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Strange days indeed  

Squirrel3773 55M
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5/2/2020 6:15 am
Strange days indeed

I live in Maine and spend a lot of time upta camp near Sunday River. I slipped away and headed up there early yesterday. As I arrived at the access road I ran into a huge gaggle of people protesting the corona virus guidelines at a place I frequent regularly called Sunday River Brewing Company, it's a nice restaurant and pub and I like a good pub so, of course, I decided to stop. I wanted a fresh beer to be honest. The line to get in was waaay too long so I headed up to my place where I had beer instead. I opened the place up, got a beer opened too, filled a bowl with some primo shit, then settled on the deck with some music, enjoying the rapidly clearing sky over the mountains. I was vibing and had just taken a hit off the bowl when I was surprised by my new neighbors. May I be blunt? The wife, her name is Sophia is a sexy thing. I invited them to join me and got them both a beer. We sat and talked for a while and we hit it off nicely. They're much younger than I am but it didn't seem a problem at all. We had a lot in common. We all love skiing and we're all fitness freaks and we all love to be in the mountains. They are a great looking couple and very outgoing and fun to hang around with. Did I mention she was a sexy thing. We had a couple of beers and enjoyed the afternoon together and when it came time to go they asked me if I might like to join them at their place for a bbq. I thought that I'd like hanging around with Sophia some more so I accepted their offer and we agreed to meet in an hour. I jumped in the shower, shaved, and dressed then grabbed beers and headed over. They had cleaned up and may I say, they clean up nicely especially Sophia who had this slinky little dress on and little else. The dress had little spaghetti straps and was low cut and short and it highlighted her nice, firm breasts and her nice round bum. She welcomed me with a nice hug and a peck and invited me sit down right next her. Her husband, his name is Dan welcomed me and asked me what I thought of Sophia's dress. Me being me I said I loved it and that it looked like it would be easy take off. We all chuckled then moved on into the evening. Dan did all the cooking and he kept a drink in Sophia and my hands as soon as the last one was empty. He's a great host! We ate, we drank, we smoked, and we talked. Things were rolling along. Can I ask you something? Ever fuck the neighbor's wife at a BBQ? At some point Dan brought a night cap out for Sophia and I and then said he was going to turn in. I told him I'd leave but Sophia wanted me to stay for the drink so Dan disappeared and we continued the evening. I have to tell you that Sophia's dress, more specifically her body was driving me crazy. I told her so and I told her that I loved how she looked in it and the next thing I know she stands up in front of me, slips the straps off her shoulder and lets the dress hit the floor. There she was, those sweet tits and her nicely trimmed pussy right there. My cock got rock hard. I was flabbergasted, I wanted something like that to happen but not in my wildest dreams. She asked me if I liked what I saw and I said I'd need her to spin around so I could check out her ass before I could decide so she twirled around just inches from me. I definitely like. She kneeled in front of me and put her arms on my legs, her hands sitting on my throbbing cock and said, "Crazy how many guys can't perform while hubs is in the house. Also nice when you find one that knows his place." "Are you one of those men?" I am. I reached out for those amazing tits, caressing and playing with her erect nipples as she unzipped my pants and nibbled on my neck and ear lobe while she fumbled around down there. I moved my hands to her ass, reaching my fingers into her crack and touching between her legs. She managed to wriggle my pants down and started stroking my cock which seemed to get harder and harder with every<b> stroke. </font></b>We were both crazy and crazy horny. I moved her away then stripped my clothes off as she kneeled right in front of me looking up with her bedroom eyes from the floor. Once I was naked she took my cock into her mouth. She sucked me and took every inch of me down her throat over and over, my cock growing harder and bigger the deeper she took me inside her mouth. She took my cock out her with one of her hands as she looked up at me with eyes that said fuck me, fuck me hard. I reached for her hands and pulled her up to me then pushed her against the wall and slid my throbbing cock between her legs, my precum lubricating the way but to be honest she didn't need any lubrication. She was hot and wet. I swear my cock kept growing as I pushed between her lips, hitting her clit just right as she moaned in pleasure. My hands were all over her. First her tits then her ass then up and down her legs as my cock explored her outer pussy lips then back inside of her as I kissed her neck and grabbed her ass. She was enjoying it all. My thick cock pushed deep inside of her and her moans became squeals and screams. We fell to the floor and she tilted her hips and grabbed my ass and pulled me deep into her. My cock was buried deep inside her forcing her lips apart. She asked for more. I went crazy, pounding her like a jackhammer, hitting up against her with a slap, slap, slap! Deep and hard and fast! She was lost in the sex! I took control over her at that moment and I fucked her good! At some point I turned her over and fucked her doggy style so I could get even deeper inside her pussy. At some point she started to squirt and I started ti cum, our wet mess dripping on the floor. I was going to pull out but when I tried she pushed back against me and burred my cock back inside of her. She moaned "let me have it all" so I let my thick warm cum fill her pussy. She pulled me out of her, rolled over on her back then pulled me back inside of her with her hands on my ass. She worked her hips, swaying and pushing as my cum filled her and she finally climaxed on my coc We relaxed as I slowly pulled out, my warm cum oozing out of her. We laid there for a bit, exhausted and satisfied, then gathered ourselves and our clothes and went back out onto the deck where her husband had reappeared. I was half dressed, Sophia still naked and dripping. She looked at her hubs with a mischevious smile and said, "you need to reclaim ." We both laughed but she was serious so Dan took her hand, said, See you tomorrow?" then took Sophia off into the house. I went back home half dressed and called it a night. But, what a night. I think I'm going to like my new neighbors. What do you think?

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