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Been a while  

Squirrel3773 56M
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7/25/2021 8:57 am
Been a while

Good morning. Hope all is well. It's been a while. So, where was I? Oh yeah. Older man exploring his homosexuality. Large, hard cocks. Mmmmm. How are things going since the mandates were lifted? Are you going out. I have been. In fact I was sitting at a bar in Ogunquit yesterday, supposedly meeting a friend but he was a no show. It was happy hour so I was contemplating a drink when I thought I could feel eyes on me. It caused me to look up and looking right back at me were a pair of sexy, gorgeous eyes. My thing. As soon as I made eye contact the bartender sat a shot of tequila in front of me and sexy eyes smiled. It was an interesting turn of events to say the least. I picked up the shot and headed to the empty seat next to sexy eyes. As I walked up he called me by my name. I was shocked and asked if I knew him. He said I did, but in another life. I didn't recognize him and my brain was working overtime to figure out who he was. He said, "you have no idea do you?" And I didn't. He said remember your neighbors? Then I knew who he was. He was their . A blast from the past and someone who knew a completely different me. We chatted for a bit and it all came bac Lord he had grown into a handsome young man. We talked, had some drinks and food and we flirted and started touching. He asked if I wanted to see his place as he placed my hand on a healthy bulge in his pants. I smiled and said, "well, at least the bedroom." We quickly made our exit and I followed him to this amazing beach house. We made our way through to the back patio and as I turned to tell him how beautiful the view was he kissed me. His hands began to explore me and I his willing victim. He grabbed my ass and pulled me into him as he kissed me harder all the while his hands explored me and began undressing me. I feel the cool ocean air across my ass as he pulled my pants down. I stepped out of them and peeled my shirt off and watched as he stripped off his clothes. He was so handsome and so well built! I wanted him badly. I want to suck his cock but he has another idea and I just go with it. I feel him moving me backwards, my legs bump into the patio bed and then I'm sprawled on it. I feel so naked, so aroused. I catch a glimpse of my coc It was huge and rock hard. He took it into his mouth and gave me an incredible blow job while his fingers explored my tight ass. I let myself go. He stands over me, gazing at me, apparently happy with what he sees. He takes my ankles and I feel his breath on me as he kisses the inside of my legs. I feel his tongue slowly slide down and circle my ass. I've decided he can have me. I want him inside me! He slowly pushes a finger in me and tells me how badly he wants his cock in me. I glance down to see his large hard cock dripping precum, reach for it and put the head into my ass. I arch into him, feel his throbbing cock enter me, my legs in the air. He slowly enters me, deeper and deeper. I want more. He pushes all up in me and his eyes roll back as I squeal with pleasure. He holds my legs up with one hand and begins to jerk my throbbing cock with the other. I cum at the same time his cock explodes, leaving his load buried inside me which causes a squirt that drenches us both. I squeal again as he pumps me hard and a huge groan escapes from him as he deposits another huge load inside me. I looked up to see him grin and seemed very pleased with himself. I certainly was. He looks at me with those sexy eyes and says, "we're doing this again." We did and we will again soon I hope although my guess is it was a one night stand. We'll see. The moral of this story? Get out and find someone.

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7/25/2021 12:39 pm

did he drive a Lambo too ?

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