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My wife  

Squirrel3773 55M
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5/4/2020 2:21 am
My wife

I once promised I'd tell you more about my wife and I guess today is as good a time as any. Let me begin by telling you that she was a spectacular beauty, a Galway Girl if you will. She had raven hair and the most incredible blue eyes and she was a brick house. She was curvy with a perfect ass and the nicest pair of titties I've ever seen. Her nipples, which were always<b> erect </font></b>were pierced with large gauge jewelry which drove everyone who saw them crazy! Imagine Bettie Page and you'd have a pretty good idea what she looked like. Her name was Betty by the way and she was a sexual beast and a true bi-sexual woman. She always dressed to impress. She loved skimpy, slinky, short ,and low cut. Anything that showed off her assets. She was always pulled together, always in fuck me heels, and could do anything in them including play basketball which I once watched her do with three black guys who gangbanged her after the game! She had great legs and I'll be honest. I loved to watch her spread them. Whenever she walked into a room everyone stopped to stare. Most of them wanted to fuck her. Many got the chance, boys and girls alike. She was a great wing man and I miss her. Betty worked for a large company with many interests and she was very successful and good at what she did. She made a lot of money, and got a lot of great "perks" for what she did. One of those perks was a trip to the Glastonbury Festival in 2007. The corporation she worked for dealt in talent and one of their "stars" was Amy Winehouse who was playing the festival that year. We were hooked up with all access passes to the show and a meet and greet with Amy Winehouse before the show. She was just a then but had already become a hot commodity across the pond! I'm a bit of a musician, I play the trumpet and the horns fascinated her. She did a sultry jazzy set that night that blew us away but before she went out we had a couple of drinks, and a bump off a huge pile of coke with her. She was already starting to reel out of control, we already were. Betty and I could party. Amy asked us to stick around after the show and of course we said yes.

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