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Car wash.  

Smilenbutch 54M  
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8/21/2019 4:51 pm
Car wash.

It had been a long weekend of planting and visiting with relatives. Mothers Day is always like . Spent morning planting the garden and cleaning up the yard and then the afternoon at in laws having dinner and enjoying family. Mom looked unusually radiant this year. She still has it for being 85. All her wit and charm still fills the air with hope. God knows we need these day.
I got up this morning and did usual morning routine of a shit shower and shave. I threw on an old pair of cut offs and a t shirt since it was day off. I sat and drank coffee as i made list of things do today. The usual running errands of a mundane Monday morning. I knew the first thing I had to do was the car wash and clean the truck bed of all the dirt and grim from the weekend.
With list in hand I hopped in the truck and headed the car wash. I was relieved when I saw other truck there, usually after the weekend there are several in waiting for the truck bay. I pulled up in and put the truck in park and waited turn.
The guy in front of me was just finishing up so there again I lucked . He was about age and dressed in a pair of runners and a tank top. His body was tan and also pretty hairy. He looked up from cleaning his tires and gave me a smile.I gave him a nod.
He finished up after about minutes and pulled his truck and parked it over the fence where he began dry off his truck. I pulled into the bay and dropped obligatory 10 dollars into the machine and began to pre-wash truck. I started in the bed which was the messiest part and moved all the dirt and mulch the back and down the drain. I soaped up the bed real good and hopped down and started on the cab.
I glanced over at the other truck and the guy was still toweling of the water. He had removed his shirt and was now just in his runners. His chest hair got me so distracted I walked into side mirror and almost broke if off. As I continued wash the cab and front grill I noticed the guy was checking me and not moving fast dry his truck. I began tingle a bit.
I was almost done and working on the tires when I again glanced over the other truck and noticed the guy was rubbing his butt for me see. This peaked interest but I had get this done and do errands.
Finishing up the tires and giving everything last rinse it was time pull of the bay and start the drying process. I pulled up the fence the shadow of a tree. It was a sunny day and I didn't want get burned. I got of the truck and reached into the back of the cab and got towels for drying things off. I started in the back of the truck soaking up the puddles of water and then began to work y way down the sides.
As I got to the front i noticed the other truck was still there but the guy wasn't. I looked around to see where he was but he was no where in site. I went back to drying off the truck and was working on the head lights when I noticed a flash of blue fly me. I looked up and on the hood of truck was a blue pair of running shorts. "What the hell". I said myself. I reached over and scooped them up off the hood and looked around. They cam from the other side of the fence. This peaked interest. So, I put the wet towels back in the cab and closed all the windows and locked the truck up. I began to wander along the fence .
The fence was the tall wood type block aid fencing and it had very little space between each board so I could not see what was on the other side. I knew it was a large wooded area but not much more. As I got the end of the fence I looked around see if anyone would see me go around. I felt pretty safe so I went around the fence. Before me was a path cluttered with paper and other trash had accumulated over the years. I slowly walked along the path I a spot I thought was near where truck was parked on the other side. I looked around but saw nothing. I began get a little jittery and wondered what the hell was going on.
I got up a little bit more courage and once again followed the path.As I walked the path began move away from the fence and farther back into the woods. After a few hundred feet I notice a small clearing ahead of me. As I entered the clearing there the guy was. He was sitting on an old fallen tree with his legs spread and his rather nice sized uncut cock just hanging there. I began to feel heart beat faster. I smiled at him and said :how did you know I would bring these back you"? He looked and me and pulled another pair of shorts and said "I didn't:.
I slowly walked closer him and felt cock begin stir. As I got close he reached and touched the inside of thigh and ran his hand up and down leg. cock got even harder. He reached up the leg of shorts and began massage balls thru jock strap. cock was getting stiffer and stiffer the second. He said nothing as he unbuttoned the fly of shorts and pulled the down. He then began lick and suck on jock. He got jock all wet and reached back and began with ass.
was the straw broke the camels back. I reached down and started stroking his cock and playing with his balls. He finally stood up and began to rub his cock against thigh and pulled me in closer him. I felt his hand move neck and begin massage it. As he did this he was pushing head down toward his cock. I knew what I wanted to do so I dropped to knees and began suck on his cock. I could feel it grow in mouth. He said nothing. just watched me suck him.
I sucked on him for a while and the he pulled his cock out of mouth and turned around presenting of the hairiest asses I had ever seen. 'Eat it" he said. Since I love rimming a nice ass I obliged. I began lick his hole and get all fur wet and his pink hole all moist. He leaned against the tree and began push his ass in and ride tongue. I was in heaven. This was the best ass I had ate in a long time. cock was dripping pre like crazy.
Just as fast as it had started he turned around and stood me up and bent me over the fallen tree. He squatted down and began to eat ass. I felt knees go week as I love having ass ate. He started become a bit vocal and was slobbering and moaning as he ate me. I felt so free at moment. He then stood up and pressed his cock against now very relaxed hole. It slid in as if it was meant be there. He slowly moved back and forth almost coming back and then pushing back in. Long slow strokes. knees were beginning shaake so I just relaxed body across the fallen tree and gave in willingly. He slowly started pick up the pace and before I knew it he grabbed pony tail and was pounding hungry hole. He did this for quit awhile. He got more voacl as he did it and made some guttural noises as he pounded ass.. He started pull it all the way and then ram it back in again. dick was rock freaking hard.
He reached around and grabbed cock and squeezed it hard and began stoking cock. I could feel balls begin tighten up and he continued<b> stroke </font></b>me. I could not hold back any more and I whispered I was going . He cupped his hand around the head of cock and caught as it flew of cock. I had several very big squirts of and balls ached as it happened.
He took the handful of and pulled his cock of ass and rubbed on his cock and then shoved it right back in. He began pound ass good and within a of minutes He arched his back and rammed ass as he let and oh god. I could feel this cock pulse every bit of his load in ass.
He leaned forward resting on my back as his cock began soften up. It slowly withdrew from ass. I was too worn move and he was too. After a minutes of rest he squatted down and began once again eat ass, his and mine. He licked me clean and and pulled up shorts around ass and patted me on the butt and told me sweet ass.
He put on his shorts and rubbed some of the sweat off his chest with the other pair. we walked back to our trucks together and he asked if he could get phone and if we could do this again. I couldn't write it down fast enough.
He called a week later and said he and a friend were going camping for the weekend and asked if I wanted go. You know what the answer was and damn it was a weekend of "Deliverance"

Du050157 63M
100 posts
8/22/2019 10:54 am

maybe we could enjoy some mutual oral fun

Smilenbutch replies on 8/23/2019 2:17 am:
Could be fun. Distance is a problem but....

1kittylikker 70M
270 posts
8/23/2019 8:07 pm

Wish I knew where that car wash is!

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