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Why not start where it all began  

SoundChaser42 56M  
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5/17/2021 4:51 pm
Why not start where it all began

It really doesn't seem all that long ago when I was in college and I met my wife-to-be. I lived in a small apartment complex where everyone was really friendly with each other and we'd all been hanging out together on a Saturday night near the end of the school year since we were downright poor, having spent all our savings or grants or scholarships. It was due to our cash-strapped situation that we'd all been passing the evening with some Trivial Pursuit. My wife told me she spotted me largely because I was such a master of trivia, which has probably never been a reason before or since for a woman being turned-on to a man. Once everyone had dispersed, she and I made-out and, completely delirious with desire, we fell asleep on the couch in the front room of my apartment.

In the morning when we woke, I managed to accidentally (honest!) brush her breast with the back of my hand as I was reaching to move her hair off her forehead and that snapped something. We both began to devour each other and she grabbed my hand and first shoved it between her legs where he helped me bring her to orgasm, and then maintained a hold on that hand as she led me to the bedroom.

While most of that morning is a blur, I still remember the moment she crossed her arms across herself, grabbing the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it over hear head. Her breasts had no need for a bra and that smooth movement presented them firmly to me and I needed no further hint that I was to slide my hands from her waist to cup those beautiful, crimson-peaked mounds. I have always been a breasts-guy, and I do not discriminate by size; I love them all.

We managed to undress amongst<b> kisses </font></b>and caresses and as these things tend to go, after much rubbing against each other, I grabbed a condom from the bedside table, slipped it on, and she climbed on top of me, sliding me inside with a deft movement of her hand guiding my cock inside of her.

Now, you may have noticed that from the title, this was the beginning of my sexual experience - in college. And yes, prior to this moment, I was a slow-starting virgin. But she forged onward with such determination and desire, there was no chance to be self-conscious or uncertain. It was all unfolding better than in dreams (largely because my dreams have always been strangely lacking in sexual action). We tried a few more positions before I came hard inside her, as a young, college guy is wont to do (I was amazed at how long I was able to hold off, actually).

It was the beginning of an amazing summer of sex, often 2-3 times a day. I have a journal from that time where I wondered if I would survive her insatiable sexual appetite. I'd come home from class and she'd burst through the door barely after I'd closed it and we were once again tearing off our clothes and "getting busy" (as Cosmo likes to call it).

I was a photography student at the time and during that summer, we managed to take a few sexy photos of each other, but I can't for the life of me remember where they might be, or if they may even still exist. I was hoping to find them quickly and add some shots of our impossibly young and thin bodies intertwined - but I may have gotten rid of those photos at her bequest some years ago. Pity.

If you're sorry that I ended up marrying the first woman I had sex with, please don't fret - I promise it didn't leave me with a life of just bedding one partner. Otherwise, this would be a really fast and simple blog and there would be little to write about. It took quite some time, but things would change in a very big way...

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