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Road Trip  

SouthGeorgiaCoug 62F  
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6/14/2019 4:54 pm

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2/6/2020 9:19 am

Road Trip

We recently made a trip to Texas to visit family. We have made this trip a few times and to pass the time I was challenged to have an orgasm in every state we passed through. I always wear a short dress that buttons up the front or a very short skirt with a button up top. I have done pretty good on these trips living up to the challenges and this last one was no exception. Most times my orgasms are self stimulated with an occasional fucking from a new found friend at our motel stays. This time the return trip home proved to be an exception.

We were leaving on Friday morning, driving across I-20 and spending the night in Jackson MS. I had gotten well fucked the night before by a regular FWB from TX. I did not want to get up Friday morning, laying in bed nude and thinking about how well I had gotten fucked the night before. My fingers found my clit and I could still feel the stickiness of his cum in me . One down.

I reluctantly got out of bed and, showered and made sure my pussy was smooth, picked my shortest dress and slipped in on. I love this dress. As mentioned it buttons all the way down the front and is so short if you are paying attention as I walk and it bounces you can see my ass and pussy. When I sit down it barely covers my shaved lips. I was ready to go.

We had been on the road for a while and decided to make a rest stop. As we got ready to climb back in the car Hubby reminded me we would soon be out of the first state and I had not gotten off yet. I reminded him I had that morning, but who was I to argue, off came the dress and I tossed it into the back seat as I climbed in. Got a few horn toots from the trucks across the way.

As we pulled back on the Interstate I reclined my seat and my fingers found my clit It had been a late night and an early morning and I did not realize I had dozed off I woke up and we were stopped in traffic . Here I was nude, laying in the front passenger seat, looking up at a cute trucker looking at me. I asked hubby where we were and why we were stopped as I looked up at him and slid my hands between my legs. Almost at the Tx/La line and construction he answered. As we crept along my fingers went deeper and deeper and my cunt got wetter and wetter as the trucker kept watching This had me so hot I started cumming and cumming oh my fingers! I hope he did too. I smiled at hubby and remarked first state down

They were working on bridges so down to one lane we went then back to two as we crossed the state line . I was still reclining naked in my seat as both lanes opened back up Traffic was still virtually stopped as we moved to the left lane. A truck ahead was letting the gap ahead of him get bigger as he waited for us to catch up. I guess the first truck had told his buddy to look for us. As we got alongside sure enough another cute trucker was looking down . I smiled at him as my fingers found my clit and he gave a thumbs up. As we crossed the state line he made a stroking motion with his free hand then he held up his shorts, oh wow he was jerking off while watching ! We stayed side by side the next -20 minutes with my eyes on his. I had an even stronger orgasm knowing he was jerking off as I masturbated! 2nd state down.

I slept off and on as we crossed La and got into MS. We made it to the hotel in time for their kickback where they serve drinks and food to the guests. We checked in to get our cards and did not bother unloading our stuff so we could get some refreshment. We were standing in a rather long slow drink line and struck up a conversation with a young guy behind us. We were discussing how slow the bartender was and he mentioned he had done some bar tending and he liked making them stiffer. I giggled and said Me too We found he and a buddy were traveling through and chit chatted for the next minutes or so. We finally got our drinks and we moved to the food to see what they had. We got our plates ready and started looking for a place sit. The motel was packed and we did not see an open table anywhere, but our buddy and his friend were waving us over to sit at their table. Hubby whispered ;they will be able see your pussy when we sit down, I still had on the ultra short dress with the bottom and top 2 buttons undone. Yea I know I replied as I led him to their table. I had both hands full so I could not pull my dress down to cover me as I slid into the chair. We sat and chatted as we ate and had a few drinks. These guys could not keep their eyes off my exposed pussy. I noticed a bulge growing in their crotches as I got wetter and wetter.

Refreshment time was almost over and Hubby asked if I was ready go up. Our new friends were not ready for me to so I told Hubby to go ahead, I would be along after another drink or 2. He gave me a kiss and said see you soon, gathered our bags and headed for the elevator. We had time to grab a couple more drink before the window closed on the bar, it was complementary and open for a short time one of the guys went get them. I was left alone with the original guy and it did not take him long tell me he wanted fuck me He said the problem was they were sharing a room and I assured him that was no problem. If they had no problem with it I would take them both on! He asked about Hubby and I said he had driven all day was tired, probably getting a shower and ready for bed, and he would have no problem with me coming to their room I told him after our drinks I needed to go get a shower, shave smooth and I'd come to their room. He smiled, told me the room and handed me a room key . We got our drinks finished them as we all flirted some more. I told them I'd see them soon, got up and walked to the elevator. The elevator had a glass side that was on the lobby. I backed up to the glass slide as the elevator rose as I'm sure a few dicks did too.

When I got to our room hubby was showered and shaved smooth lying the bed naked watching TV. You finally decided to come up he asked, yes but get a shower and then go meet those guys, you want go with me? I asked hoping not. Thankfully he said he was too tired so I quickly showered shaved my pussy and got ready to head to their room. What are you going to wear he asked. Nothing, it won't stay on long anyway. He reminded me we were in a motel so I grabbed a towel to wrap around me, quickly kissed him, told him to not wait up and headed . When I opened their door I dropped the towel outside and walked in nude. They were in their separate beds, the sheets but their hands were busy. This is getting long so I'll just say WOW what a night. The of us fucked sucked and did knows what. Before I knew it was 330 AM and I needed sleep. I gave the a quick kiss, walked the door nude and realized my towel was gone! Oh well it was 330 and the halls were empty. Thank goodness the elevator was too. I wearily climbed into bed and snuggled my well used, weary cum filled and covered body against hubby and drifted off to sleep.

It seemed like no time before he was shaking me awake so we could the road. I slipped back into my dress, and followed him to the car. Damn he's too cheerful too early in the morning. I still had dried cum on my thighs, in my hair and on my .oh well no barely noticed. I drifted off be awakened by hubby trying tell me I hadn't had an orgasm and we were about MS. I begged differ, reminding him I'd had several the night before and more than after midnight, case closed as I drifted off sleep.

I'll just say the final state we were passing through before we got back GA was marked off the list as I got off laying nude on a picnic table in a national forest area after fingering myself another orgasm. The final state was marked off the list as I masturbated again while in the passenger seat naked, then once again drifting off sleep nude and not waking up we pulled in our driveaway. more road trip challenge accomplished!

A Cougar searching for cubs!

wrMercury 41M  
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6/15/2019 10:03 pm

Having an orgasm in every state should be a new goal for everyone.

SouthGeorgiaCoug replies on 6/25/2019 4:52 pm:
Every state in the US? I need to count up I've had an orgasm in every state Ive been to and through.

rubberbunslicker 45M
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6/15/2019 10:14 am

now I am jacking off to you...

MoJoMack 59M
562 posts
6/15/2019 7:05 am

That's a great way to pass the time on a road trip!

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