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My earliest sluttiness  

SouthGeorgiaCoug 62F  
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12/3/2017 4:22 am

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5/12/2019 10:20 am

My earliest sluttiness

I hope you took the time to vote in my poll on my old BF. This is about he and I when we were much younger. When I related this story to Hubby he loved it and
got so turned on. Even though it's been many years ago he wants me to go back to fucking this old flame.

We dated when we were in high school for some time. He eventually broke up with me and I wasn't ready. I'd found out how much I loved to fuck and how much I loved cum! Ex boyfriend lived outside of town and didn't have a way to get to school so I;d pick him up every morning with an ulterior motive.

I knew everyone would be gone but him when I got there and he'd be getting ready for school. I'd often catch him still in the shower or getting ready, of course I'd time it just right. I'd often get out of my clothes and leave them in the car or undress when I heard the shower going. I loved seeing his cock get hard when he saw my nude body and know we were fucking. I'd have to get out of all my clothes because I knew he'd shoot a huge load down my throat or in my pussy and I didn't want to go to school with cum on them. I would often have his cum on my face or ooozing out of me though.

This went on for a long time! Even when I was dating other guys I was still fucking him daily before school. I would often go see him in the early morning, then have a date with someone else that evening. He loved knowing I still wanted to fuck him even though we weren't together and would often get off twice shooting 2 loads in me before school, then I'd have my regular date at night and get a couple more loads that evening.

I guess some would say I was a slut!?

A Cougar searching for cubs!

dennis4314 46M
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4/28/2019 4:52 pm

High School was the Best, My sisters best friend let me fuck her for the first time when I was 15, when I got my first car I was at her house every morning 20 minutes after her husband left and 40 minutes before school started my mother thought it was so great I was eager to go to school, made it to school late a lot to. I fucked Tina until I was nearly 20 almost every morning 4 days a week, and she hooked me up with all of her girl friends. God I miss high school

SouthGeorgiaCoug replies on 5/12/2019 10:19 am:
Yep I miss HS too. I gave more BJs in the parking lot than I could count!

cutty240 59M  
34 posts
3/29/2018 5:50 pm

That's very Hot. Come home with a Pussy that had been fresh fucked and full of CUM. I'd love to feel up in that pussy

cheesedickington 30M
1 post
1/28/2018 6:01 am

Add me as a friend

69foxman3 48M

1/22/2018 5:43 pm

This story has reminded me of old flames. They were not as slutty good as you but you have given me a hard on. Thank you.

L00kN4G00dTime 52M
61 posts
12/15/2017 12:10 pm

Can I be your next ex?

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