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OMG..., She Is Squirting Like a Wild River Runs; Happy Birthday  

Squirt_Professor 67M/54F  
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6/6/2021 7:36 am
OMG..., She Is Squirting Like a Wild River Runs; Happy Birthday

The adults in our family have long agreed not to celebrate adult birthdays. We do celebrate our ’s and grandchildren’s birthdays with them being somewhat elaborate but for an adult we feel it is more just a passing of time and perhaps missed opportunity. While we still feel that way it was also before I started my Bi journey and enjoyed the company of many friends some that enjoy celebrating birthdays and damn, we do have a good time, lol. Well, the th, was my birthday and thanks to Lily it was perhaps the best birthday I have had in years…, FUCK…, it was actually…, A Happy Birthday!

For the last week or so I have suffered from debilitating migraine headaches and to be honest my birthday was not looking very promising. I could see myself just sitting in bed holding my head feeling as if it were going to split. By Saturday, the pain had started to easy but not completely and while the discomfort was still there it had resided to where I could function somewhat. Sunday the migraine was now just a mild headache, thank goodness! Over the course of that time, I had not taken calls and read a few messages, mostly those from Devon and Lily. Sunday night I got a call from Lily and was I ever so glad I took it…, she invited me over to celebrate my birthday. I felt like a …., so excited that someone wanted to celebrate my birthday with me. And now…, Lily and I are celebrating it with you, we hope you enjoy this story and show your appreciation by leaving a comment. We will respond to your comments so be creative, kinky and sexy but polite. We will respond in kind!

April, the th, my birthday, I woke early full of excitement and anticipation just like a on Christmas Day knowing that this day was going to be different, something special just for me! I did not know what Lily had planned but I knew it would be something sexual; something amazing. She has the ability to be so sexually creative and FUCK…, she is so gorgeous. She is a feast alone just to look at and I am never not HOT, HORNY, WET, and wanting to CUM when around her simply because of how amazingly gorgeous she is. I think my pussy has been wet since her phone call…, I know my sheets were this morning when I got up. I must have cum last night just dreaming of her and eating her pussy. However, I do not want to get away from telling you just how sexually creative and deviate Lily can be.

There was the time that she came into my office at work, shut the door behind but failed to lock it, walked over to my desk got on her knees, pulled my chair and me to the side of the desk, shoved my skirt up around my waist, spread my legs over the arms of the chair, and feasted on my pussy. Her tongue worked magic! Lapping at my juices, licking and sucking my lips, her tongue playing with my clit. In the middle of her eating me I got a cellphone call from my partner, D. I breathlessly told D how Lily was eating out my pussy and he started telling me instructions to give to Lily. FUCK…, that made Lily even HORNIER, she was doing everything D told me to tell her and she was eagerly eating and tongue fucking my drenching pussy. It was not long before she had my legs shaking uncontrollably, my pussy quivering, contracting, and fucking exploding. It was the first time I ejaculated all over Lily’s face and into her mouth. She was choking, gagging, trying to swallow a torrent of sweet cum and because she was not stopping what she was doing I in turn was not stopping either…, fuck I covered her face! She jumped up ran to the restroom and stayed in there for what seemed forever…., she said she was cleaning herself up but honestly with how long she was in there, D and I think she was finger fucking her hot pussy! I mean I would have been, lol.

Now, there was another time and without going into it to it deeply I am just going to give you the highlights. Lily had invited me over and when I arrived, she was standing in the entry way just beyond the door and in full view of anyone that may have been looking. She was totally naked but for a blue strap-on and a beautiful smile. My mouth dropped and she told me put it to good use. She did not move an inch; I dropped to me knees and began sucking on her blue cock right there in the doorway in view of anyone passing by that may have looked in Lily’s house. She demanded I crawl behind her following her gorgeous naked ass to her bed and OMG she rode me like she stole me with that blue fucking strap-on. I ejaculated rivers of cum as she repeatedly fucked me. When she was done pounding and licking my pussy, she presented me with my strap-on to fuck her! Maybe you can understand why I was beyond excited at what she may have planned and yes, my pussy was extremely wet! I wanted to make this special and show her my appreciation and to that end I brought a special toy just for Lily and our pleasure.

As requested, I got there early and upon entering the house, I could smell that Lily had prepared breakfast for us. I thought how sweet, how delightful, how loving, and damn…, it smelled awesome and even tasted better but no sex not yet! We cleaned the kitchen together with some meaningless playfulness and when done I asked Lily if I could take a shower. She replied of course and I asked her if she would join me. Her response…, she started stripping. There is nothing like taking a shower with a woman. The wonderful feel of running your soapy hands over her curvaceously smooth, soft body, running your fingers between her legs, caressing her soft inner thighs, slipping soapy fingers into her wet pussy, fondling her lips, massaging them between your fingers, squeezing, pulling, twisting, and<b> pinching </font></b>her clit, and bathing her ass cheeks, running your fingers up and down the length of her cheeks applying increased pressure between them, grasping them, massaging them, and finally slipping your finger into her puckered little asshole, pumping it, fucking it while listening to her moans of pleasure. Even toweling one another off can be sexually arousing, at times I used my tongue to lick rivulets of water from Lily’s gorgeous body, licking her nipples, between her firm tits, and up the crack of her ass paying special attention to her beautiful rosebud, that tiny drawn in prefect little hole.
I reached into my bag, pulled the toy I had bought from it and flashed it at her pointing to her cove. Lily turned and naked ran for her bedroom with me giving chase. I knew the game was now on! We both jumped into her king-sized bed, laughing and giggling like college girls about to fuck. We were kissing, licking, tasting the freshness of each other’s body, our skin, our lips, sucking on fingers, and toes we crawled over one another taking in our scent, we tasted of beauty and sexiness. As I went down on her, spreading her legs, kissing, licking, nibbling, and drinking her sweet juices I could not stop thinking about the “toy” I had brought. It is a G-Spot vibrator with a little extra feature, and I did not tell her about! It has a remote which means I got to start and stop it whenever I wanted, lol and no that is not the extra feature. I went back down on her gorgeous pussy, kissing and licking it then gently inserted “the toy” into her wet swollen cunt. I planted a kiss on her swollen clit and turned “the toy” to the lowest vibration while I continued to lick the folds of her pussy and suck on her lips and clit. This was just the start as this wonderful little thing has five speeds and that extra feature. I slowly turned it up, taking my time to work her over with my tongue and lips increasing the speed until it was on the highest speed.
Lily was loving it! Her body was twisting, her pussy was flowing a river of juices covering her lips, her clit was throbbing, I could actually see it pulsating and her hood was pulled all the way back totally exposing Lily’s beautiful clit, swollen and reaching forward begging to be sucked, and with that damn little “toy” humming away that is just what I did; I sucked her clit hard and furiously. Fucking it as if it were a cock, sucking it repeatedly in and out between my pressed lips, holding it firmly, pressuring it while listening to Lily’s moans and cries begging me to fuck her and get her off.

I used my “toy” to pleasure Lily, to build the tension within her pussy, within her G-Spot. I let her enjoy it knowing full well what I wanted for Lily. I wanted her orgasm to be harder than she ever had, I wanted her to get pleasure from a full body orgasm that rocked her to her core, that made every inch of her body orgasm, but she could not cum, ejaculate until I released her from the vibrations of my “toy” and that special feature! Finally, her pussy and G-Spot were so pressurized, her legs shaking, her toes curled up, her beautiful emerald green eyes shut with her head pushed back, her mouth open gasping for air, and hands clinched pulling on her sheets I pressed the third button on the remote; the extra feature!

Lily screamed! She cried, OH FUCK! Her body lifted off the bed pressing her ass and back upwards, her knees bent slightly, as she continued to scream, FUCK, FUCK, OH FUCK! She squirted, ejaculated so hard and so much it was unbelievable and fuck…, she could not stop. Her pussy continued, repeatedly to contract back and then spray, squirt, ejaculate the sweetest cum. Damn…, I was shocked…, she shot that “toy”, that vibrator from her pussy. It was as if her pussy had become a gun, a fucking cannon and Lily fired that “toy” from her pussy just like a bullet or a cannon ball, WOW! And Lily just kept squirting!

My partner has done this to me missus the use of the “toy”. He has made me experience full body orgasms and to squirt repeatedly. But I have never witnessed it or made any of my lovers do it like Lily was…, OMG! Watching her body uncontrollably orgasm was amazing! Her feet were kicking, her legs jerking, and thrashing about, her pussy was retracting and thrusting forward, her lips would part and juices flow out accompanied by cum ejaculating from her. Her stomach was visibly quivering, her abs tightening and releasing, her tits were heaving, her nipples were harder than I have ever seen them, her arms like her legs were shaking, her hands grasping the sheets or her breast, until she reached down between her legs with her right hand and grabbed her pussy whispering…, fuck…, fuck…, fuck…, god, thank you! I looked at her face, her eyes were barely open, I could see the moisture of tears beneath them, and her breathing was returning to normal. Her lower body was a total mess, her sweet nectar, the nectar of the gods covered her from her pussy to just below her knees, and her sheets were soaked in her juices.

I retrieved the “toy” licked and sucked it clean. Then turned my attention, well my tongue and mouth, to cleaning Lily’s juices from her while listening to her soft moans. All the while thinking; I cannot wait to do this again!

Oh, that “extra feature” what is it? It is a G-Spot vibrator, to pleasure and build pressure up in the G-Sport and one’s Skene Glands. That third button triggers a little electrical shock hitting the G-Sport. Lily swears she has never experienced anything like it. She swears she has never ejaculated, squirted, cum so hard in her life. As the witness to her orgasms, I must be honest I believe her! At the time it was like…, OMG…, how can someone so petite dispense so much fluid, juices from her body, fuck…, where is it all coming from, I questioned. I was full of pride as I and my little “toy” completely wiped her out! Lily is just lying on her bed in her come soaked sheets, totally spent, barely moving except for a spasm or jerk from her lingering orgasm, their after-shocks, and juices are still flowing from her well fucked pussy, but not a river, just a steady stream. Mmmmmm, I went back to cleaning her sweet nectar and loving her gorgeous wet pussy!

LOL, I want to do it to her again!

OlderPete58 63M  
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6/20/2021 3:23 am

Thank you for sharing this it was so arousing to read about your pleasure and Lily's your descriptions and the feeling you impart are very erotic and totally immersive to read.

I hope you have more to follow.


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