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Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon  

SoundChaser42 56M  
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5/20/2021 6:48 pm
Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon

Continuing my own "My Secret Life" story

Continued from the last post...

The party wore on and my wife and I hadn't found anyone that particularly aroused us. I let her know that Gabriela was a complete fantasy woman for me and my wife looked-over the husband and said she wasn't not attracted to him. Even then, I didn't imagine Gabriela would share herself with me.

Imagine my surprise when later in the evening while my wife and I were outside chatting with each other, Gabriela and her husband approached us. My eye had been hungrily watching her throughout the evening and I had noticed they'd talked with a lot of people, but her sparkly dress had stayed put upon her shapely body.

We sat outside and we chatted for close to an hour, really hitting it off. Gabriela and my wife were really similar and they became fast friends, a friendship that would extend outside of the party later-on. All the while, couples would wander by in different states of undress, or to jump in/out of the hot tub.

Then out of nowhere, Gabriela said, "You know, we really like you guys - it looks like the hot tub is empty. Want to go in?"

Having learned from my mind-blowing experience with Mary (a previous post), I somehow managed to keep my cool as my wife and I exchanged our silent assent to each other and she answered, "Sure!"

We all got up and moved to the hot tub where we undressed, still chatting amicably like it was the most normal thing in the world to get naked with strangers. Gabriela led us all in and as she sat down, she held out her hand to me so she could guide me to sit beside her. My wife did the same to the husband and we silently basked in the churning warm water for a bit. Gabriela had ditched her glasses before entering the steaming water and I gazed upon her face and its perfect skin. Her eyes opened and noticed me looking at her and she smiled, put her hand behind my neck and pulled me in to kiss her. I pivoted on the seat to make it easier to continue kissing and our legs entangled for a moment, and then she lifted hers over mine so she was essentially sitting in my lap, my aching cock pulsing against her thigh.

I let my hand that was resting on her waist slide upward and cup her breast as we kissed. She whispered "yes" against my lips and grabbed my hand making me squeeze her and she somehow guided my thumb and forefinger to tightly pinch her nipple. While I've never been reticent to make love TO a woman, I still love it when they feel comfortable enough to guide me toward giving them even more pleasure. From talking with many women through the years, so many of them have told me about bad experiences with big-ego men getting offended when the woman tried to guide the guy's actions. I've never had that problem and apparently Gabriela either never came across such big-ego, small-confidence men, or perhaps she just didn't give a shit. She wanted to get off and she was going to make sure her lover knew how to get her off.

That's when she started speaking in Spanish to me as her passion began to take over. I was doing great managing to keep my cool as this amazing woman checked off the fulfillment of one, then another fantasy. The only moment that wasn't perfect is when she straddled me and guided my cock to her pussy. She was so wet that I slid in to the hilt in one movement, but hot tubs aren't good for keeping things lubricated. The chlorine just strips away the natural slipperyness of things. We laughed at the situation and she jumped up on the edge of the tub and spread her extremely limber legs, encouraging me in Spanish to come fuck her.

I moved between her legs and slid back inside and this time things were much better. Her tanned and toned body moved beneath me and she grabbed my hands, shoving them forcefully onto her breasts and crushing my hands closed upon them. She was now lying back upon the deck around the hot tub while I was still standing in the water, so things sloshed and splashed which seemed appropriate as my cock bathed in the sweet smoothness of her very wet pussy. She kept telling me, "Fuck me Papi!" which for the non-Spanish speakers is, "Fuck me Daddy."

All during the experience, she was cumming again and again making her my first multi-orgasmic partner. When I finally realized she was going to keep cumming, I timed her and my orgasm so that we actually came at (darn close) to the same time...another first for me since my wife never climaxed from fucking (we were good friends with a powerful vibrator, though, so she could climax afterward).

After I came and slid out of her exquisite pussy, she sat up and we kissed, with her panting against my mouth. She then took my hand and placed it back on her pussy and she looked me directly in the eyes as she let me know she wanted me to play with her clit and make her cum again. We held as close as we could with my hand between us rubbing circles on her clit as she continued to kiss me, mumble nonsense, and spit out Spanish at me. Then her<b> kisses </font></b>stopped and her eyes locked mine once again and her face took on a look of certain climax, but this was different from those she had during sex. This climax was huge and I rode it out with her until she pulled my hand away and collapsed against me breathing heavily.

After a few moments of gathering her breath, she laughed lightly against my chest, then looked up at me smiling saying, "Oh yes...that was good..." and we both kissed again.

Only then did we look over to our spouses who were sitting watching us, both smiling broadly. My wife told us they'd finished earlier and were enjoying the show and we all laughed and climbed from the hot tub where we dried off, dressed, and exchanged telephone numbers and email addresses. My wife and Gabriela promised to make plans to get together. And with a few more kisses, we parted for the evening.

The detail I can remember about this experience with Gabriela is a bit surprising to me. But from a male-ego perspective, having such a fantasy woman share such an intimate time with me left a major mark on me. I still fantasize about her to this day, and I cherish the experience of that evening and the friendship we found in the coming months.

author51 58F
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5/26/2021 6:42 am

Something about sex in a hot tub with a fantasy lover turned reality that makes for those sexual memories that leave a mark on us..

You can never have enough JOY in your life...xoxo


SoundChaser42 56M  
4 posts
5/26/2021 10:08 am

So true, Author - especially in Canada where you can do these things in a hot tub in sub-zero temps and possibly during a snowstorm! It would be difficult, however, to be anything but submerged in those conditions!

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