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This morning's fantasy  

Slowhand781 73M  
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5/9/2020 8:21 am
This morning's fantasy

Just like other mornings feeling horny. In a little while will get naked and maybe turn the camera on and show my stuff the world. That is always fun. That's the real stuff.

Here's the fantasy part. When I have the camera on I like be a little adventurous. Actually, I would like do all my yard work naked, but you know how people are, they get all offended and want control your life. So all I can get away with is leaving the front window uncovered, if you want look in and watch go right ahead! I'm in the privacy of my home so you can't do anything about it.

So there I am checking out the naked ladies on the web sites where they can enjoy their freedom while I'm enjoying my freedom on the cam. All is good. I've got a nice stiffy going and the stroking is feeling good. I'm kind of involved in the screen action and the action in my lap, when I heard a tapping noise.

I look around and there at the window is a neighbor lady from down the street watching me having fun with a big smile on her face. I don't know her but I have seen her walking by my house on her afternoon walks. She starts talking and asks if she can come in the house. Sounds good ...

Once she gets inside she wants know what I'm doing and I explain her about enjoying the ladies on the internet and that I'm camming so that others can watch doing my thing. She feels like that could be fun. Without further ado she gets naked with on the cam and we just do what feels fun and enjoyable.

I especially like when we sit facing each other on the floor and masturbating together, first ourselves and then each other. Her pussy is both beautiful and feels really smooth, soft and wet. I can't get enough of touching her all over, while she seems to enjoy rubbing and touching every part of . She has the nicest breasts I've seen and touched in a long time. Not too big, nice and firm with pencil eraser hard<b> nipples. </font></b>Perfect.

We spent the next couple of hours rubbing, exploring, kissing, licking and generally putting on a show for our cam viewers.

Eventually we just can't stand it any more and she puts me on my back and starts riding my hard cock like a deranged cowgirl. What fun!

You can guess what eventually happens... I can't hold off any longer and shoot her full of my hot cum. She was wet before, but now she's dripping all over my cock and balls.

After a while we manage to catch our breath. We spend some time rubbing each other down and touching everywhere.

Unfortunately she has to leave, but we make plans to do it all again the next time see peers through my window and sees me enjoying myself...

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