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Member 154; Part One, Lily Revisited  

Squirt_Professor 67M/54F  
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6/3/2021 5:00 pm
Member 154; Part One, Lily Revisited

Lily was my second girl friend of my Bi journey so there is a possibility that some of you that have followed my journey will either remember her or at least find her be somewhat familiar. We met, just as my first girlfriend, through work and no they do not work at the same facility. I work as a consultant in the medical field providing services mentally handicap individuals and for the facility they reside or receive day care services from. I provide consultations when they, the handicapped individual, is experiencing stress or anger issues. I uncover the cause of the stress or anger and provide a solution the facility manager, reduce, or eliminate the stress and anger issues.
I fashioned my pursuit of Lily modeled from the pursuit of my first girlfriend after . Whenever I started a contract at a new location, I would assess the individuals and the facility. My assessment of the individuals had taken on a new meaning sense beginning my Bi journey and having experienced my first girlfriend. I found myself making eye contact and honestly leering at as well as lusting after Lily. Just as my first girlfriend there was no question I was attracted Lily and a lesser degree but enough increase my confidence I on numerous occasions caught Lily returning my glances.
My first girlfriend caught me stealing glances of her every chance I got and approached me asking me lunch. I told my partner about this gorgeous woman and he suggested I, like my first girlfriend, invite Lily to lunch. I did and as they say the rest is history.
Lily was an amazing part of my Bi journey; in fact, it was while we were dating that I dropped the word curious from my profile and listed my sexual preference as simply Bi. I still have fund memories of my first strap-on experience with of course… Lily. Coming to her house for a date to find her standing in her doorway wearing a blue strap-on. OMG the fucking that night! It still makes me HOT, HORNY, WET, and to CUM just thinking about it, about her standing there naked with that blue dildo strapped to her. Oh, yeah…, she had purchased a strap-on for me or rather for her to be used by me on her…, the fucking was amazing! Or the memory the second time having my pussy eaten in my office at wor My first girlfriend crawled under the desk and ate my pussy orgasm. Lily did not provide herself with the cover of my des She entered my office, did not lock the door behind her, got on her knees beside my desk and proceeded shove my skirt up around my waist, spread my legs while pulling them over her shoulders and wonderfully, skillfully ate my pussy. A caveat, my partner called while Lily was eating my pussy and got so HOT and HORNY telling what tell Lily do that I ejaculated all over Lily’s face, feeding my sweet cum her. She jumped up ran the restroom clean the cum from her face but for how long she was in there I believe this day that she was clawing, finger fucking, jacking her pussy off a pitched orgasm. That experience resulted in a new freedom in our love making. That night Lily returned the favor of my ejaculating all over her face. For the first time we both covered and fed our hot, sweet love cream the other…, FUCK…, Lily’s cum taste so good!
Or the story about Lily’s Bitching Attitude at wor She would come into the office being bitching and whining about nothing and each time she came in it was the same thing, over and over. That is until I had had enough! I was determined to end this game as it was just not fun and was making the day longer and more frustrating. When she returned some twenty minutes later and before she cleared the entry of the door I got up from my desk and met her just after entering. I reached behind her slammed the door shut and shoved her against it. I pressed into her tight fucking body penning her against the door and began kissing her hard with my tongue slashing into her mouth, between her lips, and circling inside. My right hand slid down her shoulder, her arm, and crossed her waist reaching down between her legs, up into her wet cove. My fingers pulled at her damn panties until they felt her wet slit and pressed between her swelling lips. Lily was moaning, squirming her ass against the door, and thrusting her hips forward fucking my fingers as I continued to search and fuck her G-Spot.
I whispered in her ear that this crappie attitude and bitching had better stop or we would move to the desk for a bare ass<b> spanking </font></b>while leaving the door open. As I moved away, I stabbed my tongue into her ear fucking it in rhythm with my fingers working her pussy and gave her one more instruction. “Don’t you dare come until I tell you to release!” All she could do was whimper a soft almost inaudible “yes” followed by a flurry of moans. Continuing to build the pressure within her Skeen Glands while forcefully kissing her mouth, tongue fucking her, and kissing and nibbling at her neck while pressing into her body and forcing the door shut with her back and ass laid into it for the next ten to fifteen minutes. She was begging for me to say the word. To give her permission, to move her to orgasm, and with several more thrust of my fingers pushing her spongy, soaking wet pussy and G-Spot I demanded she “Release”.
Oh FUCK…, did she! Her pussy tightened around my fingers, sucking them upward and locking them into her. I could feel her contractions, her muscles pulsating around my fingers, as if sucking them. I felt her legs give and felt her trembling, I buried my face into her neck and began sucking on her blood vain, nibbling at it. I felt her breast raise, her chest filled with air, and heard her cry “OH FUCK” repeatedly as she shoved her pussy forward and ejaculated.
Her pussy kept contracting, squirting her nectar of the gods, covering my fingers and hand. I pulled my hand from between her legs, out of her soaked panties and pressed my come covered fingers between our lips. We feasted together on her sweet taste! I fell to my knees and ripped her soaked panties from her buried my face into her cove, licking her inner thighs, up to her swollen, wet lips, and dove my tongue into her still quivering pussy. I lovingly cleaned her pussy and her attitude and bitching stopped! Oh…, I think I still have those panties tucked away somewhere, LOL!
However, the top story of Lily’s participation in my Bi journey as voted by you the reader was when we visited the store to buy her some new toys. Her asshole -boyfriend had purchased her some but when he became the ex, he stole them. So, what is a girl to do? Make a date of going to buy new ones. What made this story our top story was what I told Lily to do next. When we got to the car I opened the back door told Lily to get in strip naked and with her new toys on the drive to her house. Lily stood there her mouth dropped open, eyes wider displaying doubt maybe fear, without question hesitation and uncertainty…, and finally in she went…, all the way!
Picture this! This amazedly gorgeous woman buck naked…, her beautifully shaved pussy…, her thirst driving tits with gorgeously smoothed areoles and rock-hard nipples pointed to the roof…, her toned legs spread wide with her sexy feet resting on the back of the captain seat head rest, and swollen, wet lips stretched open sucking the first of several toys that Lily was pounding into her pussy. I jumped into the front seat adjusting the rearview mirror not to see traffic but…, to provide a view right into Lily’s spread legs and open cunt for the twenty minutes plus ride home in a car that does not have tinted windows. Lily’s gorgeous, HOT, HORNY, WET wanting to CUM body was in full view of not me but any occupants of passing vehicles. The aroma of my car was full of both our sex juices. By the time we got home I was so HOT, HORNY, WET and wanting to CUM I opened that back door pulled Lily from her seat where she was still masturbating and damn near drugged her naked into the house where we fucked in the entry way, door opened for the world to see should anyone had cared to watch.
I was disappointed when we broke up, dam-it I missed that blue strap-on dildo, LOL. No…, it was Lily’s gorgeous body and her fun nature, okay…, that blue strap-on dildo too. We ran into one another from time-to-time and this last time when we agreed to go out, I found myself excited, HOT, HORNY, WET and wanting to CUM. FUCK, now I may have given her away as Number 154 in our Bi/Lesbian party group!
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