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Slb316 47M  
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9/4/2020 9:11 pm

I ve been on this site 2 days now and have had 6 people all from Nigeria try to scam me with dummy gold member female accounts.

1.If someone contacts you and they have a bunch of<b> weird </font></b>symbols and stuff in there text messages delete them really quick its a scammer.

2.look at the profiles you can tell that its a scam when the pics on the profiles are screenshot pictures.

3. If they contact you off site if when you ask to speak with them by phone to voice verify, they come up with an excuse of there phone speaker is messed up or some ther lame excuse. Or they will try to guilt shame you with no substantial backing hoping you will fall of topic. No matter what guys and girls they will never hangup though which is a huge red flag.

4.they will eventually lure you in with good conversation then drop you a bomb like I need a gift card for my phone(usual always Apple) then suddenly ask you to get the card, then put 100.00 on the card then once outside scratch off the back and screens hot the #s to them immediately.

5. And this is the biggest one... in America we all know how different ethics groups speak and write. They don't know this so more often than not, the conversation will be totally different from the persons appearance on their page.
( A 40 yr old soccer mom wouldn't ever send a pic of her and her friends nude to a stranger or text English like a rapper). Also when your texting them, they'll try to dominate the conversation so much so that they will override your text replies.it will be like texting a robot with ADHD. And if you start to get suspicious they will flood your conversation with nudes to throw you off topic. And once you expose them they will try to stay in character but just hang up and block them because they will call you back. Oh and if your immediately go back and look for the profile it will be gone or disabled just that quick.

So be careful guys..please.

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