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Let’s be straight up here
Posted:Oct 30, 2020 9:22 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2020 3:35 pm

Wtf is this site for? I kinda thought it was for like minded people that are down for some fucking. Well,, in my struggle find real profiles, I think I’ve seen just about everything now. I’d have say any profile that’s actually somebodies name is FAKE. LOL. Am I wrong? I’d say probably every profile that says they are looking for a loving committed relationship is FAKE. Then there are the chicks that look hella perfect. They aren’t down, they are just trying sell a cam show. Wtf. So,,, then there’s this other group. Ones trying make “donations”. Cmon girls, there are other sites where the men are customers. Most of us here are already paying for you to waste our time with a conversation before saying you wanna get paid for datass. Cmon now.

Where are the real, sorta normal women?
Whack ass bitches part 2
Posted:Oct 22, 2020 11:31 am
Last Updated:Jan 24, 2021 11:51 am

So. There I was. Again having talked to someone for about 3 weeks. She seemed cool and sorta normal. Psh. So much for that shit. We met up for a couple drinks. It seemed like things were going pretty good. We bullshitted for a couple hours. As I took her home, expecting a goodbye kiss, she says “I won’t even kiss you if you don’t have an updated std test you can show me”? Wtf really? I get tested every 6 months so I guess it’s time to go get tested again. She said she was down for everything if I had proof I was clean. So,, I go get all my tests. All negative.
Our next meeting, we started out with drinks. We go back to her apartment to have a couple more. I stopped and bought a big bottle of bourbon on the way. We have a drink there and she starts telling me her “rules”.
1. I need to take a shower. I need to use her soap. She will not shower with me as we are not boyfriend and girlfriend just fwb’s.
2. There will be no kissing. Again as we are not boyfriend and girlfriend.
3. The list goes on. Lol
So I said fuck it and start to play along. I take a shower. I use her soap. I get out for her to get in. I though “fuck it, I’ll make another drink and convince myself not to just leave “. I look for the bottle I just bought and it’s gone. Nowhere to be found. I opened the refrigerator. The freezer. Then every goddamn cabinet. Gone! At this point I’m like wtf it’s time to go. Nah, I didn’t do all this for nothing. She get out of the shower and gets in bed. I wanna get myself a little more excited so I go to lick that pussy. “You’re not gonna get me off so you might as well quit”. I hadn’t even licked it yet. Well, looks like I’m not gonna get you off at all because this all bored me so much, you can’t even get my dick hard (which happens when the wind blows).
Anyway. I had to cut out.
Whack ass bitches part 1
Posted:Oct 22, 2020 11:15 am
Last Updated:Jan 24, 2021 11:51 am

So,,, I’ve been here off and on a few times. Why can’t I meet someone that’s even sorta normal? I’m a super busy person. I work 7 days a week usually. The first female I exchanged number with, I really liked. We talked for about 3 weeks before we could schedule a time to meet up. We had Sexted a bit and were both horny as hell by the time we met. We met up and had a couple drinks. Things went well. She let me play with her pussy under the table in the restaurant bar. There was a motel right across the street from bj’s where we were. We fucked up and down that room. On the counter. I’m the shower. Everywhere. It was a great day! We parted ways.
The coming couple days she was texting me a lot. Maybe a little too much. I was at work one morning and my phone started blowing up. Crazy amounts of texts. My boss came in my office to hear my phone buzz like 10 times in our 2 minutes conversation. Not to embarrass me in front of my coworkers, he told me to come to his office. I told her “don’t text me for a while. I’m in trouble at work for too many texts and distractions!” I went into my bosses office and surely should have left my phone at my desk. 23 texts and 3 phone calls in the 5 minute meeting with my boss.
Needless to say I was a little pissed. Then I get a text from one of my attractive female friends. Apparently this chick went onto my Facebook, found my attractive female friends on my friends list and proceeded to tell them all that I WAS HERS AND IF THEY TALKED TO ME AGAIN SHE WOULD CUT THEM!!!
Needless to say I had to cut those ties like now.
This made me come up with rule number 1. Do not bring anyone too my house until I know then. Luckily I didn’t or maybe I’d have a stalker.

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