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Valentine’s Day Party 2021 – Girl on Girl Games!  

Squirt_Professor 67M/54F
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6/2/2021 12:59 pm
Valentine’s Day Party 2021 – Girl on Girl Games!

Our Bi/Lesbian parties have been put off long enough. The members I know all want to get together for some lip-smacking licking fun! While some of us have eaten and fucked our girlfriends and some of us have even had some fun with small gathering of friends we have not been together as the larger group. We do always exercise caution prior to our gatherings. It is a group policy to have STD test prior to a gathering and because of COVID-19 we added that test to the procedures. It is hard to believe that we have not been together for a year. The gathering took place on 2//2021.
Our excitement has been building for several weeks. Devon and I agreed not to do anything, to refrain from any type of sex for the last two weeks. We are excited and yes, horny to meet old friends and perhaps being able to experience a new lover. To taste new pussy!
Valentine’s morning 2//21. I’m not home yet. I’m at Devon’s and I’m tired as hell, haven’t been to sleep yet. Yeah, it was fun! The hostess used an alphabetical name method to split everyone into teams. She has a huge house with a game room with a pool table and still room for other games. Teams were given 90 minutes to play games, pool, darts, ring toss, and a few other but all had a clear winner and loser. Each time you won a game you were given a ribbon and each time you lost you gave up a ribbon. You could play any game you wanted as many times as you wanted but you couldn’t play any one game twice in a row. Nor could you play anyone that was on the same team as you. At the conclusion of the 90 minutes the team with the most ribbons got to be the ones that decided the balance of the evening.
There were five teams and each team had six horny women! There was a tie, and the hostess flipped a coin to declare the wining team. They, the winners, decided we should play a couple more games. And why not? It was spin the bottle with a twist. It wasn’t a kiss required but the spinner and the one whom it pointed to had to go into a separate room for ten minutes. The spinner could demand any sexual favor she wanted. While they were in the other room doing whatever the group played truth or dare until they returned.
Again, truth or dare had just a bit of a twist. The dares consisted of masturbating in front of the group, remember thirty, well minus two, HOT, HORNY, WET, and eager to CUM women in various stages of nakedness. If the masturbator wanted, they could let someone play with them while the rest of the group watched. There was another twist as someone had brought a fucking machine, the saddle type you mounted up on and riding it until you reached nirvana, yahoo.
It was four women that chose to be fucked and OMG! All striped in front of us if they were not already naked. Four beautiful women with shaved pussies already wet, their nipples hard, and acting like bitches in heat needing their fucking! The dildo could be changed to utilize longer or fatter, harder or softer cock shaped didoes. When it was set up to their liking each of these women planted their pussies so forcefully on that damn machine, I thought they were going to split their bodies apart. But, FUCK, then the rodeo started. These women bucked and fucked so unbelievably hard. They put on a show that made all of us wetter and hornier than you can imagine. They rode that fucking machine like they stole it! And OMG; when they came, they came so hard! They were moaning, screaming, and crying with joy while their pussies were flooding that damn machine.
The smell of pussy filled the room and the stronger the aroma, the hornier we all got watching these women getting fucked and others that had accepted the dare of masturbating that the group began to split up and go to other rooms. The winners had gotten to choose from the runner ups and the losers who they wanted to play with. I was selected by the second women from the winning team to choose who she wanted to play with for the rest of the evening. She chose three of us. Myself with my raven hair, my smooth shaved pussy, tight ass, and 40DD firm tits. The second girl she chose was petit only about five-two, long brunette hair, shaven or waxed pussy, small perky tits with long hard nipples, and beautify blue eyes. My mouth was already watering, and I was thirsty for the taste of pussy. However, there was still a third woman selected and she was built more like me while her tits were smaller. She too was a brunette was about the same height as my five-seven, shaved or waxed pussy, with a nice round ass, shapely legs, and her lips were hanging between her legs. Still, they were swollen, I could see her juices dripping from her pussy and running down her legs.
The woman who had chosen us, Jen, was petit, blonde, nice tits that were firm, nipples that stood out at least an inch, soft areolas just a bit lighter than her hard nipples, a bawled pussy, and a gorgeous petit ass that was begging to be bitten. She took my hand and led all of us into the room Where we were to begin our night of Valentine’s Day love making!
Part Two: Valentine’s Day Party 2021 – Girl on Girl Games! Leave a comment if you like to read the complete story! We are comment whores, but we do respond to you, so please leave a comment. Kisses and Licks, Shelly and D.

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