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Last Friday
Posted:Mar 17, 2020 1:50 pm
Last Updated:Mar 26, 2020 6:24 am

Those of you that know and follow know I love to be outside nude. I love being in the great outdoors with nothing but the sun on . It turns on so much and usually results in getting myself off a few times, usually on cam.

Last Friday morning after hubby got off to work I brawled back in bed, The bed felt so good to my nude body and I was thinking about the forecast and hoping I wold be able to get outside and enjoy myself later. My fingers found my wet pussy and a little manipulation of my clit and I was having my first orgasm of the day.

After a nap I got out of bed and started on my chores. I kept checking on the progress of the sun, waiting to get outside. Of course I had not bothered with clothes since I love being nude.

After a quick lunch it was finally time for me to enjoy the sun. I went out to my chair, got everything ready, stretched out and took my time oiling myself up. It felt so good as I massaged my tits I just had to rub myself. My pussy was tingling as I wished I had a dick there to fuck me, bringing myself to the second orgasm of the day.

My phone woke me from a nap a bit later. It was one of my fuck buddies wanting to know what I was up to. I wondered how he knew I needed a dick and I had been thinking about him. Most of our fucks have been on Friday afternoons. When I told him I was sunning nude he said he'd be over soon. I could not wait!

I was on the phone with Hubby when I heard someone drive up. I told him bye, he's here and I needed to get fucked! As J came around the house I greeted him, still nude of course. He joined me on the deck and I got his dick out and in my mouth. OMG he was so hard and ready! We went through the French Doors into the bedroom as he dropped his clothes. I bent over the bed as he lid in me from behind. J pounded my pussy hard shooting his first load deep in me as I came for the third time of the day.

He usually wants me to suck him and let him shoot his 2nd load on my but not this time. After sucking him a few minutes he said he had to have my pussy again. I could not believe how quick we both came again as he once again pounded me from behind,

WOW, I was satisfied, satiated, and napped in the sun the rest of the . What a way to spend a Friday!
Nude beach
Posted:Feb 6, 2020 8:00 am
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2020 3:17 pm

I love going to nude beaches. There's nothing like being completely naked and having strangers walk by staring at my shaved spread pussy. We always try to position ourselves so those strolling the waterline have a great view. We also try to get there early for a good location so others can set up close by as they arrive. We try to get a ways down from the access point, trying to get out of the couples/single females area.

As the morning progresses more and more single guys always surround us, setting up their camp for the day as it gets warmer and warmer. It;s not uncommon to see them start to discretely stroke their hardening cocks as they look my way. I make sure I to walk down to the water to cool off several times so I'll be seen and they'll know exactly where I'm set up. As I lay back down they will start strolling by to see my exposed pussy. This gets me so hot I have to start rubbing my clit to get myself off.

On the day the video "Masturbating on the Nude Beach" was made I had already gotten off 3 or 4 times. I asked hubby why didn't he video me for my fans. He stood in front of me with the camera and a hardon as my admirers gathered behind him to enjoy!
Starting the New Year right
Posted:Jan 9, 2020 4:59 pm
Last Updated:Mar 15, 2020 3:40 am

With the holidays, family and other commitments it had been a while since I'd had a chance have any FWBs visit. The Friday after Years day changed that!

I heard from J Thursday night asking if I was free on Friday. I'd been fucking him for a little over 2 years since we first met on AdultFriendFinder but we hadn't gotten together in a few months. I told him to let me now when he got free Friday afternoon. About 2 he let me know he was on the way. I'd taken a bath, shaved smooth and didn't bother getting dressed since I knew clothes wouldn't stay on long anyway. When I answered the door he got a big smile on his as he looked up and down nude body. We sat down and chatted a few minutes catching up, but in just a few minutes I had his cock put and in mouth. Shortly I got up and led him back the bedroom. I needed that cock!

He got behind and pounded pussy doggy style, shooting his load in and I orgasmed! We lay on the bed for a bit then I started rubbing his dick waking it up again. He likes shoot his load on , am I deny his pleasure. Soon I had a load in and another all over !

You'd think I'd be satisfied but by now you should now better. When Hubby got home I was still nude, had J's cum on and in me, and was still horny. I told hubby I could use some more dick and wanted to invite someone else over to fuck me. I got back on AdultFriendFinder and soon got a message from L black FWB that he was off and horny!.. I asked if he wanted come over and of course he did!

I went grab a shower and fresh shave while he was on the way. Once again I didn't bother with clothes and he loved it when he got . After a drink and some , I got up and led him the bedroom, leaving hubby alone on the living room. After some kissing, sucking and fondling I soon once again was on hands and knees with a cock pounding from behind. h it felt so good! As he was shooting his huge load into pussy I was orgasming and squirting all over his beautiful black cock!

I didn't bother washing his cum off , and later as I snuggled next tohubby he wanted to fuck.

Sorry Dear, I'm all fucked for the night!
Your vote please
Posted:Jun 24, 2019 7:00 pm
Last Updated:Mar 26, 2020 6:25 am

Hubby and I have fantasized about me letting his brother fuck me. He's a couple of years older and has seen me naked, hubby and I have fucked late at night with him sleeping on the same room as I. One of those times I was nude and rode hubby cowgirl to a great orgasm. He's seen me sunbathe nude, had seen some of my videos of fucking others among other things. At times I want him badly so..
Let him fuck me and do whatever he wants to me?
Let him "catch" me nude sunbathing and shoot his load on me while I masturbate?
Keep fantasizing and enjoy how well we get off to it?
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Black Cock Threesome
Posted:Jun 24, 2019 5:15 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2019 4:11 am

Well my black FWB that the poll is about (How Many) finally come through. He kept talking about bringing co-workers, his brother and friends, but never did. He's a good fuck and always makes me cum and cum. When he wanted come over this past Saturday I said sure. He mentioned his brother was in town but he was hesitant since I am married. I told him hubby was a good cuck and would be gone if I told him to be. Next thing I knew he was talking about bringing a new cub for me. I figured it was all just talk and thought no more about it.

I was in my pool tanning nude, on cam of course when I heard a vehicle. I walked around the house nude expecting it to be my FWB and to my surprise it was 2 black guys! I hugged my FWB and turned to the new guy for an intro, His eyes were about to pop out as he looked from my tits to my shaved pussy. I soon found out his and he was 21, never fucked a white pussy, especially not a nice smooth , and yes he couldn't wait. It was do I invited them in the cool AC for a drink and ..... Well you know where my mind was.

Oh wow what an afternoon! They fucked me, sucked my nipples and ate my pussy and had me cumming over and over. The afternoon was a bunch of firsts for me. While I'd had several black cocks n threesomes this was my first time with 2 black cocks. It was also my youngest black cock and it was my biggest age difference. While I've had a few year old cubs the difference in age this time was 41 years! Wow, I hope do this again!
Road Trip
Posted:Jun 14, 2019 4:54 pm
Last Updated:Feb 6, 2020 9:19 am

We recently made a trip to Texas to visit family. We have made this trip a few times and to pass the time I was challenged to have an orgasm in every state we passed through. I always wear a short dress that buttons up the front or a very short skirt with a button up top. I have done pretty good on these trips living up to the challenges and this last one was no exception. Most times my orgasms are self stimulated with an occasional fucking from a new found friend at our motel stays. This time the return trip home proved to be an exception.

We were leaving on Friday morning, driving across I-20 and spending the night in Jackson MS. I had gotten well fucked the night before by a regular FWB from TX. I did not want to get up Friday morning, laying in bed nude and thinking about how well I had gotten fucked the night before. My fingers found my clit and I could still feel the stickiness of his cum in me . One down.

I reluctantly got out of bed and, showered and made sure my pussy was smooth, picked my shortest dress and slipped in on. I love this dress. As mentioned it buttons all the way down the front and is so short if you are paying attention as I walk and it bounces you can see my ass and pussy. When I sit down it barely covers my shaved lips. I was ready to go.

We had been on the road for a while and decided to make a rest stop. As we got ready to climb back in the car Hubby reminded me we would soon be out of the first state and I had not gotten off yet. I reminded him I had that morning, but who was I to argue, off came the dress and I tossed it into the back seat as I climbed in. Got a few horn toots from the trucks across the way.

As we pulled back on the Interstate I reclined my seat and my fingers found my clit It had been a late night and an early morning and I did not realize I had dozed off I woke up and we were stopped in traffic . Here I was nude, laying in the front passenger seat, looking up at a cute trucker looking at me. I asked hubby where we were and why we were stopped as I looked up at him and slid my hands between my legs. Almost at the Tx/La line and construction he answered. As we crept along my fingers went deeper and deeper and my cunt got wetter and wetter as the trucker kept watching This had me so hot I started cumming and cumming oh my fingers! I hope he did too. I smiled at hubby and remarked first state down

They were working on bridges so down to one lane we went then back to two as we crossed the state line . I was still reclining naked in my seat as both lanes opened back up Traffic was still virtually stopped as we moved to the left lane. A truck ahead was letting the gap ahead of him get bigger as he waited for us to catch up. I guess the first truck had told his buddy to look for us. As we got alongside sure enough another cute trucker was looking down . I smiled at him as my fingers found my clit and he gave a thumbs up. As we crossed the state line he made a stroking motion with his free hand then he held up his shorts, oh wow he was jerking off while watching ! We stayed side by side the next -20 minutes with my eyes on his. I had an even stronger orgasm knowing he was jerking off as I masturbated! 2nd state down.

I slept off and on as we crossed La and got into MS. We made it to the hotel in time for their kickback where they serve drinks and food to the guests. We checked in to get our cards and did not bother unloading our stuff so we could get some refreshment. We were standing in a rather long slow drink line and struck up a conversation with a young guy behind us. We were discussing how slow the bartender was and he mentioned he had done some bar tending and he liked making them stiffer. I giggled and said Me too We found he and a buddy were traveling through and chit chatted for the next minutes or so. We finally got our drinks and we moved to the food to see what they had. We got our plates ready and started looking for a place sit. The motel was packed and we did not see an open table anywhere, but our buddy and his friend were waving us over to sit at their table. Hubby whispered ;they will be able see your pussy when we sit down, I still had on the ultra short dress with the bottom and top 2 buttons undone. Yea I know I replied as I led him to their table. I had both hands full so I could not pull my dress down to cover me as I slid into the chair. We sat and chatted as we ate and had a few drinks. These guys could not keep their eyes off my exposed pussy. I noticed a bulge growing in their crotches as I got wetter and wetter.

Refreshment time was almost over and Hubby asked if I was ready go up. Our new friends were not ready for me to so I told Hubby to go ahead, I would be along after another drink or 2. He gave me a kiss and said see you soon, gathered our bags and headed for the elevator. We had time to grab a couple more drink before the window closed on the bar, it was complementary and open for a short time one of the guys went get them. I was left alone with the original guy and it did not take him long tell me he wanted fuck me He said the problem was they were sharing a room and I assured him that was no problem. If they had no problem with it I would take them both on! He asked about Hubby and I said he had driven all day was tired, probably getting a shower and ready for bed, and he would have no problem with me coming to their room I told him after our drinks I needed to go get a shower, shave smooth and I'd come to their room. He smiled, told me the room and handed me a room key . We got our drinks finished them as we all flirted some more. I told them I'd see them soon, got up and walked to the elevator. The elevator had a glass side that was on the lobby. I backed up to the glass slide as the elevator rose as I'm sure a few dicks did too.

When I got to our room hubby was showered and shaved smooth lying the bed naked watching TV. You finally decided to come up he asked, yes but get a shower and then go meet those guys, you want go with me? I asked hoping not. Thankfully he said he was too tired so I quickly showered shaved my pussy and got ready to head to their room. What are you going to wear he asked. Nothing, it won't stay on long anyway. He reminded me we were in a motel so I grabbed a towel to wrap around me, quickly kissed him, told him to not wait up and headed . When I opened their door I dropped the towel outside and walked in nude. They were in their separate beds, the sheets but their hands were busy. This is getting long so I'll just say WOW what a night. The of us fucked sucked and did knows what. Before I knew it was 330 AM and I needed sleep. I gave the a quick kiss, walked the door nude and realized my towel was gone! Oh well it was 330 and the halls were empty. Thank goodness the elevator was too. I wearily climbed into bed and snuggled my well used, weary cum filled and covered body against hubby and drifted off to sleep.

It seemed like no time before he was shaking me awake so we could the road. I slipped back into my dress, and followed him to the car. Damn he's too cheerful too early in the morning. I still had dried cum on my thighs, in my hair and on my .oh well no barely noticed. I drifted off be awakened by hubby trying tell me I hadn't had an orgasm and we were about MS. I begged differ, reminding him I'd had several the night before and more than after midnight, case closed as I drifted off sleep.

I'll just say the final state we were passing through before we got back GA was marked off the list as I got off laying nude on a picnic table in a national forest area after fingering myself another orgasm. The final state was marked off the list as I masturbated again while in the passenger seat naked, then once again drifting off sleep nude and not waking up we pulled in our driveaway. more road trip challenge accomplished!
How many?
Posted:Oct 21, 2018 8:25 am
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2020 7:59 am

My latest black FWB wants to bring some friends with him to fuck me. He's told them about fucking me and how I love black cock. He's shown them my profile on here and videos of him fucking me. He's been here to see me several times and I had a threesome with he and a white FWB that I wrote about in my previous blog post. I've never had more than 1 black cock at one time although I've had threesomes, a few with a black and a white cock, and it turns me on thinking about more than one black cock just for me.

My question is, how many friends should I let him bring with him?
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BBC the next chapter
Posted:Oct 14, 2018 11:14 am
Last Updated:May 4, 2019 3:40 pm

I made a couple of blog entries about my latest FWB and a poll about his fantasy about watching me get fucked by a BBC. Thanks to everyone who took the time to view them and especially those that voted. It looks like everyone wanted me to let him watch the BBC fuck me so I did (although I would have anyway if everyone voted no! LO

J messaged me and told me he had a BBC lined up and we needed to all get together. I knew this was going to be good because every time J came over he got super excited and shot huge loads in me when we'd talk about him getting to finally watch a BBC pound a white pussy. Of course it would get me turned on thinking about a new BBC fucking me good, oh did I mention I'd be Ls first white fuck?

It took us a few weeks but we finally got all of our schedules together and planned a Sunday afternoon. It was summertime, warm and of course I was planning on working on my all over tan. L was a member here and we chatted a few times. I asked if it was OK for hubby and I to be nude when they got here. He had no problem with that so we were out in the sun. J had no problem with it since I had been nude almost every time he got here and he'd fucked me outside in my tanning pool one of those times.

About lunch hubby and I moved outside. Of course I was nude and I told him the only thing he could wear was his cock ring. I had made him start shaving ALL of his body hair a few weeks before getting more and more into the cuckold lifestyle. We were chatting about the poll voting and he asked what he was going to get to do? I replied, " This is Js fantasy and I was doing it for him. When they get here I'm taking them to our bedroom, shutting the door and you are not to bother us. I'm going to let them fuck me and fuck me and fuck me! You are to stay naked, keep your cock ring tight and entertain yourself the best you can without touching your cock." You should have seen how hard his cock got. I thought it would bust his cock ring.

Soon we heard a vehicle turn in, I sent hubby to see who it was. In a minute he and J walked around back. We made small talk and a few minutes later another car turned in I sent hubby back to get our next guest and soon he brought a nice looking black guy around to me. I told hubby to get our guests a chair and put them at the edge of my pool so we could talk. He brought lawn chairs and placed them near my feet. now remember I'm in the pool naked, oiled up and they have a great view of my freshly shaven pussy. I could see their dicks starting to rise as we chatted I asked if our guests needed a beer and sent hubby to get them one. When he got back I had my legs wide open and my fingers working my clit. I knew I was getting well fucked today!

As soon as the guys finished their beers I asked if they were ready to go inside since it was so hot out they replies YES. I told hubby we were going in, get everything put away and not to bother us, I'd see him much later when I'd been fucked enough. Once again his little white dick was straining against his cock ring.

I led my 2 lovers inside, back to the bedroom, shut and locked the door. I asked who's first? To which J replied I want to watch you take Ls BBC. I grinned at L and said I guess that means you're first?! I quickly had his beautiful hunk of black meat out and in my mouth. It was already hard so I pulled him on top of me and he slid easily into my soaking wet pussy. I'd came in the pool with them watching me but I needed DICK! Now remember this was several firsts for L, first white pussy, having somebody watch and fucking a mans wife while he was nearby. While he was doing a good job of thrusting deep in me he was a little nervous. Not J, he'd gotten naked and was stroking his rock hard cock as he watched. he'd fucked me several times before in mine and hubby's bed and couldn't stand it. He rolled me up onto my knees and I took Ls dick in my mouth as J started pounding me from behind It was a very short time before he was shooting the first load of the day deep in me as he brought me to a great orgasm L couldn't stand it and climbed behind me to sink his BBC in my cum soaked pussy. OMG! He pounded me so hard fast and deep I came again as I got my first load of black cum for the day added into me.

We tried to take a break but laying in bed with 2 nude guys, a hardening cock in each hand was more than I could stand. we may have rested for 2 minutes before I once again had a cock in my cunt and another in my mouth. We fucked so hard and furious that I can't recall every detail f the rest of the afternoon. I know we tried almost every position and combination we could dream of. By the time we were all fucked out I was so full of their cum, my hair and face ere a mess with dried cum everywhere! Wow what a day!

Since then J has gotten a steady and we haven't seen as much of each other since our schedules are harder to get together, nut I still intend to keep fucking him. L has been a semi regular and he's been over several times giving me that BBC and shooting huge loads in me. He wants to bring a couple of friends with him and give me BBC gangbang. Should I?
My latest FWB
Posted:Apr 20, 2018 11:05 am
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2019 10:50 am

I've met several people from on here but it had been a while. I received a mail for a couple on here saying they thought we went to the same gym. No pics, little info so I gave it little thought. Sometime later I got another saying it was the guy only now, she had moved with work and he was going it al. morning at the store a guy started talking me up , gym, he hadn't been gping because of a pending knee surgery etc etc etc. The next time I was on cam he sent a message that he'd enjoyed talking to me at the store the week before........

About a week later I was home on Friday, we started chatting and I invited him over in an hour. That gave me time to get a bath, shave smooth and decide what I was wearing. I dressed in my favorite short jean skirt, a semi transparent top, a sweater and nothing else. I took a selfie and sent it to hubby, he was at work, and told him I had company coming over to talk and see if we liked each other. He replied you know he's be able to see your pussy if y'all sit in the living room and talk? "Yea, I know" I replied. So you're planning on fucking him then? I just replied with a smiley face! LOL

Right on time J showed up and I invited him in. We sat and chatted, mutual people, lifestyle, etc and etc. I knew he could see my pussy because he was getting a bulge in his shorts. I made an excuse to get up giving an even better view of my shaved pussy and that really got his approval. When I came back I sat beside him and man did he smell good. I slid even closer and my skirt slid higher and my nipples were poking through my top. I think by now he's figured out he is going to get to fuck me!

We decided to head to the bedroom. I love being fucked by others in the bed hubby and I sleep in. We stood at the side and kissed and groped as clothes started coming off. Turns out his knee would only let him fuck doggie but who was I to complain! It's my favorite position. He was so hard and I was so wet he slid right in to his balls! Wow, I needed that dick in me. He pounded me hard from behind as I met his thrusts, causing him to shoot his load deep in me and making me have a huge orgasm! We collapsed on the bed in satisfaction and chatted till hubby sent a text that he was on the way home. J gathered his clothes but I didn't, walking him outside to his truck naked, getting him aroused again.

He had the surgery so we went several weeks without a repeat. rainy Sunday afternoon. We were both on AdultFriendFinder chat and he wanted to come over again. I old him I was naked and didn't want to get dress, was that OK. His answer he was on the way. Hubby wasn't home so I told him to pull under the carport and the door would be unlocked, cum on in. The look on his face when he walked in was priceless. The bulge growing in his shorts was evidence he approved. We wasted little time chatting and headed straight to the bedroom. Within minutes of him arriving I was on my knees again and his cock was buried in me. Like before he pounded me until he shat his load in me making me have a huge orgasm. Wow what a fuck..

As we lay on the bed in the afterglow my hand found his dick and it start slowly growing again. I moved down and wrapped my lips around his shaft and it grew more, and more and more. J had watched my facial videos and wanted to shoot his load on my face, who was I to deny. It didn't take long for him to deposit his second load all over my face. I smiled and ran my tongue out to capture what I could.

After I walked J out I couldn't wait to send hubby a text, "Oh No I have cum on my face!" I knew he wouldn't be able to stand it and right back he replied "Not in your pussy?" Of course I have a load there too! was my response, making him almost shoot his load I found out later!
Should I?
Posted:Feb 7, 2018 4:08 pm
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2020 3:56 pm

I met a new FWB from on here and invited him over before Christmas. I was home al and we chatted for a bit and wound up fucking doggie style in our bed. We haven't been able to get together again, although I certainly want to, but he has a fantasy he wants me to him with. He wants to watch a BBC fuck a white pussy, then get to be the second. With my love of BBC I'm seriously considering it.

What should I do?
Le t them come over and enjoy the BBC and then the FWB without hubby here?
Let them and make hubby watch/film?
Let the 2 of them fuck me and film it for hubby?
Jusr keep fucking the FWB?
Broadcast live while the 2 of them are fucking me?
Become a Nun?
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My earliest sluttiness
Posted:Dec 3, 2017 4:22 am
Last Updated:May 12, 2019 10:20 am

I hope you took the time to vote in my poll on my old BF. This is about he and I when we were much younger. When I related this story to Hubby he loved it and
got so turned on. Even though it's been many years ago he wants me to go back to fucking this old flame.

We dated when we were in high school for some time. He eventually broke up with me and I wasn't ready. I'd found out how much I loved to fuck and how much I loved cum! Ex boyfriend lived outside of town and didn't have a way to get to school so I;d pick him up every morning with an ulterior motive.

I knew everyone would be gone but him when I got there and he'd be getting ready for school. I'd often catch him still in the shower or getting ready, of course I'd time it just right. I'd often get out of my clothes and leave them in the car or undress when I heard the shower going. I loved seeing his cock get hard when he saw my nude body and know we were fucking. I'd have to get out of all my clothes because I knew he'd shoot a huge load down my throat or in my pussy and I didn't want to go to school with cum on them. I would often have his cum on my face or ooozing out of me though.

This went on for a long time! Even when I was dating other guys I was still fucking him daily before school. I would often go see him in the early morning, then have a date with someone else that evening. He loved knowing I still wanted to fuck him even though we weren't together and would often get off twice shooting 2 loads in me before school, then I'd have my regular date at night and get a couple more loads that evening.

I guess some would say I was a slut!?
My love of BBC
Posted:Nov 22, 2017 10:40 am
Last Updated:Jun 13, 2019 6:07 pm

There are 5 of my vids in the top 25 most viewed today page and 3 of them are me getting pounded by BBC. It seems almost everyone loves to see a white pussy take a hunk of black meat.

My first black cock was rather uneventful but I did have a good orgasm. He fucked me in the National Forrest just south of Tallahassee. We'd go down to nude sunbathe and I'd been fucked several times by young college guys. There were usually watchers from the woods His was just an average dick but I don't discriminate!

That was early Spring and in early Summer we took a trip to a nudist resort near Tampa. The first night was uneventful and the next morning we left the resort for a while. When we returned it was raining, bummer since I wanted to be outside naked.
We decided to go to a covered hot tub away from the main pool area and soak a while. Hubby said he would drop me off and go unload the car, bring towels and mix us a drink. Did I mention we'd been out for lunch and I'd had a few margaritas?

As he dropped me off I slipped my dress over my head, that's all I had on, and told him I'd see him soon. I walked around to the hot tub expecting no one to be there, but was pleasantly surprised to find a handsome black guy soaking in the tub. We exchanged small talk and I sat down on a bench to take off my heels. That and my hotwife anklet were all I had on. He commented on my anklet and I couldn't help exposing my shaved pussy to him as I unbuckled and removed my shoes. As I approached the steps he stood up to offer me a hand and WOW! His half hard cock was the biggest I'd seen live. I knew I was going to have that in me soon.

The tub was huge but I took a seat next to my new friend. As we sat down my hand slid up his thigh to his cock. I just had to feel that monster and was delighted as he got harder. His fingers found my wet slit under the water and got me even more turned on. The resort has a no sex in public policy but I couldn't help it. We were in a secluded area, it was raining, mid afternoon, people were inside, so I straddled him and slid that BBC deep inside me. It surprised even me that I could take all of him at once! I rode him as he sucked my nipples and we both soon exploded in orgasm! Wow what a huge load he shot deep in me!

We took a breather and chatted, but I wanted more of that cock. I had him sit on the edge and started on his cock and balls.. I had him right back hard and was loving it. As I worked his cock Hubby returned and said hi, shook our new friends hand as I sucked him and gave Hubby a smile. Hubby reminded us of the resort policy and suggested I take my BBC to our room. Later I found out he'd watched me getting fucked! He does like to watch! I told Hubby to gather our things and not to bother us for a while as I was taking my new BBC to our room to fuck! I grabbed his still hard cock and led him to his car.

As soon as we hit the room I had his cock in my mouth, he slid between my legs and once again I had that beautiful BBC in me. He soon had me over the edge again and was shooting another load in me. We took a short rest, a nap, and I needed more! I wanted that BBC doggie style and he was more then willing. I loved that BBC deep inside me. Since we'd already orgasmed twice he pounded me for a good long time. I was loving the way he felt inside me! He pounded and pounded and pounded me! OMG what an orgasm he brought me to as he shot yet another load in me! We were spent and collapsed on the bed. After about 15 minutes I realized Hubby hadn't returned Checking the time I realized I'd been with my new lover from about 3 till almost 7!

I opened the door to find hubby sitting on the porch with a hard on> I apologized and he said no problems, I'd been very loud and people walking by could hear and would smile! He did say he was starving and we needed to go eat. I retrieved our new friend and we grabbed towels to sit on and headed to the pool bar. I sat between them and got lots of knowing looks. I was getting very wet again. After eating and a few drinks I was so so horny again. I got up, whispered to Hubby I was going to get fucked, kissed him, grabbed my new lover by the hand and headed back to the room. I loved the looks and smiles we got as we walked out of the bar.

I soon had another load of hot, sticky cum deep in my well used pussy and drifted off to sleep. I was awakened some time later by my lover sucking my nipples and rubbing my clit. Once again it didn't take him long to shoot another load in me! I drifted off again with that black meat in my hand. Again when I woke I realized I hadn't heard from Hubby, but turned over to see him asleep in the other bed. I checked the clock and it was 4 AM, I threw the covers off my lover and took his BBC in my mouth again. I was on my hands and knees sucking him hard, so he turned me around to face the other bed and slid in me doggie style again. Once again I was in heaven. I was getting pounded from behind in my favorite position by 11 inches of BBC. I guess I was too loud as I saw Hubby's eyes open and his dick get hard, This set me off and I burst into orgasm after orgasm causing another huge load to get deposited in me.

I woke up about 9 to my nipples being sucked again. My lover wanted a last fuck before he had to leave. Once again he brought me off and left his load in me. This guy had staying power! I lost count of how many orgasms he brought me to.. He'd hot so my cum in my well fucked pussy! I looked over nd Hubby was gone. I figured he had gone to the restaurant for breakfast and we decided t join him. My lover got dressed, I didn't bother but did grab a towel since I was leaking cum. In the restaurant we found Hubby sitting with the 2 couples who were in the condo beside us. We'd talked to them the day before and I was a bit embarrassed, especially when one commented that someone had a good time last night as the others smiled knowingly. I was the only one naked but oh well! We ate breakfast, I gave my lover a long bye kiss before he left, again to smiles. I told the others I was going to sleep, walking back to the room with dried cum on my thighs and more still oooozing out of me pussy!
Help me decide
Posted:Nov 21, 2017 11:44 am
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2019 3:21 pm

In high school I was dating a guy and we fucked at least once a day. He broke up with me but since he didn't have a car I was still giving him a ride every morning. Of course being the slut I was I'd try to get there early to catch him in the shower or before he got dressed. It always wound up with me naked and either getting his cum in my pussy or down my throat. This went on for a long time, even when I had other boyfriends!

Recently he reached out to me on social media and wants to meet to"talk". Well I've been married many years and there's no old feelings so? What should I do.
Meet him for coffee and see where life has taken us?
Meet him and let him fuck me to see what he's missed?
Go back to fucking him daily for old times sake?
Ignore him?
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