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Glory Holes a First Time Experience!  

Squirt_Professor 67M/54F
44 posts
6/11/2021 12:34 pm
Glory Holes a First Time Experience!

We met her on AdultFriendFinder and having a lot in common we decided to meet. The main thing we had in common is that we are Bi-sexual and love eating wet, creamy, and squirting pussies. The main thing that we DID NOT have in common was her enjoyment of visiting establishments that provided Glory Hole services to their patrons.
Our chats would range from our bi pleasures, of being with women or men (not me), if we had a partner (me not her), if our partner participated in our playing, what toys we enjoy, and for her…, well let’s say she educated me on Glory Holes, LOL! She was an open on and about the sucking or jacking off of cock while visiting Glory Hole establishments.
To say it does not fascinate me would be a lie. I wonder how an individual, female or male, can visit one of these places with the intent of sucking a cock presented through a hole in the wall and not knowing anything about the targeted suckie. I find it hard to believe that the sensation for either the sucker or the sucked can be the same if wearing a condom. I would think to both it would feel not nearly as pleasurable. If you’re an individual that enjoys the actual impact of being ejaculated into your mouth, the sensation of it hitting the wall of your throat, mouth, or roof, feeling his slid down your throat, the excitement or buildup of the anticipation of the explosion, the jerking of his cock in your mouth just before that explosion of thick, rich nectar, and the desirability of tasting his then the idea of wearing a condom would be much less appealing. the same time the risk of diseases would be great. I asked her these questions. I asked her if she swallowed. Her reply, if the mood right (no pun intended) she would but not always and sometimes rarely. Then she went on to present photos of oozing from a man’s cock over her clinched fingers surrounding his shaft, and a second one with spilling from her lips over her cock clinching fingers and down her chin.
She has offered to be in a threesome with D and me. She wants to set on his while I ride his cock and then wants to suck D’s cock clean of my . I’ve told her how my juices will collect between the foreskin and the large ridge surrounding the mushroom shape head of his cock and she can’t wait to clean my juices after our fucking. When we talk of this she acts like an excited getting a new toy but then she tells how much she loves sucking a hard cock. Her excitement is the extra fun of cleaning my pussy from D’s cock. She also wants to watch me clean her pussy from D’s cock after she fucks him and in all honesty I am just as excited of that idea as is she. Her desires do not stop there she fully intends on eating my pussy while D fucks her ass and she in turn wants me to eat her pussy while D fucks my pussy and ass! She also wants to suck D’s load and my crème from my pussy. It seems she has this ALL planed with one cheviot! She wants D and to accompany her to a local Glory Hole resort in Albuquerque, an adult movie theater or arcade, equipped with glory holes. She wants to attend with her alone and then at a later date for D to join us.
What the fuck, we agreed!
The evening came when we were in ABQ and the topic of our having agreed to accompany our AdultFriendFinder partner to the adult theater came up, and yes we had made an agreement. Together we went in her car, with D in the back her and me in the front. I found myself at another one of those times wishing I had worn panties as with the ideas and visions that were running through my mind my pussy lips were swimming in my juices excreting from within. I must confess that not wearing panties is not the cause to this problem. We, she and I, had agreed to wear short skirts as well. When I set in her car my skirt had ridden up, my pussy was damn near in full view and my naked ass was planted against the cool leather seat. At stop signs and lights our friend kept reaching between my spread legs, her fingers would slip straight between my wet swollen lips and dig for hidden treasure. Upon withdrawing she would slip them between her beautiful lipstick covered lips. I don’t know if she was just teasing but while she was sucking my juices she would moan, times very loud. People in the cars that pull up to us would stare at her while she put on a show of licking and sucking her fingers I honestly believe they knew what she was enjoying. If it were men some would troll with us to the next light watching her now licking and sucking her fingers. Then when they saw her shift her body, reaching over to my side they would grin or flash a thumbs up to me. It was worst with guys in 4x4s pulled up on my side. They actually had a view into my seat. They saw my spread legs. They saw her fingers slip between my legs, my skirt and return covered, glistening with my nectar in the dashboard lights. I watched them mouth, fuck, or oh fuck, and a smile spread across their . Some would follow us to the next light hoping to watch again and she, or I guess we, would not disappoint them.
I was a bit embarrassed and covered my with my hand but allowed my eyes to peek through my spread fingers. To my amazement I found myself spreading my legs fully or as much as I could in the confines of the bucket seats, however, when I did my skirt slipped up around my waist leaving my pussy totally in view. These four wheel drivers could now see her fingers spearing between my swollen lips and pumping in and of my drenched pussy. When I say drenched I am not kidding in the least! My pussy was soaking wet, a fucking lake, my juices covered and was covering the seat. My lips were swollen and parted waiting for her fingers to fuck and to collect my nectar.
the next light the black Ford F250 4x4 that had been trolling with us now for three lights pulled beside us having moved closer to us to allow the driver a better view. Her fingers were back in , fucking then rotating around my open hole. Then the alarm in my head went off! The blackened driver side window was being opened, Fuck!
My heart was racing as I had no idea who or why this person would be opening their window but her car and the black F250 4X4 were so close they were damn near touching. But; see into the passenger side seat this person had a clear view as my AdultFriendFinder friend had turned on ALL the interior lighting. I heard the window motor click as now my window was being lowered. Initially I thought, what the fuck…, and then she told to place my foot into the window against the forward seal. Without thinking and without hesitation…, I kicked my shoe off and planted my foot firmly against the seal knowing that now I was fully open and exposed to whoever was driving this black F250 4X4. Two things came over me, first my excitement at being so exposed to some stranger with my pussy flooding between my legs and the pool of juices shimmering in the bright light surrounded by darkness. The second thing weighing in my thoughts was that I had given total control over to my new AdultFriendFinder friend who I really did not know that well. But, here we were her finger fucking my pussy, licking and sucking her love juiced fingers while putting a show on for some total stranger on a street corner like we were common whores. And, the stranger; he, she, them, whatever, whomever was about to be revealed or so I believed somewhat in dismay, horror, and disbelief!
I covered my and yet again peeked up through may fingers just as the tip of the brim of cowboy hat was emerging from the darken interior of what seemed now an overpowering, larger than life black F250 4X4; I thought damn, Monster Truck! As I continued to peek the hat continued to push from without the cab and then I heard…, the sweetest female voice in a western tang exclaim. My; it looks like you girls are having some fun, where you al' headed? I was caught in the that was now in view, the lock of blonde hair that hung between her hat and fell down her forehead, the steel blue eyes, the beautifully shaped nose, her reflecting white teeth between her natural thin, fine lips and before I could even think of what to say my new AdultFriendFinder friend blurted …, the adult arcade…, want to follow us? My heart skipped least one beat and I didn’t even hear her reply but the instruction for her follow us I did hear. What started as three was now to have a fourth added… one and three females.
As we pulled into the dimly lit parking lot my mind wondered back to the lock of blonde hair and the gorgeous that accompanied it while all the time my drenched pussy was still being played with the richness of the nectar pulled from it being licked and sucked. The black now monster truck followed close and pulled into the parking space beside us and I set there waiting, wanting to see and in no way was disappointed at the petite cowgirl that sprang from the truck and struck in amazement at the second one that followed…, we now are a party of four women and my D. Before I fully exited the passenger door that petite cowgirl was pressing me against the car, two of her fingers piercing deep into my wet pussy as she stretched upwards our tongues mingling within our mouths as we forcefully kissed. Her fingers were pumping my pussy, fucking me right there in the parking lot and then she pulled away while slipping from within my well fucked hole she raised her nectar covered fingers to her lips, licking and sucking them clean. She moaned and pulling them from her mouth exclaiming how good, how sweet I taste. She started to move back just as D exited the car and she stopped…, looked at my AdultFriendFinder friend, back to me, then her girlfriend, and finally D… she paused and then said…, fuck this is going to be a party…, followed by a soft subtle laugh. My AdultFriendFinder friend simply said lets go. So we did her, me, and this blonde cowgirl holding my hand, with D and the other cowgirl following.
We entered the arcade. D and I had no expectations, no idea how things were set up or if a movie room slash Glory Hole room would hold five people. There were no questions asked, no concerns; we were taken into a room that I would have more described as a party room. It was big enough for all of us comfortably which surprised me. There were chairs and two love seats or couches, I looked around the room to see where these glory holes were and exactly how many but the room lighting was being dimmed by the attendant who was exiting.
To my amazement I found the petite cowgirl taking the seat next to me but not for long. My AdultFriendFinder friend was already perched before a hole noticeable by the light emanating from it. She was there on her knees, waiting like a bird for that morsel that was going to be presented. And as to that other darker cowgirl, well she had taken a place next to, or nearly on top of, D. She was not really petite; she had a nice set of tits almost as big as my 40 double DDs with a tiny waist, and the tightest round ass I think I’ve ever seen. That ass and her perfect legs fit snuggly into her jeans and she was Native American with jet black hair that hung down her back. Her eyes were equally as dark and disappeared into the dimness of the light except for an ember of light that shone forth like one set in coal. She was all over D, showering him in kisses, her hands rubbing his crotch, playing with his cock. I knew…, FUCK…, my petite cowgirl was pushing my legs upwards, her hands gasping behind my hips over my legs pulling my ass forward.., OH FUCK, fuck! That little Indian was now sucking D’s cock, fucking it and her mouth, while pulling his jean down against his books. I watched as she changed her position between his legs, locking her body against his jeans. FUCK…. I was so wet, SO FUCKING HORNY watching her…, OH SHIT…, SHIT…, my gorgeous cowgirl locked onto my pussy, was sucking it like a newborn calf sucks its mommy’s teat…., OH FUCK…! This cowbitch can eat pussy and then my eyes caught another view…, my AdultFriendFinder friend. She already has a cock in her mouth, her hand jerking on his meat, pumping it, fucking it for all she is worth. FUCK the scent in the room is filling with that of sex, that of four pussies. My cowbitch and I have stripped, moved into a 69 and as we’re doing so I see the little Indian mount D and start to ride him like a wild . FUCK she’s planted on his cock, fucking him hard…, damn she so beautiful…, her head tossing, her hair flying in all directions, but FUUUUUCK…, my pussy feels so good, I lift my eyes to the one spread above me, my hands grab her petite hips and thrust her pussy into my mouth. I forget about D, the Indian bitch, my AdultFriendFinder friend and began to quench my own thirst, my now driven lust, my tongue deeper and deeper into my cowbitch. I am bucking into her cunt…, FUCK…, I want her to ejaculate, to release her love nectar…, FUCK…, I want it all…, and I am not going to stop…, I am going to FUCK HER, over and over making her squirt, ejaculate as many times as she can! FUCK ALL THE REST…, I am going to FEAST on my cowbitch’s pussy!
I know you’re all asking…, did I? My cowbitch and I ate each other so unbelievable well, FUCK! I wanted it to be like a rodeo where you go three rounds but we were resting nearly falling asleep. She was lying on my thigh and her girlfriend, yes Indian bitch, had joined us where she was laying against both her and me. While there I had not notice but my back was to the wall and I felt flesh brush against my , I could smell the aroma, the scent of a penis. It was strong! I could feel the warmth of it, the blood rushing through the veins, I could feel it becoming harder and bigger. I glanced to where I felt it touching the side of my and there it was! The shaft was growing, stretching forward, the head swollen and now reaching beyond my . Fuck.., I sensed it, the head, was big! It was now firmly forcing against the side of my , pressing into my skin. As I moved my away turning toward it, it sprang against my lips, I had subconsciously pressed the tip of my tongue between them and wet I tasted what was to become my first stranger cock…., a black cock. It was not that it was a black cock. It was that it was a cock, staring me in the …, a one eyed trouser snake and my cowgirl was waking and started to lick the cream on my lips. I positioned above her, she locked into my pussy again and began licking, kissing, and sucking…, OH FUCK…, it felt so good and there was that long, hard, fat cock…, I mean what’s a girl to do?
I looked over at D and our new AdultFriendFinder friend was working his cock over, cleaning Indian bitch’s off him. As to Indian bitch she was firmly latched onto my nipple sucking one and needing the other with her fist just like a kitten. Fuck.., it all felt so good…, and yes…, I took the purplish black head to that blood engorged cock to my lips and started kissing and licking it. My whole body was on fire…, my pussy being eaten…, my tits being sucked…, my eyes watching D being now fucked again…, and my mouth filled with a stranger’s black cock! The man behind the wall with his cock shoved through the hole was now fucking the glory hole, moaning, demanding I suck his cock, all as he also fucked my mouth, my ! I glanced around the room and could make other cocks being shoved through other glory holes to be withdrawn as there were no takers.
My black cock was now slamming against the wall and into my mouth, my , and my throat. For a moment I actually felt it was going to come crashing down. He was becoming verbally abusive, calling me “a black sucking , a white cunt, a black cock loving bitch and demanding I suck his black cock harder and faster. How he wanted to fill my mouth with his black seed, to shove his dick down my throat stretching my lips, my mouth, and throat open gagging me. How he wanted to fuck my pussy and ass in the same manner, how he wanted to make me his black cock loving ! At that moment I felt his cock jerk in mouth, grow bigger, and the girth of his shaft grow wider…, I clamped my teeth down firmly against his black shaft and pulled my mouth away from him and against the ridge of his cock’s head. He yelled…, “FUCK BITCH, don’t eat it!” I released my teeth…, a bit but did not let go! I relaxed my throat for what I knew was about to happen and when it did it was massive. The first load easily filled my mouth, the second forced it into my throat, and the third rammed it further into my throat causing me too instinctively swallow and release the gagging sensation. The asshole was triumphantly yelling and demanding I take his black load, again calling me a black cock loving bitch, a and demanding I let him come in and fuck my pussy and ass.
I knew this night was going to end in disappointment for him as there was no way I would fuck him that night or any other. I did wonder, however, what the next trip with my AdultFriendFinder friend to this adult theater, arcade would hold.
Oh…, YES…, I was already planning my next adventure with my cowgirl and Indian bitch…, damn their fun!

BiLinda1967 54F
236 posts
6/25/2021 4:36 am

Beautiful cock sucking. I to lived to go suck as many cocks as I could.

I have private mail on my blog. Tell me your secrets

lisajdarling79 39F  
16 posts
7/24/2021 7:26 pm

Hi Shelly,
I loved this story. It was great how you all are in charge, and taking what you want. I am getting my vibrator out and rereading this one several times.

Lisa J

Squirt_Professor 67M/54F
34 posts
7/24/2021 8:08 pm

Hi Lisa,

I don't usually suck cocks but I promised this gf that I would go and watch her enjoy some cocks at this establishment but I must confess it was a lot of fun. Just the drive over made me so wet and when I saw it was two hot girls in that truck oh fuck! Was a totally fun evening and I did make another promise, so there maybe another visit and another story if I can bring myself to sucking a stranger's cock.
I'm going to be fantasizing about you fucking your pussy and yes.., I'll be playing with my pussy! KISSES & LICKS, fuck..., I'm getting wet!

flzimbrit 67M
15 posts
8/10/2021 9:19 pm

What a great story. Was dripping with pre-cum in no time! Planning to go to ABQ in a few weeks with my wife. Hope we can enjoy it as much as you all did. Would you mind sharing the name of that venue?

24more4nh 61M/55F  
7 posts
9/6/2021 4:32 am

Hi Shelly!

So hot! I did that once in Manchester NH…Forbidden Fruit. My partner in crime and I shared several cocks and loads in the glory hole before having amazing sex!

swiftsure007 41F
4 posts
9/26/2021 1:27 pm

Interesting tale , but we dont appear to have those over here except in gents toilets. The thought of which is gross.

Squirt_Professor 67M/54F
34 posts
9/26/2021 2:36 pm

    Quoting swiftsure007:
    Interesting tale , but we dont appear to have those over here except in gents toilets. The thought of which is gross.
Oh fuck yes, the thought of that is totally gross but it happens here as well and to each their own.

If your interested check adult theaters or where they have show booths, typically adult stores. I told my AdultFriendFinder friend I'd go with her and I owe her another trip but it is not something I typically do. I much prefer to be with a woman or with multiple women. And BTW, loved your new story!

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