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Cum one, Cum all!  

SoundChaser42 56M  
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6/14/2021 6:56 pm
Cum one, Cum all!

Continuing my personal Secret Life

There were a number of experiences at parties where I was able enjoy Gabriela. Then she and her husband scheduled a party at their own house with some of their friends. My wife and I were invited but on the day of the event, my wife came down with a cold, so she bowed-out. I called Gabriela and let her know we were going have cancel, but she asked if I could come alone. I checked with my wife and she told me to go have a good time.

Since my wife and I rarely swung together, it wouldn't be all that different for me to be a single in a house of mostly couples. I arrived and was introduced to the other attendees. Most were around Gabriela's age - in their late 20's or early 30's making me one of the oldest there (at the time in my late-30's). We all sat around talking and drinking wine or beer, just getting to know each other. The women then got on a topic that I've never enjoyed: their experiences with guys who suffered a temporary erectile issue. The women laughed at the usual "you can't shove a rope" jokes and us guys nervously laughed along.

Happily, it wasn't to be a problem that evening, but there was a different failure to come...

Things started off by a couple of the women who were sitting together and touching each other suggestively all evening finally giving-in to the sexual tension and beginning to make-out heavily. It was like a bell went off and our clothes suddenly disappeared and the group moved into the bedroom. There were bodies all over the bed, on the floor, and in a large chair in the corner and I let things get started, not having a specific partner of my own. As mouths found other mouths or cocks or pussies or breasts, the sounds of pleasure filled the room. A woman who was on her back, licking and sucking on a guy's twitching cock, motioned for me to join them and I smiled and kneeled before her, sliding my hands inside her thighs and pressing on her light patch of pubic hair. She raised her hips from the bed and I took the hint to move my head between her legs and lightly licked around the edges of her pussy, teasing her.

With a laugh, she grabbed my head and shoved my mouth against her sex where I happily teased, licked, and sucked on her slippery lips. In retrospect, I should have taken the hint the she liked things more forceful and teasing wasn't her style. A common problem with swinging is that you don't really have the communication that might occur between longer-term lovers. Most of my lovers had been more sensually focused, so this woman who was into the SLAM-BANG aspects of sex found my teasing style less than enticing. Unfortunately, she didn't know how to communicate that and just pushed me away and grabbed someone else (where she proceeded to moan, "This guy REALLY knows how to lick pussy").

So I learned something interesting that night - that the number of different preferences for sexual styles is about as varied as people. While there are some adequate starting for any sexual act, try say that "this way of licking pussy/fucking/fingering/etc. will turn on every woman" is utterly preposterous. I also found that shame someone sexually is pretty darn tacky in the swinging world. NEVER think that just because you experience something in one way that it is the same experience for everyone else.

The bed of writhing bodies continued move about and I found myself sucking on nipples, licking other, more appreciative pussies and eventually Gabriela ended up on top of with my cock buried deep inside of her. I love having a woman ride as I can watch/touch her body AND I can last and last without worrying about going over the edge of the orgasm. Any bad feelings about the evening were blasted away as I looked about myself at the bodies in all sorts of sexual congress, then back at the caramel-colored beauty in my lap. She held my hands tightly to her breasts, mumbling Spanish phrases of pleasure as she used my cock to pleasure herself.

Later in the evening, as the attendees began calling it a night and wandering home, Gabriela had planted me next to her on the couch and kept me pinned where I was with her legs across mine. I could languidly stroke her perfect skin as we bade good-bye to the others. When it was just the of us (Gabriela, her husband and myself), she led back the bedroom where we all melded into one moving body, her husband and myself pleasuring Gabriela from all directions. Between moans, licks, kisses, touches and sucking, it came out that I'd not cum yet that evening. Gabriela's eyes opened wide with excitement and she pulled me on top of her and she ordered me to fuck her and cum inside of her (we always used condoms).

Who was I to say no? The evening ended with a powerful orgasm with my favorite<b> fantasy </font></b>woman.

author51 58F  
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6/15/2021 2:28 am

Sounds like a good time was had by all again..xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life...xoxo


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