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Business and Pleasure  

Splendid_Em 45F  
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4/15/2020 2:00 pm
Business and Pleasure

I love business<b> trips </font></b>because it allows the most discrete playtime, with usually no risk of attachment. one such trip, one of my fellow passengers in first class took notice of , and we causally flirted over the course of the flight. Turns out we were staying in the same hotel and going the same conference. Now conferences on real estate insurance risk management are normally a hoot, even more so when you arrange for drinks afterwards. At lunch break, my tried and true MO is let a couple of buttons loose on my blouse. Soon we are licking wine off each other's tongues while he is finger-banging . Give a moment, he asks, it turns out he slipped the coat check attendant get lost for minutes. I quickly got work his cock, while he pulled my tits out from my bra. I spent the next 3 hours of the conference with cum soaked tits. Afterwards it was back his room, immediately he tosses me the bed, hikes my skirt, rips clean off my panties and begins fisting while slapping my ass. I climb him, burying my tits in his face until he begs for air, while he is spreading my ass. He then rolls my back, ties my feet and hands the top of the headboard, proudly displaying by pussy and asshole. He takes one of his ties and gags , the thrill is driving wild. A good long fucking, followed by him dumping a load of cum on my face. After some work on my part get him good and hard, he took from behind, fucking my ass as well while he slaps my tits good. A brief break for snacks and water and we went the jacuzzi. I love sucking a man off underwater, and then climbing top as the jets wash over .

A couple of hours before the next morning's session started, I limped back my room.

CleavageFan4U 63M  
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4/16/2020 6:03 am

I've long said the traveling businessWOMAN is every bit the horn-dog as the legendary traveling businessMAN, and for the same reason - because they can!

Not being able to be out and make fun with new partners is surely the biggest downer of this whole situation.

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I_willoralu 46M
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4/16/2020 12:45 pm

Well if you ever travel to southwest Florida I would love to give you all the pleasure you want

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