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My love of BBC part 2
Posted:Jul 9, 2017 6:05 am
Last Updated:Dec 18, 2017 4:21 pm

I was finding that I enjoyed BBC. It was a huge turned on finding out how much these guys loved pounding my shaved white cunt. They would get so hard and shoot huge loads. WOW!

My next BBC was a guy I fucked for a couple of years. He was in the service in a nearby town and we met him online through chat rooms. We were going to be in his town one Saturday and he met us while we were shopping. I was in my usual attire, a very short skirt, flimsy top and heels, of course with nothing under it. We decided ti hit a local place for drinks and to chat. Of course I already knew I was going to fuck him!

When we got where we were going I grabbed our new friends hand and we all went to a booth. I slid in and pulled him on beside me, making Hubby sit across from us. As I slid in my skirt slid up exposing my bare pussy. I could tell my new friend was appreciative by the bulge growing in his pants as he sat down. We ordered drinks and appetizers and chatted a bit, but my hand had to check out that bulge. As I squeezed it his fingers found my wet slit and I was in heaven. It didn't take us long to decide we needed to head to his apartment.

Hubby and I followed him and I told Hubs I was getting fucked, he'd just have to hang out and wait! As soon as we hit the apt my clothed hit the floor and I was led by my soon to be latest lover into his bedroom, leaving Hubby in the living room as we shut the door. OMG did he fuck me good! we made it to his place about 11, and the next thing I knew it was 7 AM when I woke up, collecting mu clothes from the LR and Hubby off the couch to head home. I made the trip home barely dressed and with his cum still dripping out of me. Once home I crawled into bed and slept most of the day.

I got to enjoy this BBC several more times before he moved to the Atlanta area, Even then he's male the trip down, get a ,motel room and invite me over, He loved having me all alone and getting to do to me what he wanted to, but of course I loved it too.

While I was enjoying this BBC on a regular basis we made another trip to the nudist resort. We were sitting in the big hot tub chatting with another couple when a single black guy joined us. He joined the conversation and we were soon laughing and having a good time. The talk soon turned to sex and when I commented I did enjoy BBC he slid a little closer. My hand found his growing cock under the water and slowly stroked it to a full hard. I watched the other couple's mouths drop open as I asked him if he wanted to fuck me? And of course he said yes. I told Hubby I'd be back, don't wait up as we climbed out of the hot tub. I didn't even have a towel as we walked past the desk out of the main club area me completely nude and him with a hard cock, We were staying in the main club area but he wasn't so I led him by his hard dick as we walked to his place naked. He was rock hard when we got there and I was dripping, barely making it in the door before we were fucking like crazy! Within minutes he was shooting his load in me bringing me to my first orgasm of the evening. We continued to suck and fuck for I don't know how long. Taking a rest I found out he'd never had his dick on a white woman's ass so who was I to say no!? It wasn't lone before we were both reaching yet another climax! After resting I realized it was 3Am and I needed to head back. As I walked back through the lobby to enter the main area the same lady was working the desk, I got a huge smile and a wing as I walked past nude with my latest conquests cum still drying on me and in me.
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My love of BBC
Posted:Jun 4, 2017 8:41 am
Last Updated:Apr 1, 2018 9:05 am

We'd been swinging for years and had started transitioning into the Hotwife lifestyle for a few years before I ever had my first BBC. The first one was ok but not what I came to love from BBC.

Just to the south of us is a National Forrest that has several sink holes in it. We'd go down when we could because some of them were used for nude sunbathing. They were secluded so it was also a great place to fuck. No one ever complained when I got pounded out on the open and more then once I had several watchers jerking off while I got pounded.

On this day we stopped off at the first sink and walked in. I was wearing a very short ass showing cover up with nothing under it. I attracted a lot of attention including one young black guy. We decided to move on so we drove to the next sink, and who should be there too but the same guy. As we passed him on the trail he said hi, made a comment about my dress and continued on his way. Hubby asked if I wanted to and of course I said yes! There was a secluded spot not far away so we made our way there. Hubby mentioned the guy was watching so of course I made sure he got a great view of my ass, and here he came. I asked if he really like my dress and he answered hell yea! I asked but do you like this better as I slid it over me head! As he dropped his shorts I was a little disappointed but oh well, a fuck's a fuck!

Not too long after that we were in the Tampa area at a popular nudist resort. We were staying in one of the rooms outside the main area. We'd been in the main pool area most of the day but it started to rain. We left that area to head back to the room when hubby suggested we hit the other hot tub since it was covered. He dropped me off and went to refresh our drinks. As I rounded the corner there was a black guys, mid 30s already soaking in it. Of course I was nude, and he being a gentleman stood up to offer his hand as I got to the steps to enter the water. WOW now that was a BBC! Although we were the only ones in the hot tub I took a seat on the same side so we could "talk". My tits were floating just above the water and he made a comment about my nipples, how big and hard they were. I slid closer as I told him the loved being sucked and as he took one in his mouth my hand found his big hard cock! I couldn't wait and straddled him and slid his cock into me! We were just getting started good as Hubby showed up. He commented nice as he slid in the water. He told us as much fun as we were having if we got caught we might get kicked out so we needed to take it to a room. I grabbed my new BBC and said let's go, he'll bring everything with him. We got into his car and drove to our room getting some approving looks as I led him inside with his dick still hard! By the time Hubby got there his hard BBC was pounding me good! We stayed in bed all afternoon with him fucking me several times! He was the biggest cock I'd had up to that time and I loved it!
It got time to go to the bar where they had a DJ and everyone went to be seen and hookup I told Hubby to go ahead and get us three a spot, I was going to get fucked again then shower before coming over! As he walked out the door I was once again enjoying that BBC inside me! I soon realized hubby had been gone an hour and I needed to shower so we could join him but with us showering together he had to wait a little while longer on us! Finally 2 hours after he left we joined Hubby at the bar, getting a lot of looks as we walked in naked together, going over to give Hubs a kiss as my BBC followed me and I took a spot between the 2 of them. We danced some but I could see and feel the effects so back to the room we went! Needless to say that was a day I was well fucked and began my love of BBC!

Watch for the next installment.
Blowing my Cub/Cucking Hubby/DP
Posted:May 12, 2017 8:45 pm
Last Updated:Apr 23, 2018 4:18 pm

It was late Spring and I'd been fucking my favorite Cub for over a year. Hubby told me the night before he was playing golf this Saturday and would be up and gone early, returning early evening. I knew when he crawled out of bed to leave that Saturday morning and as usual turned over and fell back asleep. I woke up a couple of hours later from a dream of getting fucked by my favorite Cub. Since I sleep nude my fingers traveled down to my wet pussy and started massaging my clit. It didn't take me long to bring myself to orgasm while fantasizing about my Cub in bed with me as we fucked.

When I rolled out of bed to get started on my house work for the day I was pleasantly surprised by a message from my Cub asking if he could come over to see me. Of course he could! I messaged him back telling hi let me get a shower and ready for him. How did an hour and a half sound?

I quickly showered, shave my lips smooth, and then tried to decide clothes of nude? I decided to dress up for him since I hadn;t done that in a while. The extremely shory black skirt and almost transparent white blouse was a favorite for several of my FWBs so it won for the day. Once ready I went to wait, which wasn't long when my Cub pulled into our driveway right on time.

I went out to meet him as he got out of the car. He loved my attire and we locked into a long deep kiss, with his hands finding my bare ass! I could already feel my juices flowing again. I led him inside wherewe were soon kissing, licking and had our hands all over each other. I love having my nipples sucked and my Cub was happy to oblige. His fingers found my dripping pussy and he eventually licked my pussy to my second orgasm of the young day. Next it was his turn and I sucked and licked till he shot his cum! I love how in the video his dick stays hard after shooting that load and how he cleans himself up with his shirt while I'm getting him a drink.

After a brief rest it was off to our bedroom where we fucked and fucked for a couple of hours. I love fucking guys in our bed, and Hubby loves it too. It's so hot for both of us to know I'm getting fucked in the bed we sleep in every night. After all this action we were ready for a nap and both fell asleep for a nap and a well deserved nap rest.

I'm not sure how long it was when I heard Hubby returning so I crawled out of bed, still nude of course, to go and greet him. My Cub had been to our house so many times he wasn't surprised that he was there fucking me. I led him back to the bedroom to say Hi and tell my Cub he was there. Oh but hubby was so hard and wanted to fuck me so bad. You can see him standing in the door caressing my ass begging to let him slide into me. I told him no, but to go and get me a glass of wine because I wanted my Cub to fuck my ass! I thought Hubby would come right then! LOL, this was fun.

I crawled back in the bed with my Cub and told him I wanted him in my ass and boy did he like that. I told him as soon as I got my wine I was his. Hubby came back and we chatted, with him asking about dinner? I hadn't realized it was so late and we hadn't eaten, I was enjoying my self too much. I suggested that he go pick us something up while the two of us fucked some more, I really wanted my Cub to shoot his load in my ass! The rest of that video speaks for itself as we continued after Hubby left with My Cub eventually shooting a huge load deep in my ass making me orgasm yet again! We were exhausted again and napped, being awakened when our dinner arrived. I could see Hubby's dick was hard as he was the only one clothed while we ate, with myself and Cub not bothering with clothes.

After dinner, we relaxed with a drink and relived our day for Hubby. He could see the cum oozing out of me and could hardly stand it. While discussing our day my Cub mentioned he's never done a DP so of course I wanted to be his first! It didn't take us long to get into position n the floor with Hubby in my pussy and Cub in my ass. Oh wow! It didn't take long before I started orgasming again making Hubby shoot a huge load in me! I could feel his cum leaking out of me as Cub pounded my ass. We let him out from under us but Cub wasn't through. He turned me over and once again shot a load into my ass getting me off again!

Hubby was done and tired so off he went to our well used bed. Cub and I stayed up, chatting and cuddling for a while longer. We soon realized it was almost midnight and we'd been fucking for almost 12 hours. Of course I couldn't let him go without one for the road so I sucked him hard, then enjoying one last load in me before he left for the day! Needless to say I had cum every where. I finally climbed into bed with my Cub's dried cum all over me as it still oozed out of my pussy and ass. What A Fuckfest!
My earliest sluttiness
Posted:Dec 18, 2016 1:45 pm
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2018 3:25 pm

I told this to Hubby and he thinks it's hot and should post it so here goes.

I had a boyfriend through High School and we had sex often. He broke up with me our senior year and broke my heart. Dumb me didn't know what love was but that's another tale.

Even after he broke up with me I'd go pick him up and take him to school. He didn't have a car, lived alone with his Mom part of the year and with his brother the rest. At both places they left for work early so he was all alone when I got there. Even though we weren't an item I was still fucking him daily. I'd show up to pick him up early so he'd be half dressed or in the shower. It didn't take me long to get out of my clothes and have his bare cock in me. This is when I found out I loved having a guys cum in me. He shot huge loads and I loved it. I made him cum every morning before school for a long long time! Even the days I was on my period I'd have to get out of my clothes to give him a blow job to keep from having cum on my clothes. Every day I'd go to school with cum in me or drying on my face. Even though he's broken up with me he still enjoyed fucking me every day! Of course I enjoyed it too!
It makes me wonder?
Posted:Sep 11, 2016 12:45 pm
Last Updated:Apr 21, 2018 6:48 am

Saturday morning Hubby wanted to go to a nearby town to pic up something from a big box sporting goods store. We went down early and made a few stops before hitting the store just before lunch. I was wearing a long sleeved but very short dress. All of the buttons were undone making it gap open to below my tits and of course I wasn't wearing anything under it.

We looked around the store before going to the service desk to get the item we had come for. It was large, heavy, and on display at the front entrance. There was a young black man working the service desk. He rang us up and asked if we needed help loading the item. We told him yes we did, so he turned to another young guy and asked him to come help. He turned around to see us and smiled, almost jumping over the counter. They asked hubby to pull up front and they'd bring it right out. Hubby joked asking if they'd go home with us to help unload and assemble it, then went to get the truck.

I stayed with our helpers as they lifted the box and brought it outside. They set it down on the sidewalk and I made sure I bent over letting my dress fall away from ny tits as I examined the box. I'm sure they got a view of my ass too since the dress did very little to cover it. As the slid it in I told them to hop in so they could go home and help and I think they wanted to. I thanked them and gave them another shot of my tits and a smile, then hiked my dress u to my waist as I climbed in the truck. They were both standing there watching as I smiled and waved bye!

As I was telling Hubby the parts he'd missed he replied, "they probably recognized you from on line and have watched you naked on cam before. I know you well and yes you would have taken them both home and fucked both !" He does know me well. This got me so hot my dingers were on my clit and it didn't take me long to cum!

After getting home and unloading it was out to sun on cam for me. I spent the afternoon wondering of those 2 were watching me while stroking their hard young cocks! My fantasies kept me turned on all afternoon and helped me get myself off a few more times!
A recent dream
Posted:May 24, 2016 6:47 pm
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2020 8:23 am

We had a trip planned to a state park in a neighboring state. We' were meeting a group of people from a bulletin board and had never met any of them. We had no idea how the attendees would be, it was a straight meeting not at all related to the lifestyle, but we were looking forward to the trip. A few nights before the trip I had this dream:

We got there and it was mostly guys, I was one of only 2 or 3 females there. We sat around drinking and talking. There was one black guy there and he and I hit it off. He wanted to show hubby and I a special place so off we went. It was a secluded spot on the lake. We all wound up going swimming, the guys in shorts and myself in my sports bra and work out shorts. Needless to say we were soon touchy feely and before long naked. I wound up getting fucked by a superb BBC and even did a DP with he in my pussy and hubby in my ass.

We rejoined the group for lunch and more beer and bullshit. Later that day we all wound up at a gift shop nearby. My new friend wound up buying me a gift that I'd admired while browsing. we spent some time in the gift shop and finally decided to go back to the cabin we had rented for the weekend. Much to my surprise the 4 or 5 single guys started showing up, each with something I'd admired at the gift shop. Evidently my earlier fucking had impressed my partner enough he'd told the others how much he had enjoyed it. I wound up taking on every one at least once!

What a dream! I bet I asked hubby a dozen times a day if he knew if any black guys were coming to the get together!
Locked out
Posted:Mar 8, 2016 10:15 am
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2020 8:09 am

This was a meet that almost didn't happen. I didn't know it was happening until time to go meet friend 3. I was tired and ready for bed when Hubby told me we were going to meet him and he was following us home because he didn't know if he could find us after dark. I said I didn't want to meet him tonight but he was already on the way.

We made the ride to the meeting spot and I decided to get "even". As the friend pulled up I told Hubby to strip and hand me his clothes. I got out and into the friends vehicle with his clothes in my hand and told him to follow us home.

I was wearing very little and when we pulled in our driveway I was naked, had Hubbys clothes and the keys to the house. I knew Hubs couldn't resist watching me walk naked into the house, and I was right. I led our friend in, dropped our clothes and locked the door!

After making out in the living room I led him back to the bedroom knowing we could be seen there. I opened the window so we could be heard and the two of us began kissing and sucking each other. I tuned out the pleas to be let in as we fucked each other enjoying the thought of having Hubby locked out!
I'm bored
Posted:Sep 3, 2015 1:27 pm
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2020 6:27 pm

Several times I've considered getting things pierced. Here's a poll to see what y'all think. I go between having my labia and my nipples pierced. What should I do? If your idea is different than any of the options leave a comment.
Have my pussy pierced
Have my nipples pierced
Have my nose pierced
Have my navel pierced
Have my pussy and nipples pierced
Have my pussy, nipples and navel pierced
Leave evrything like it is!
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Have you watched me sunning?
Posted:May 16, 2015 8:05 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2019 3:09 pm

Have you watched me nude sunbathing and masturbating? I love to be naked outside!
Yes I have
Yes I have and shot my load while watching.
No but I can't wait to catch you the next time
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