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More than just friends  

SoundChaser42 56M  
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6/23/2021 7:53 pm
More than just friends

Continuing my personal Secret Life

There are some common "rules" that are often mentioned when it comes swinging. One of them is not have sex with your neighbors since, if something goes awry, you still have live next them. Another is not fuck your existing friends. We were about ignore that last rule, but I do have say it created some great memories.

Swinging really set well with us. My wife and I imagined we'd found the perfect tonic for the doldrums of marriage and we were wanting to tell everyone about it. Well, not "everyone," but we took quite a few folks into our confidences and we stopped worrying about being "found out" and just enjoyed ourselves.

One of the friends we told were a couple our own age that I'd easily say were one of our two best-friend couples. We'd been hanging out for a few years and we had a lot of similar interests. We also occasionally flirted a bit with each other's spouses but since they were "vanilla" friends, we never imagined anything more than that. This couple, Sam (Samantha) and Kaj were really interested in the whole scene and wanted to know how the house parties worked. We let them know the details and after awhile, they let us know that they wanted to give it a try, too.

So we found ourselves one evening giving the tour of the party house to our friends. The evening was another where there weren't a large number of couples and most of those who showed-up were members of other cliques, so we ended up out on the couches in the living room just chatting with our friends, telling them that they just happened to show up on a down night and that they shouldn't consider it representative of a typical party.

My wife had partaken of a few glasses of wine by that time, and once she was buzzed, she would get very horny. She was sitting on the couch with Kaj while Sam and I were sitting on the floor with our backs to the couch...I realized that somehow we'd already paired-up (I suspect that was my wife's doing). As we were talking, my wife was caressing Kaj and his eyes were getting bigger and bigger as she got closer and closer to his obvious hard-on. Both Sam and myself were watching this activity and my wife suddenly sighed and said, "C'mon guys...if we're going to do it, let's do it!" and that broke the ice. My wife promptly unbuttoned and unzipped Kaj's slacks and brought out his very large, thick cock. I remember my wife cooing, "Lucky me!"

Sam laughed at that and followed my wife's lead, opening up my slacks and freeing my cock where she proceeded to give me exquisite head. I love it when a woman uses her hands and her mouth and Sam was adept at that technique, probably due to her having to manage Kaj's very large member which my wife told me would cause her jaw to tire out quickly due to its girth. I caught eyes with Kaj for a moment and he just lifted his eyebrows and made a face that said, "what the fuck!" but nobody was stopping.

Now, I'd found Sam very attractive for a very long time. She was without a doubt a secret fantasy of mine with her compact gymnast-like body and a twinkling smile. I once was alone with her at her and Kaj's house as I waited for him to get home from work, and we'd flirted harmlessly...but that was the source of many a fantasy about how things could have gone if we let the flirting move further. Now, here she was in my lap, slurping my hard cock into her mouth, coating it slickly so her hands would glide up and down the shaft effortlessly. It was fantasy magic.

Up on the couch, my wife had tired of trying to suck Kaj's huge cock so she discarded her panties, told him to condom-up, and straddled him, easing herself onto his throbbing shaft. My wife is a very small woman so accommodating the huge cock took a little effort, but I was transfixed watching her take him in little by little until she was moving up and down on him, fully enveloping his girth inside of her. As she moved, she unbuttoned her top and threw it across the room, her small breasts now in Kaj's appreciative face.

Sam noticed the change in movement from the couch and she chose to follow in my wife's footsteps by slipping out of her underwear (at which point, I discarded my pants and found my own condom). With one smooth motion, she straddled me and slid down upon my cock, taking me inside her completely. I remember thinking, "of course, since she's used to Kaj's huge cock." It was interesting though, because Sam liked to watch her husband at play as much as I liked to watch my wife fucking other men. We actually moved ourselves so that we could both easily have sex with each other, but also see our spouses fucking hungrily on the couch.

When it was over and we all collapsed in a naked, caressing heap together on the couch, we all ended up admitting that we'd all had fantasies about each other in the past. And from that day-on, they became part of the The Couch People. Kaj and Sam were also regular partners outside of the parties, both at their home and ours. They had married right after high school and had only had sex with each other for their entire marriage, so this was their first chance to try everything on their fantasy bucket list, and my wife and I tried to keep up with them the best we could.

I wish I could say it all stayed wine and roses, but Kaj and Sam had other issues with their personal relationship that eventually had them divorce when Kaj started taking liberties and seeing other women without telling Sam. Around that time, my wife and I had chosen to open up our marriage to allow each other more freedom and Kaj was seeing my wife, saying that it was "OK" with Sam...but he was lying. So, the friendship imploded when it all came out.

Thus, there is the rule not to fuck your friends. I'm sure it doesn't always go sideways, but it did in this case. Nonetheless, I have many, many good memories of times with them exploring fantasies that still bring a smile to my face and a lift to my cock.

author51 59F  
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6/24/2021 12:04 am

I quite agree with that rule as it does end the friendship if things go awry..Nice story..xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life..xoxo


neotrio 46M/43F
1240 posts
6/24/2021 2:05 am

sounds familiar... unfortunately. hot story though. too bad it ended that way.

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