, the exterior of the club looked lame. The decor for the women's bathroom was very odd, and was a sharp contrast to the ambiance of the club interior. Set Design Grade: B-.

The sex seemed fairly mechanical with performers not seeming to know what to do at times. Sexual Performances Grade: C.

Acting performances were somewhat below average, even for the adult industry. Line deliveries needed work. The DJ was obnoxious. No one in the crowd counts down to midnight. Acting Grade: C-.

The medallion that Rick Lutze wore in his sex scene with Tiffany Ladd was distracting as it grazed against Ms. Ladd's pussy and anus while he performed cunnilingus. Wardrobe/Make-up Grade: B.

There was a sudden lighting change in one of the stockroom encounters. The lighting in the club scenes could have been a little better. Lighting Grade: B.

Music played throughout the sex scenes. Dialogue seemed to be cut off at the end of the phonebooth scene. The music cue in one of the stockroom scenes abruptly changed. Audio didn't match the video at times. Sound Grade: B.

The shadow of a crew member could be seen in the second stockroom scene. Brief direction could be heard in the first bedroom scene. Editing didn't match in the second stockroom scene. The camera work when the gunman arrives at the club was awkward. The slow motion moment went on a little long. Directing Grade: C-.

There were a decent amount of extras for the dance club interior. Actual products were featured including Coors beer, Schlitz beer, and Coca-Cola. A more cohesive story would have aided this production. Artistic Merit Grade: B-.

Overall Grade: C+.

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