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AFF Meet - Tropical Afternoon Delight  

SlowHandOil 60M  
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3/9/2020 3:01 am
AFF Meet - Tropical Afternoon Delight

This is my account of a real scenario that arose from AdultFriendFinder. A few years ago, after researching a quiet relaxing spot, I booked a fortnight's vacation with an upmarket boutique resort located near the paradise that is Hua Hin on the East coast of the peninsula of Southern Thailand. My intentions were to enjoy the facilities of this wonderful resort by myself, as I just needed to relax and unwind from the demands of my work.

The resort had some great restaurants, resort sport activities, a couple of good-sized swimming pools including one for adults-only, a few private pool villas, and a world-class spa, all of which were run by a friendly, wonderful staff. The rooms were very comfortable, but the pièce de résistance was an open-sided stone plate above which a massive rain shower head streamed a soothing (or stimulating) cascade of water down onto the person below.

Being a relative newbie to the AdultFriendFinder scene, I took to spending a hour or so each evening checking out the lovely people online, and changed my location to Thailand. A few days in, I found Naree, a 63F AdultFriendFinder member and a few years older than me, with a super-hot bod and an appetite for hedonist delights, was online in Bangkok. So I sent her a flirt and a friendly message to see if she'd like to meet. Naree quickly responded and arrangements were made to meet in Bangkok.

Having booked a hotel room and traveled to the city, where we exchanged selfies so we could recognise each other when we met at a nearby shopping mall. Naree was a little shorter than me, but had a lovely smile, friendly manner, and a smoking hot body with lovely full and firm C-cup breasts. I noticed that Naree had brought a friend with her (probably for safety), Ann a 45F similar height to Naree, with a sizzling hot frame and perky B-cup boobs, a knowing smile and smouldering eyes that were checking me over as we made our introductions and chatted. Naree apologised for bringing Ann without telling me first, but I assured her that it was not going to be a problem.

After a quick lunch, I made my way back to my hotel room with Naree and Ann, and no sooner were we in the door than these too delicious ladies were getting down to business. While Naree was disrobing herself, Ann knelt down and began removing my pants and boxer shorts, unleashing my modest appendage which, responding to Ann's experienced hands, wasted no time in coming to attention at its full 6".

Naree began massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples at the sight before her, while I stroked Ann's hair and head as my cock was disappearing into her hungry mouth. Naree commented that Ann had not had sex for a long time, and had quickly asked to join us for some fun. "She's a hot one" Naree said, as she proceeded to get Ann off the floor and get us moving to the bedroom. I suggested that we should all take a quick shower to freshen up ... and to save water and time, we could all fit in the large cubicle together. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun being washed by these lovely ladies and also helping them to "clean" their own hard-to-reach places.

As we tumbled out or our communal shower and found the bed, hands and mouths hungrily found sensual locations to soothe, stimulate, and excite each other. The many hot, probing kisses that transpired between us all belied our collective desire, I had Ann lay back on the bed with her butt just on the edge, as I knelt on the floor and sucked and tongued her toes, I felt Ann writhing as I progressively headed North alternating between each of her legs gently blowing warm air onto her skin and peppering her with soft kisses and tracing my lustful tongue and fingers across her exposed flesh. With her eyes closed, I looked up and seeing that Ann was smiling, I gently but insistently lapped at the cleft that formed the junction between her legs, and was rewarded when they involuntarily began to open and reveal my prize awaiting my lascivious tongue. To my very pleasant surprise, while afflicting the petals of Ann’s with my own marauding tongue, I felt my own knees being urged to open and a warmth as Naree, laying on the floor beneath me, breathed over my shaft and scrotum and followed with her experienced tongue all around my anus, balls and shaft as she licked and kissed her exploration of my body.

Returning to the task at hand, I tongued and gently massaged Ann’s labia and teased her clit with gentle licks, kisses and sucks accompanied by stroking and massaging fingers until engorged with blood and radiating that familiar warmth of arousal. As I continued lapping each fold and crevice of Ann’s vulva, from anus to clit with interludes to entertain the perineum, inner labia, the entrance to her vagina, and all the delights beyond, Ann’s pussy responded with tell-tale warm liquids. My tongue now buried inside her pussy, I greedily licked, kissed and sucked up as much of Ann’s love juices as I could manage, her abdomen spasmed curling her up, while her hands clenched in tight fistfuls of bedsheet and her ragged breathing filled the air. While my attention to Ann’s delicious, sopping pussy did not abate, I was strongly aware that Naree now had the head of my cock, which these ladies said looked like a strawberry, trapped between her lips and was terrorising my circumcised head with a very well-practiced and very welcome technique. I was in heaven! A delicious, juicy pussy drenching my wanton tongue and lips, and a clit responding to my manual attention as I flicked, massaged, stoked and rubbed Ann to another climax, while Naree was giving it ‘what for’ on my manhood in ways I’d never imagined. As I came up to catch my breath, I stole a few quick glances down at Naree and her work below me, her eyes alive with joy and passion clearly loved sucking, stroking, and playing with my cock and balls, she also had a hand between her own legs working her pussy and clit to a similar state of arousal as Ann an I were. I flashed her a warm smile to which Naree responded with a smile and a wink, before laying her head right back and sliding my well-lubricated cock all the way into her throat. The warm, wet, sucking sensation was so intense I thought I would burst with sheer bliss!

Continuing my work on Ann’s pussy helped her to another cum, her strongest yet, and again she added to the juices that I so hungrily sucked and licked from her as another guttural, almost animal, moan escaped her mouth. As Ann began to come down from her orgasm, I made my contact with her pussy and ass very gentle and slow, soothing her to rest. The sound of Ann’s orgasm had heightened Naree’s attention to my now throbbing dick until I could no longer hold back. Naree sensed by balls tighten and as I arched my back, she eagerly milked and massaged every spurt to the last drop into her waiting mouth. Naree and I joined Ann on the bed, Naree pushed me onto my back and kissed me deeply, then holding my mouth open, she pulled her head a few inches away before dribbling my cum and her saliva down into my own mouth. Ann was watching us intently with wanton lust burning in her eyes, so I turned to her and kissed her fully on the mouth, and emptied the cum into her waiting mouth. Ann, Naree, and I repeated this oral cum swapping as we kissed each other, until Naree suggested we all share and swallow it - none of us needed any persuasion. Never before had I experienced anything so utterly intoxicating and wildly hot!

We hugged, and then rested for a while on the bed with limbs draped over each other as we maintained the tactile contact and recovered. I awoke to find Naree had her eyes closed as she lay on her back, so I quietly disentangled myself, and crawled over to begin gently lapping the top of Naree’s slit. Ann, also awake now and smiling at the sight before her, and moved over to lay between my legs and began licking and kissing my flaccid cock back to life. I leaned forward to take Naree’s left nipple into the warm liquid interior of my mouth, toying and teasing it gently, but insistently on the tip of my tongue. Gentle nips with teeth and lips helped to arouse that nub of joy to its fully erect state. Opening my mouth again, I admitted that engorged nipple back inside and held it there for a minute of so before opening my mouth and sucking in forcefully that the air was cold on Naree’s unsuspecting teat. Naree roused herself awake with the shock of that sudden cool blast of air on her sopping nipple. With Ann pre-occupied in her attention to the object of her fancy between my legs, and I turned my attention to the small brown cherry atop Naree’s right breast, giving it the identical treatment as I had done a minute of so earlier to her left nipple that by now was firmly held between my right thumb and forefinger as I rolled, pinched and gently twisted and teased it to stay hard at attention.

Groans of pleasure gurgled from Naree I continued my onslaught of her nipples and massaged her gorgeous breasts for several minutes more, before I kissed her deeply on the mouth, whispered softly in her ear where she might next sense the warm, wet presence of my tongue and then departed South planting many loving kisses and licks as I continued my journey of discovery. Naree flinched slightly as the heat from my breath washed over her freshly shaved mons pubis, and as I tentatively slid the tip of my tongue into the cleft of her pouting outer lips. Probing the head of this valley of delight, I found the nub of her clitoris and its warmth as I began to repeatedly dip my tongue and lave the hood, tempting the clit from its hiding place as it engorged under my attentions. Ann was moaning as her wet mouth devoured my now turgid cock hungrily, withdrawing briefly only to suck and tease each of my balls with her tongue, before recommencing her hand-milking action as she returned to her oral ministrations of my cock with the warm, sopping confines of her mouth. While Ann massaged my balls with one hand, she was pulling each of her nipples in turn with the other, and then reached down to run her fingers along the furrow of her gorged lips, into the opening of her pussy making the familiar squelching sounds of feminine stimulation. My own tongue and fingers flaying and stroking Naree’s now clit and swollen labia as she arched her back to increase the pressure and contact, I snaked a finger into the molten depths of her womanhood and then a second as I commenced a slow pumping in and out action, stalling occasionally to use a beckoning motion bringing my fingertips into contact with the ridged palate of her G spot. Writhing under my attentions, Naree’s climax built to crescendo drenching me with her cum juices as I tried to suck, lick and swallow as much as I could. Ceasing my oral assault on Naree’s pussy, my fingers remained fully inserted while her vaginal muscle spasms abated with the decline from her orgasm.

The sounds and aromas emanating from Naree’s climax had their effect on both Ann and myself, as she rolled us over next to Naree, and then Ann straddled me as she gripped my cock and guided it slowly into her own eager pussy. as I was to find she had been craving since Naree had mentioned our meeting to her. Ann rocked back and forward on her knees above me as she took her own pleasure in controlling the power, angle, and pace of each thrust. Had I not already cum, I’m sure I could have resisted the urge to pump my load into Ann’s tight pussy as her gyrations intensified until she was grinding her pussy against me with my thumb strategically positioned upward to contact her swollen clit each time she plunged herself down on my cock. As Ann was settling into her work, Naree stirred and I guided her to straddle my face to which she readily responded by positioning her puckered asshole onto my warm lips and probing wet tongue for a rimming that had her moaning and squealing with pure joy, while my nose dipped in and out of her sopping pussy and occasionally bumping the nub of her clit. As Naree repositioned herself slightly, I could tease her perineum and labia until her lubrication was flowing freely once again and I was drenched once more her musky delicious juices as I licked and sucked as much as I could. Ann, thoroughly in thrall with the sights, sounds and aromas swirling around her was gripping my cock tightly and flexing her pussy muscles as she leaned back to surrender to her own orgasm as I felt the tidal surge of semen loosed from deep in my sac. She held that pose and rocked gently back and forth to milk each last drop.

Naree motioned Ann to straddle my face, while she herself set to work sucking and licking clean Ann’s juices from my cock and balls, and continuing to coax my member back to attention while massaging her pussy with her free hand. Ann, by now had her pussy firmly planted against my receptive mouth and was pumping our combined cum from her vaginal canal. When she was done, Ann climbed off and went to pee while watching Naree devour my rising, but still less-than-rigid cock. Naree kept one hand busy massaging and caressing my cock and balls, and sat me up to kiss me full on the mouth and used her tongue to persuade me to push Ann’s and my cum into her hungry mouth, and then had me open my mouth as she stood over me to dribble the contents back to me. Ann returned to the scene of our lovemaking to receive our cum as she lip-locked onto me once again, and then we shared the load with Naree and swallowed the evidence.

As the afternoon wore on, Naree and Ann each took turns at sucking my cock until I was hard, but sucked dry. I had Ann lay on the bed as I devoured her delightful breasts and tormented her nipples, before fingering her to another climax, while Naree committed a surprising, but pleasing assault on my butthole with an experienced tongue and working her way around my balls while taking my cock to milk it with an oily hand. When she had me erect again, Naree motioned me to get up while she assumed the doggie pose on the bed, while I approached to enter her sopping pussy from behind. As I started toward Naree’s pussy entrance, Ann grabbed my cock to guide it home and at the same time, she shoved her finger lubricated with her spit into my own puckered sphincter to match the tempo of Naree’s and my mutual thrusts, while I had a thumb at the base of my cock to add contact pressure on Naree’s clit with each of our thrusts. As we increased the pace, Naree’s breathing quickened and became ragged until neither of us could hold back the urgency of our release and our carnal groans merged as one. With Ann’s hand firmly wringing any cum that might be left from my balls, she quickly took my cock into her mouth as she licked and sucked my clean of Naree’s juices while I did the same for Naree’s pussy before she had me lie on the bed so she could straddle and dump our cum from her pussy into my eager mouth and we took our cum swapping kisses to the shower for another final mutual rinse and “cleaning” session.

Freshly washed, dried, and dressed we relaxed over a glass of red wine each, the ladies prepared to head back to their respective homes. Our farewells comprised of each of these lovely women kissing me with tongues probing deeply into my mouth, and them grabbing a handful of my now soft cock and balls through my pants gave a knowing squeeze, and expressing their desire to meet again for more repeat fun and frolics to which I readily agreed, if we could arrange it. Alas, despite keeping in contact for several weeks, it seems their appetite for repeat performances has either abated (although I can’t see that possibility) or perhaps another fortunate and readily available fellow has been able to fulfill their needs. Needless to say, that afternoon of fun and adventure remains clearly etched in my fondest memories while I remain open to another meeting if ever the chance arises again.

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