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This happend when I was 19.  

Stead157 63M  
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6/30/2020 2:19 pm
This happend when I was 19.

It happened on a warm may night in 1976.
I was 19, I think she was 18, I never knew her name either.
It happened when I met the then girlfriend on our second date, at a bar in a town halfway between the towns where we lived.
When I went into the bar she was sitting with another girl chatting, but it wasn't her known friends as I found out later.
At the end of the night, my girlfriend had to catch her last bus of the night back to her town, 10:30 PM
So I accompanied her to the bus stop and saw her onto her bus when it arrived.
As I walked towards the railway station to catch my train home, it arrived at 11:45 PM, so I had an hour and a bit to spear before it arrived.
On the way I met the girl from the bar.
She chatted with me and said she was going my way, so we walked together and chatted along the pavement.
As we walked along the pavement chatting, she started getting friendlier and started touching my arm occasionally.
I realised she was coming on to me.
She was quite attractive, slim, smallish breasts, and a few inches shorter than me.
Eventually chatting turned to her putting her arm around me and pulled me in towards her. I put my hand on her shoulder.
The chatting started to get more erotic, her right hand had reached around and rested on my waist, then she started rubbing my belly then it ventured lower and eventually it as was touching my crotch area.
I felt my cock hardening and she soon noticed by feeling it through my jeans and started rubbing the bulge my expending cock was making.
She slowly rubbed it up and down, the conversation turned quite sexual and
I put my arm around the small of her back and pulled her in closer to me, I felt the side of her left breast rubbing against my chest.
My left hand wandered around touching her belly and up onto her right breast, while she continued fondling my bulge. I could feel her hard nipple through her T shirt.
Then a few yards further down the pavement, she broke away from our embrace and grabbed my hand, and led me down to an opening in the wall, and into the grounds of an old derelict church yard.
There was only a wall and a few bushes which hid us from view by anyone passing by.
I leaned against the wall, and pulled her close to me, then we kissed and caressed each other.
I rubbed and massaged her ass first, then moved my hand up and back onto her tits. They felt firm but small, I felt and cupped both breasts, rubbing each nipple in turn, they felt so hard under her T shirt and bra.
She continued caressing the bulge in my jeans, moving her hand up and down, feeling and gripping my cock with each stroke>
Our tongues met as we continued kissing and explored each other’s mouths.
Then she unbuttoned the top button of my jeans and opened the zipper, pulled my underwear away exposing my cock. She gripped it and started moving her hand up and down the shaft.
I had placed my right hand between her legs and massaged her through her jeans.
Then she stopped kissing me, and knelt down on bending , pulled my jeans and underwear down further and started sucking on it, occasionally running her tongue up and down the large vain on the underside of it, occasionally flicking her tongue over the tip and eye of it.
She also stroked my balls with one hand while wanking it with her other hand while continuing to suck it.
I could feel my cum building up, and my breaths were heavier and though I better control myself and try not to shoot.
I held on, and after a few minutes she stood up and we kissed and caressed each other, rubbing our tongues together again.
She started wanking my cock very slowly, think she knew I was busting to cum, she whispered "Not yet, I want a fuck"
I unbuttoned her jeans and had my hand in and started rubbing her pussy lips through her underwear.
She moaned a little when I found her clit, so I concentrated on that, as she moaned, we had to be quite as we were feet away from the pavement.
I slide her panties to one side of her pussy and managed to insert my finger into her pussy.
It was damp, and I started fingering her in and out and rubbed her clit.
I wanted her to lie down and lick her out, but too muddy, and we didn't have coats to lie on the ground.
I pulled her jeans and panties down off her hips, and had my now had two fingers going in and out of her as she moaned softly, she was still wanking and fondling me as my fingers were going in and out of her, while lustfully rubbing our chests together.
I put my other hand up inside her T shirt, and felt her breasts through her bra.
They were small but firm breasts, I removed my other hand out of her and lifted her T shirt up, and lifted her bra up and off her tits, to expose them to me,
I started sucked each hard nipples, and caressed them with my hands flicked my tongue over and around each of them they were hard, she moaned softly while continuing to hold on to my cock squeezing it, and gently pulling it up and down slowly making sure I didn't cum but kept it rock hard ready for our fuck.
She said, "Its time", and turned her back towards me, pulling her Jeans and panties down further than her knees, so I did the same and thought ready.
She bent over and opened her legs wide, pulling her ass cheeks apart with her hands, she moved backwards and her ass grove landed with my cock between her cheeks.
Then she started moving her ass up and down over my cock, as if she was wanking it with her cheeks.
After a minute or so, I bent down further, pulled my cock down and under her, and up, so that my cock was the other side and rubbing her pussy lips.
This time she started rubbing her pussy lips up and down my cock, shuddering when the tip of it touched her clit.
Then I pushed her forward and moved the tip of my cock in position, ready to insert it into her.
She pulled her wet lips wider to receive it, then she moved back and my cock slide in.
It was warm, wet and tight, it felt so lovely.
She started moving her body so it went in and out of her, while I pushed forward every time she moved back. So we looked like we were rocked back and fore, with my cock sliding in and out of her,
She moaned with pleasure while at the same time trying to control her volume.
When my cock went in and out it made a kind of squelching noise.
She shuddered and moaned softly, and I knew she was also nearly coming, her pussy started pulsing and her pussy felt it had gripped my cock with every shudder.
I felt a lovely warm feeling from around my balls and inner thighs, I knew she had cum and her pussy juices was trickling over them.
I then moved lower and slightly forward, so now she was in a sitting upright position, with her pussy riding my cock, her legs wide apart, this made my cock go deeper inside her, she moved up and down but I was supporting her tiny weight, so I had to let her do the work as I couldn't move.
My balls were also rubbing her clit with every<b> stroke </font></b>she made.
She sometimes wriggled and stopped when she wanted to feel how deep inside her it was.
I caressed her breasts and squeezed her nipples while she moved her pussy up and down on my cock.
I started breathing heavy so she stop as she knew I was about to cum, which I was struggling not too.
Her pussy was wet and tight, but I couldn't hold on any longer and pushed her up and off and it popped out of her just in time and shot my spunk all over her ass and back of her legs.
When it finish squirting, I squeezed the last droplets out.
I said “Sorry couldn't help that”, and told her “Let’s fuck again”, so she sat down and inserted it back in as it was still rock hard. I supported her weight with both hand.
She started moving on my cock again, this time a little faster, I felt her cumming again, as she moaned and shuddered, her pussy gripping my cock tighter, her juices flooded over my balls again with that warm wet feeling.
Shortly, I felt my cock filling up again, I told her I think I'm cumming again, so she slowed down almost stopping, then she told me that she was on the pill and that I could leave it in this time, and I want to feel you squirt into me.
She rode and wriggled her pussy on it, I could feel cum building up more, and she knew it too, my breathing getting heavier, she worked her pussy thrusts faster.
She whipped “Cum” ”Come on” “Cum” ”Cum” ”Cum” with each thrust.
I moaned as I felt my cock muscles tightening up and ready to explode, when she shuddered and moaned herself, her pussy pulsing and gripping my cock as if it was milking it.
I knew she was cumming too, my cock erupted and pumped my spunk into her.
I was having a terrific orgasm as she rode me while she too was also having hers, both of us in a uncontrolled ecstasy of pleasure.
I pushed up to get deeper as she had stopped thrusting, and then we rested.
Both spent, my cock still throbbing, deep inside her.
She whispered “That was lovely”
Eventually she got up and off, my cock slipped out of her, followed by our love juices dripping out of her.
My cum from my earlier load had melting on her ass, and was dripping down her cheeks.
My belly was also covered in it as it had dripped off or had rubbed off on to me.
My cock and balls was covered in mixture of her juices and spunk, a creamy kind of mix, a bit whiter than my loads normal colour.
We were both in a mess.
She pulled a packet of tissues out of her bag, and only had a few left, so we cleaned ourselves off as best we could.
We dressed, before we were caught by someone passing.
We caressed and kissed again.
Then we walked together arm in arm out of the yard and back along the pavement chatting.
Shortly after we had to go our separate ways, we hugged and kissed for the final time, then parted, as she went to her home in the town and I had to catch my train back home to my town.
I never saw her again, I went back to that bar where I saw her, but she never appeared again.
I would love to rewind the clock back and re-live that experience again.

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