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Pleasure Maze Review  

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8/30/2021 11:18 pm
Pleasure Maze Review

Directed by Duck Dumont. Released by Fog City Partners in 1986. Available on DVD from Vinegar Syndrome. Runtime: 76 minutes.

The story is about android hookers called nightdroids. Before being released to the public they must be tested in the pleasure maze. The voiceover prologue (like the text at the beginning of Blade Runner) states that no nightdroids have ever made it through the maze, but that what follows will be the story of the one that does. However, there is no drama or action (except for sexual action) associated with the story. Story Grade: D+.

This movie was shot on film. Medium Grade: A-.

Five of the sex scenes occur on the same set with slight dressing chances. The control room is incredibly sparse. The foil laden walls of the holding room and corridor were pretty weak. Some outdoor scenes showed Joey Silvera running. These were the most visually appealing. The locker room set was also plain. Set Design Grade: D.

Nina Hartley and Joanna Storm seemed to be the most enthusiastic performers. There were very few penetration shots. Satisfactory/average. Sexual Performances Grade: C.

Stacey Donovan and Amber Lynn wore some fetching costumes. Joanna Storm's fur coat seemed out of place. The testers started out wearing silver uniforms, but no reason was given for this. Tracey Adams wore nothing but shoes . Wardrobe/Make-up Grade: C-.

There weren't many chances for actors to act. Jerry Butler tried to get some humor inserted. However, most dialogue scenes were pretty much worthless. Acting Grade: C.

Nothing about the lighting was particularly outstanding or distracting. Lighting Grade: A.

The music score was somewhat ethereal. Computer-esque sounds were also heard throughout. Sound Grade: A.

Directions could be heard during a couple of the sex scenes. The intercutting of sex scenes served no purpose. The scenes of walking in the same two corridors also seemed like a waste of film since there was no point to them being there, other than to interrupt the sex scenes. Directing Grade: D.

This take-off of Blade Runner and The Running Man was seemingly a<b> bare </font></b>bones production. The idea has merit, but its execution was fairly weak. Artistic Merit Grade: C-.

Overall Grade: C.

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8/31/2021 8:46 am

" The story is about android hookers called nightdroids "

Could use one of them now . .

Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

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8/31/2021 4:14 pm

That's certainly understandable during these Covid times. Thanks for your comment.

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