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Wedding Mischief  

Splendid_Em 45F  
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5/23/2020 6:42 am
Wedding Mischief

About a year ago I went a<b> wedding </font></b>for a friend in LA. Didn't think much of naughtiness, as I was flying in Saturday morning and leaving Sunday night. I was seated at a table with a few singles and I hit it off with one guy. The fact that my tits were nearly tearing through my dress may have been a reason After some chatting over appetizers, we shared a dance with let him feel my tits against his chest and me feel up his coc We snuck off a vacant closet for a blowjob, then he pulled up my dress and took from behind. Quickly back the rest of the party, where we played coy. Thankfully the<b> wedding </font></b>was at our hotel, we were making out like horny teens in the elevator, he had my dress off 5 seconds after getting into his room. He asked right away was for show off my naked body (which I love do). Arms over my head, shake my tits, bend down and let them swing, show off my ass. Then we hopped into the jacuzzi and I sucked him off while underwater. I positioned myself so the jets worked my clit, so I was cumming as I sucked him off. This was a big jacuzzi, so we got to enjoy every position, I found I simply adore being fucked doggy style while the gets are massaging my tits. Next benefit is fucking my ass is so much easier, even for a huge cock like his. When I rode his reverse cowgirl, and we lounged in the jets while his hands worked my tits while his kissed . I swear we went this way for a good hour.
Like a good gentleman, he tipped the housekeeping well for the mess, treated me breakfast, and I never saw him again. Come think of it, I'm not sure I remember his name.

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