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Kitten Confessions: Other Doms in a fantasy world.... The kitten is more than meets the eye!  

Snowsbeingbad 45F
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3/23/2021 7:13 am
Kitten Confessions: Other Doms in a fantasy world.... The kitten is more than meets the eye!

Being a Kitten and also doing Fantasy/Fetish Cam Modeling can be a tricky thing balance.The worst is when a single Dom thinks its OK Dom you without checking.THIS IS NOT OK! you do not know why this person is doing BDSM, for everyone it is not a fetish or kink its therapy!!! I had a trusted Dom show me the ropes (literally) push my boundaries enough desensitize the PTSD triggers and still achieve total submission. That was TOTAL TRUST, which most do not achieve with me.

My Sir/Kitten dynamic is all about learning to trust a man again. I have very low self worth and self esteem after 8 yrs of mental abuse, the body dysmorphia I exprience is dibilitating to say the least. It makes compliments into painful feelings instead of pleasure endorphine release. I never see what others see in me, so I tend to be very humble and easy going. Seeing myself in the mirror will make me nauseous and I am never happy with pics or videos without doing them 00 different ways adding and subtracting or just throwing them all out and starting over.

I used manage his band and whenever men showed me attention he told me was because "I fat and easy... and that any attention I got was my fault and I should feel guilty because I looked like a slut or any last port in the storm. So although I learned how to be gracious and thankful to compliments..... accepting them myself is another story.

My attacker was military trained and used a field combat training move on me to take me from standing to on my stomach on the floor with him on top strangling me from behind. I couldn't get him to release and as everything was going black I looked up and seen my 2 yr old and I started to claw!

I can not look men in the face most times, guys can not lean in to kiss me and if my triggers are , I will disassociate and go on auto pilot. For me this is dangerous because I like me and will speak when spoken but is just a submissive shell that won't remember what happened and need be told what I should already remember. For this reason why, I am hard to get close to, trust or meet in person. Hence, the reason I chose Web Cam Model. I like to be personal and do one on one sessions. I am a domestic abuse survivor twice now, I have had to rebuild my whole entire being, my self worth and self esteem are the hardest , so I don't do well with negativity or just plan being a TROLL. I treat others as they treat me, so if you want someone something ask yourself "Would I say this in person the first time I meet her?" Because I tell you, I have been with every line under the sun, but the shock of what some just send you out of the blue, still makes you think......

Most can't see past the anime style clothing or hair..... the ears, tail or make-up, yet alone understand the<b> collar. </font></b>I am a submissive, but another Dom, that could mean way more degradation than I am able handle. I got my kitten lifestyle from The Chateaux kittens here in Colorado. It's about body positivity and protection, understanding and trust with my Sir. So when a Dom messages you that "He's gonna smack you around like his little cum slut...." this is a PTSD trigger for me. If I ask you stop and that I am claimed, I expect you to back off and respect my Dom. I'm collared and claimed so Cam Modeling is a job where I get to fulfill others fantasies, be a brand ambassador for clothing and the commercial 420 companies and advocate for Domestic Violence Survivors....

Please be respectful and give them the benefit that you see them beyond the role . I may not be everyone's type or cup of tea, but I respect others enough not straight be a bitch and tear a person down even if I am pushed. But rest assure I have boundaries. If tested, I will not engage and if its being pushed I will block you or report you, PERIOD!

Submission for me is being able have nothing but letting go .... I have terrible control issues, so for me be able connect and submit is reserved and sacred.

Submission outsiders looks like its degrading, but when you chose trust a man and wear the collar, gives you a whole new perspective and the fact that my Sir, well I owe him the world! I tell him and he has access all my activities and chats on any site at any given time!

I love being personal with my fans and friends but please don't confuse friendship, connection and fantasy fulfillment for anything other than what it is.

BDSM is many things many people, so please educate and don't just speculate!
See the beauty in the pain.

Leegs2012 48M
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3/23/2021 9:35 am

Respect is the key. Me being a SUB I totally agree with you "Submission for me is being able have nothing but letting go" You are amazing!!! Great Post!

Snowsbeingbad replies on 3/23/2021 12:07 pm:
Thank you, I appreciate you so much {=}

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