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That chemistry bonus  

SofiaMc 34F
315 posts
6/28/2020 7:42 am
That chemistry bonus

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profcoquin27bis 56M
3465 posts
6/28/2020 11:09 am

totaly agree

jolielaide 49F  
1469 posts
6/28/2020 1:04 pm

a person can tell before physically meeting a person (face-to-face) if there is a certain chemistry, a rapport in the emails or text msgs or however you've elected to communicate between each other. however, a strong verbal rapport doesn't always necessarily translate when finally meeting said person. the chemistry might be there but not in the way one perhaps 'hoped' it would. doesn't mean you can't be friends. it just means y'all won't be f'king.

hounetech 58M
76 posts
6/28/2020 1:20 pm

Well said, if you're not feeling it, why bother. If there's sparks, let them fly.

LQQK7979 M
444 posts
6/30/2020 5:14 am

Chemistry makes everything 10X

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