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How many?  

SouthGeorgiaCoug 62F  
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10/21/2018 8:25 am

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3/17/2020 7:59 am

How many?

My latest black FWB wants to bring some friends with him to fuck me. He's told them about fucking me and how I love black cock. He's shown them my profile on here and videos of him fucking me. He's been here to see me several times and I had a threesome with he and a white FWB that I wrote about in my previous blog post. I've never had more than 1 black cock at one time although I've had threesomes, a few with a black and a white cock, and it turns me on thinking about more than one black cock just for me.

My question is, how many friends should I let him bring with him?

A Cougar searching for cubs!

Trapper69 62G  
2465 posts
3/16/2020 8:09 pm

As long as you're comfortable with the number of men, and all are free of STDs and have the papers to prove it, the number of men is up to you.....if you want 2, go for it, if you want 5, go for it, if you want more.....it's up to you! Just make sure all involved understand that when you're done, that is it.....do not allow them to continue You want it to be a wonderful experience, not something that you regret! Good luck, and have fun!

4tenn 73M
23 posts
5/26/2019 4:24 pm

Ms Cougar, have you made any progress. I like you. You want to fuck. The question may not be how many, but perhaps how long. Do you fuck one dick for an hour or 2, 3 or 4 for an hour?
If a man's dick is 8 inches, he is probably only inserting 6 per thrust. With a normal and consistent rhythm of 20 strokes per minute, he's only laying 10 feet of pipe a minute. In five minutes that would be 50 feet and in an hour, 600 feet.
With proper lube, it would be a question of how much you want.
I think we're all anxious as to what happens.

timexxx691b 51M
17 posts
5/4/2019 12:12 pm

Sorry Bob but for once iv'e got ya beat.At my last Super Bowl party i helped a FWB of mine take six (6) cocks at once.She rode me "cowgirl"fashion but leaned as far forward as possible to accomadate a D/P.(That's two).Next we propped her up with two pillows on the edge of the bed.This allowed two more guys to stand side by side & ease both their Dicks into her mouth.(That's four) Finnaly two more guys got on the bed kneeling on each side of her. These two had to settle for hand jobs.(That's Six) Granted it only lasted about 15 min.but she did it.

Leegs2012 47M
51437 posts
1/27/2019 9:28 am

Sounds like fun, how do you feel about it?

SouthGeorgiaCoug replies on 1/27/2019 4:09 pm:
I just want to be fucked...…………….

4tenn 73M
23 posts
1/9/2019 1:43 pm

Yes, cougar, how many did you fuck?

SouthGeorgiaCoug replies on 1/9/2019 4:11 pm:
Hasn't happened yet! We are still working on it.

SouthGeorgiaCoug 62F  
108 posts
12/21/2018 4:50 pm

So it looks like y'all want me to take on my FWB and 5 friends? I love how y'all think!

A Cougar searching for cubs!

SouthGeorgiaCoug 62F  
108 posts
12/8/2018 3:22 pm


A Cougar searching for cubs!

mitomegboaa 42M
15 posts
12/7/2018 5:59 pm

Please add me as s friend


mitomegboaa 42M
15 posts
12/4/2018 7:59 pm

how many did finally fuck?


Caesar4141 39M
27 posts
11/10/2018 7:28 am

I wanna be one of them

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