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Member 154; Part Two, Lily in the Candy Store, OMG!  

Squirt_Professor 67M/54F  
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6/4/2021 6:23 am
Member 154; Part Two, Lily in the Candy Store, OMG!

This story will contain a series of first for Lily. Her first Bi/Lesbian threesome, foursome, first Bi/Lesbian party OMG she was such a fucking beautiful ! She was the quintessential little girl in the candy store or if you prefer the little girl who wanted to try all thirty-one original Baskin Robbin flavors. Now that is an idea; thirty-one flavors, one for each day of the month. Thirty-one different Bi/Lesbian pussies to taste, kiss, lick, nibble, suck, and to make ejaculate, orgasm for each day of the month. Okay..., that is another story or idea but fucking count me in. Back to Lily and her first, rather we will let you determine what other events may have been a first for my dear, sweet, gorgeous Lily.
Lily was my second girlfriend, and she has been written about in previous stories. Recently we have just gotten back together. She is the most gorgeous woman I have been with; girlfriend one was beautiful, you have read about her as well, and my Amazon Queen was stunning as well, but Lily is the crème de la crème, the best of the best! This was also well noticed at the party, she became the center of attention as seemed every woman wanted a little something from her and OMG was Lily willing accommodate, LOL! I have seen Lily in many ways and the best is naked with her legs spread and my face buried in her gorgeous pussy. However, I am also talking about her confidence. I mean…, she blew me away when I once walked into her house to find her standing buck-ass naked but for the blue dildo strapped around her with a big smile and her flashing emerald green eyes. This past Saturday her confidence was above the charts, surging, thrusting like a hard cook as she was surrounded, the center of attention, amongst all those naked women. She was gregarious, approachable, flirting, even daring, and was not reserved while being naked and in the company of naked women whom she did not know. Even Lily admits she is not sure what overcome her and surmises that it MUST have been ALL the NAKED PUSSY!
For one moment think of the most gorgeous person or thing that you have ever viewed in your life and hold it in your memory. Now frame this, she is petite, with emerald green eyes that flashes a rich unequaled brightness like the multitude of stars or the moon on the darkest of nights. The symmetry of her face, the balance of her eyes, the slope and peak of her nose and shape of her mouth are pure perfection. Her smile and eyes light up a room and if your heart does not skip a beat have a rhythmic response you are a cold heartless bastard. Her olive tone skin is flawless, smooth, radiate, sweet to kiss, lick, and completes the aesthetic view of a goddess! Beyond her face she has a body so well put together, firm, balanced breast with flawless richly dark nipples deliciously spiked atop fleshy smooth blemish less toned areolas that beckon the attention of one’s kisses, nibbles, licks, and alternating lustful sucks. Her waist is slim, toned, home to a small, round, flawless and inviting belly button. The taste of her skin draws you further into her cove where her mound is soft, warm, it’s raised couverture pulls your fingers into her firm slit atop the silky smoothness of her hood protecting her glossy pink treasure. The aroma of her sweet nectar, the sight of her syrup glistening on her clit’s smooth silky flesh intoxicates your desire driving one’s tongue deeply into the beauty of her love nest to savor and refresh one’s own thirst. This is just the top half of her amazing and beautiful body!
The completion of Lily’s beauty includes her lower half and lower backside. From her rounded firm cheeks, the cleavage, the firm cascading curvature of her cheeks, and when spread revels a prefect rosebud, drawn tight, with little crevices leading into the cuties pink oval treasure. In the simplest of Greek terms, she is a callipygian. Her legs are toned, and her feet and toes are made for sexual, pleasure, OMG to kiss, lick, nibble, and suck those toes, Mmmmm . Gaze upon that picture even for a moment and tell me you would not want eat and my Lily too?
were between twenty and thirty horny, lustful women in various stages of nakedness and not one would not have had made you , HORNY, WET, and wanting CUM. If you are a guy your cock would have been as hard as a flagpole, as straight as a stallion's cock, and if a woman your clit would have been protruding beyond your hood, while ringing like the Liberty Bell for anyone of these beautiful naked bitches in heat!
Tonight, we were provided with pencil and paper, instructed to write a self-description of our body, of our sexual proclivities, what we enjoyed receiving and performing. Lily was my date, new to the group and would be picked along with me. Which meant at the least, a threesome!
Not having to provide a self-description, being my date, and staying with me through the night was fine with Lily. She was holding my hand as if her hand were a vise grip; I felt as if was no blood being drawn into my palm and fingers, she was holding so tight. Devon and I had tried get Lily dress as we had for the party, sans panties, but Lili was having none of that which disappointed Devon wanted eat her pussy during the drive help loosen her up for the party. That confidence mentioned above had not yet overtaken her, but soon, very soon would. The flood gates were about be opened of both her confidence and her pussy!
The hostess took the self-descriptions, placed a , no names allowed on them and taped them the wall. She split the group into two halves and the first group, which we were not in, was given time to read the self-descriptions and then the selection of the entertainment for the first halve of the evening began.
Lily and I were chosen by Amy. Amy, a ravenous blonde beauty nearly as tall as my five feet seven inches was to die for. Fair skinned, long toned legs, a shaved clean pussy with tight lips and just the tip of her clit peeking out from her hood, a firm, well defined tummy, a cute little bellybutton perched atop her stomach, firm tits with rock hard nipples begging to be kissed, licked, pinched, and sucked. She had a gorgeous face with soft pink lips, a mouth you could get lost in, and clear mountain lake blue eyes. This woman would stand out in any room. To walk into a bar, restaurant, a coffee shop see her and not want her would be a FUCKING mistake…, my pussy juices were flowing, covering my swelling lips, and running down onto my thighs with the thought of eating, playing with, and fucking her and Lily. This was going to be prefect!
With everyone teamed up via the self-description process it was action time. Amy, Lily, and I went off into a room and before the door was shut, we were onto each other. Pulling any remain clothing off and positioning was going be on whom, in whom, eating whom, and playing with whom. I immediately took to Lily’s gorgeous pussy, tongue in full action, kissing, licking fingering and sucking her swollen wet lips. Lily rolled me over and moved into the position she knows I love, spreading over my face, slowing lowering her gorgeous wet cunt to my lips, salivating mouth, lashing tongue; …, I wanted bury in her, and when planted upon my thirsty feeding hole she began grind her tasty cream filled pussy, swollen lips, and clit deeper, forcing them and her into me with her juices flowing into my mouth and down my throat! Amy was between my legs spreading them licking at my pussy juiced covered inner thighs, the more she licked the wetter I got and the more she had to clean, lick, swallow, and suck. I about the roof when her tongue finally got inside my cunt. She worked like a pro around, between my folds, over my kitty. OH , YES…, she was wonderful sucking, nibbling, licking my clit…, ! I loved when she shoved my legs forward, opening my pussy and puckered little asshole her tongue lashing and her finger fucking. Her hands roaming over Lily’s body, pressing into her asshole, working her while I was kissing and eating Lily, my tongue working over her swollen lips, into the folds, nibbling and sucking at her clit, sucking her juices into my mouth, down my throat and tongue working back down into her and then we rotated. Me to Amy’s sweet pussy, Amy to Lily’s, and me ridding Lily’s face feeding her my cunt and sweet nectar.
Damn I must confess Lily looked so fucking amazing, so sexy eating Amy’s pussy. Watching her tongue slip between Amy’s folds, down into her love hole, lapping at her juices, seeing her tongue covered in Amy’s nectar, knowing how sweet it was, how good it tasted caused me to get wet, wanting both of them eating me. It was so listening Lily’s and Amy’s moans and cries be eaten, fucked, and begging ejaculate or squirt caused me become HOTTER, HORNIER, WETTER, and wanting COME.
I was almost disappointed when they called us back together but for the fact that was now Lily’s and my turn pick from the posted self-descriptions. Lily’s confidence had skyrocketed, here in a room where we were all totally naked, she was not self-conscience, she was brazened, flirting with women, even touching some, she was a new person and it made her HOTTER, more desirable. When it came our turn to pick, I let Lily read and chose the woman we would both eat and . She chose a friend, Paula, had shared me on Valentine’s Day 2020 when her girlfriend Kim had purchased me at auction. would be amazing if she did any of things Lily that she had done me a year ago. And would be my turn get eat Paula. She had plugged my rosebud with butt plugs of different sizes last year while fucking my pussy with dildos that were of different sizes until the grand finale of a large vibrator in my ass and a large dildo in my pussy pounding me into a blissful orgasm but…, I had not eaten her pussy! While Paula and I had gotten together on one other occasion I had still not eaten her, well damn-it now is the time her pussy is mine thanks to Lily!
We went back into that room, Lily, Paula, and I and we kissed, licked, nibbled, fingered, sucked, ate, played with, and fucked one another. It was awesome, everything Lily and I could have wanted! Paula’s pussy was mind-blowing, so fucking sweet, her wet swollen lips felt so good in my mouth, and her taste; OH, FUCK just thinking about her taste makes me want her again.
As to Paula and the pleasure she was providing Lily, I can provide a brief distribution. I was riding Lily's face as though I had stolen her, pushing my pussy into her mouth and enjoying her tongue working over my folds and deeper into my soaking wet cunt. Shortly into our play Lily pulled back between my thighs and begged Paula to eat her ass. I could assume that Paula must be licking Lily's amazing tight puckered asshole, preparing Lily for what I new from experience with Paula would be the insertion of a but plug. Lily was repeatedly begging Paula for more of her tongue and all of sudden Lily bucked her body forward. She damn near pitched me off her face, settling back I grasped a fistful of Lily's red hair just like the reins of and pulled her face tightly into my cove and glamped my thighs around her face..., holding, locking her into my pussy. I looked over my shoulder and saw that Paula had her face planted deeply into Lily's pussy and could see her right arm moving beneath Lily's raised ass. Lily had raised up on her heels creating a bridge and Paula and I were riding her from her pussy to her to face.
I knew the pleasure that Lily was receiving and knew that before long I and Lily would be in a sixty-nine position. Lily would still be feasting on my drenched pussy, enjoy my ejaculated nectar and I would be spreading Lily's legs wide, holding them so that her pussy and rosebud would be pulled further open, the lips of both stretched so that the master of toy play, Paula, could work her magic.
It was not long before Paula had worked Lily into a frizzed madness. Lily was pushing both her ass and pussy towards Paula, we could hear her murmured moans and cries to be fucked harder, we could see the cream seeping from her asshole from between the butt plug and her stretched ridge. FUCK... I could not believe how well Paula was fucking Lily's pussy with the help of a vibrator. How wet Lily was, the juices that Paula was pumping from Lily's pussy and OMG at the height of Lily's excitement..., Paula pulled that vibrator from and Lily rewarded Paula and I with a forceful ejaculation of sweet cum. Gushing from her pussy, spraying onto Paula's hands and face. I could not resist and buried my face into her pussy and began to slurp as much of her rich nectar as I could. Damn..., she was feeding me. FUCK..., Lily is a river when she squirts, would be more than enough for Paula and I enjoy!
I do not know that I can convey how wonderful these parties and all these women are…, …, I love their pussies and them!
But…, for how much I love their pussies…, something had happened my Lily. She was that little girl in the candy store! In my last count I watched her eat eight beautiful women that night and eight women returned her lustful favors, eating her.
She even admitted to me that she was not sure what had overcome her, but she was driven, thirsty to taste, to eat as much pussy as she could. As she put it, it was just something about all those gorgeous women and their naked pussies. Like I said, just like that little girl in the candy store grabbing for every piece of sweet candy she can, licking it, biting at it, sucking on it, tasting all the sweetness the store could offer. Lily in the fashion was grabbing for every piece of sweet pussy she could, licking , kissing , biting at it, sucking on it, tasting all the sweetness the Lovely Ladies could offer.
Just like the little girl in the candy store it began innocently, a naked woman would approach my naked Lilly and introduce herself; was not so innocent, LOL! Two little girls looking over the candy of each other’s naked bodies. I moved more the side so be able see both their faces, their eyes, and their mouths. was if the Lovely Lady member was mesmerized gazing on Lily’s gorgeous face, first into her eyes, and then her features. If her tongue was not wetting her lips when looking at Lily’s own lips and mouth definitely was by the time her eyes locked onto Lily’s hard nipples, rising from her firm breast. I could see the transformation of desire, lust, as their bodies began to react, respond; their nipples getting hard, goosebumps building up on their arms as their body temperature fluctuated, they would shuffle their feet unable to stand still, and occasionally their pussies metamorphosing, blossoming into sexual wantonness, with lips opening, beads of moisture building upon them, clits emerging, swelling and pushing their hoods backwards. With a few I witnessed their juices spit from their pussies and began to flow down their inner thighs. At this point it was inevitable that a hand would reach out to brush against or fall onto Lily’s hip, or even clasp one of tits. Sometimes the hand would linger, sometimes retreat as if an accidental touching, and sometimes it would slip across Lily’s body embracing the firm softness of her abs, sometimes continuing from her hip or abs to her cove, and many times finding their fingers immersed in Lily’s wet opened pussy. It would not be long before the introduction would be complete, that Lily would be leaning against the wall, her legs spread, her pussy wet, open, and the member’s tongue buried inside, lapping at Lily’s cream, or the member sucking Lily’s pussy lips into their mouth, tasting the wonderful sweetness of Lily’s flesh, or the member’s lips encircling, sucking, Lily’s clit while enjoying Lily’s moaning. Lily did not refuse any! Just as that little girl in the candy store Lily returned every favor, touching and tasting the sweet candy of each Lovely Lady that came seeking a taste of Lily’s own sweetness.
The three of us, Devon, Lily and myself, stayed the night and I do not know if she enjoyed the taste of more. In the morning while we were enjoying breakfast Lily came to me and told me not to worry about taking her home. Another of the women had offered give her a ride…, hem, I wonder…, a baker’s dozen? Shit..., in one night Lily may have had as many women as I on my Bi journey.
So that is the story for the most part. may be some others that come out of this party. I know of the possibility of two more. One with the group and one between Lily and I that happened Sunday night. But here is the question the reader and is about the idea of the candy store or thirty-one Baskin Robbin flavors; I mean we are adults, right? Readers…, do you think Devon, Lily, and I should take the thirty-one flavors Baskin Robbin challenge? From our group of Lovely Ladies, a different sweet flavor, taste, lovely lady each day of the moth? Thirty-one sweet flavors! Devon, Lily I am game if you are! Let us get the little girl out of the candy store and into the cream store, LOL.
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