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Hotwife Signals....Couples Advice  

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5/14/2020 1:33 pm
Hotwife Signals....Couples Advice

What kind of music do you like?” Mary asked Michael. This put alert.

“, just about anything," Michael responded. "Not a big fan of country. What about you?”

“Yeah, we’ve got a wide variety we like too. I’m a holdover from my father, he always liked Frank Sinatra.” As far as I know Big Jim hated Ol’ Blue Eyes, but it was our signal. Once Mary mentioned the singer, it was the same as telling me, ‘Listen, Adam, I’m hot as hell for this guy. I want to take him home right now and do him.

What do you think?’

Now I had to respond.

Mary always gave me a chance to veto the guy if I thought there was something wrong with him, or something I just didn’t like. If I wanted to end the evening, I had do was mention the Pet Shop Boys, Mary would take that as a ‘let’s not.’ But I liked Michael, I could tell they had the hots for each other, so I said, “Yeah, he’s always been one of my favorites too, for an old guy. Strangers in the Night was a great song.” By mentioning any tune by Sinatra, I’d agreed to let the night continue.

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