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First time full swap  

SoundChaser42 56M  
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5/18/2021 2:48 pm
First time full swap

Back in 2001 when my wife and I began our swinging experience, the scene was both more underground, and easier to get into. We generally hung out in one of two cities and in both of them there were a number of regular house parties that couples could get involved in. A quick internet search for "[city name] swinger party" would typically turn up a couple private house parties that had a web presence with a list of rules and the basic contact information so one could get registered. They were held at people's houses, not at a full time club, so they were much more intimate. In my most recent foray in to couples swinging, it seems these parties have gone completely underground, if they exist at all anymore.

But as it goes, we found a house party that was within a half hour of our home. We initially emailed to schedule an interview (required) and had soon gotten all the details to attend our first party. I really enjoyed getting-ready the night of a party which was always filled with the excitement of the possibility of having NSA sex later in the evening.

The party was held in an upscale neighborhood in a large 3 bedroom house. They had a formal dining room that was converted to a dance floor, a huge living room with multiple couches where debauchery could occur, and as noted, 3 bedrooms...a large master suite downstairs and 2 smaller rooms upstairs. We found out that the rules of the house required that 2 of the rooms always have their door open and one was an optional "private" room - if the door was closed, you were supposed to respect that and stay out. There was also a game room with a pool table and a huge hot tub in the backyard.

That first night, there were about couples, as I recall. My wife, being the pickier of us two, pretty much identified the couple she wanted to play with early-on. They were a couple our own age with an attractive husband who was a bit quiet and a wife who was a cute blonde, just a little overweight (something I've always preferred), but extremely bubbly and the life of the party. My wife has never been shy - and she sidled up to the husband and proposed we get together and they answered they'd spotted us early-on too...so they were on-board!

We grabbed the hand of each other's partner and excitedly slipped into the closest empty room. As it turned out, this was their first time doing this, too, so we all giggled about what we should do next. That didn't last long as my new partner threw her arms around my neck and we began kissing. From that moment-on, I barely looked over at my wife as I became completely focused on my new partner and how she felt, smelled and tasted. Remember, this was the first time I'd had sex with someone other than my wife. The sheer power of the excitement was beyond description as our clothes disappeared and I found us in a sideways 69, my face between her legs licking her smooth pussy as she played a fine tune on my pulsing cock (my wife didn't really like oral, so it became a treat for me thanks to swinging).

I was very lucky that this spicy partner of mine was such a perfect "first time" in every way. She knew what she wanted and she moved to get it, often making the first move, so we were never in an awkward spot during our fun. It was also clear was enjoying the experience as much as I was and that heightened my arousal since I am a pleaser who gets turned-on most when my partner is turned-on. We soon dug out the obligatory condom and fucked every which way we could imagine as we cast aside the rut of married sex. I think I looked over to where my wife and her partner were only once, on a couch on the other side of the room, and I saw her being fucked gently by her temporary lover, looking quite pleased with the experience.

Where my wife and her partner were slow, gentle and quiet, my firecracker of a partner was vocal, always moving, and demanding of what she wanted, and I gave her everything she asked until I could hold back no longer and came heavily, The afterglow of sex is always an interesting time in swinging since there is not the expectation of further congress between the partners. It can be very abrupt with some couples, but in this case, it was lingering, very sweet and filled with gentle touches and<b> kisses. </font></b>I finally let my attention drift across the room where my wife and her partner were still fucking, but with more abandon than before. She was on her hands and knees over the arm of the couch and he had one foot on the floor and a knee on the couch cushions as he filled her from behind.

I had always imagined I'd love watching another man fuck my wife, and here was the moment when I would find out if, in reality, that belief held true. Later-on in my experience, there were times when what I expected to feel was quite off the mark to what I ended up feeling. But in this case, seeing her take his hard cock and watching her body respond with such pleasure, I was massively turned-on by this vision before me. Sharing was definitely caring, as far as I was concerned, and I wanted to share her as much as I could...and if I was lucky enough to gain an NSA partner like my blonde firecracker, all the better.

Not everyone has a great first swinging experience, but we were one of the lucky couples. Our first party ended in an amazing time with truly sexy partners. Later in the evening, we sat naked in the hot tub with the host and hostess and talked about the experience. We casually stroked each other's bodies - but nothing more happened. It was a nice finish to an evening that would define our sexual behavior for the next 20 years.

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