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Steve Long  

Steve_long79 41M  
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3/29/2020 10:13 pm
Steve Long

They call me D. I am just an average guy who has an average life. I use to think I was god's gift to women. Then I met Steve. This guy was more than a ladies man. He was a gentleman, single, great with , honorable, respectful, a business, a great fuck (as the ladies put it), a gifted soul (hung), and brilliant. Any woman would be ready to drop their pantie's and say I do if the question was asked. This was the guy I idolized. Steve showed me that it should never be about you, it should always be about her. Whatever that meant. I didn't know exactly what he was referring too until I met this one girl that turned my world upside-down. She was amazing. I thought all women were the same but shit no. This girl had the hair, the eyes, the face of an angel, the body of a goddess. I never paid any attention to a woman's foot but this girl had pretty feet. I felt like Eddie Murphy in the movie Boomerang. He only slept with women that had pretty feet. I'm not sure what the fuck that was about but maybe it made sense. The prettier the feet, the prettier the women. This girl was amazing. After just two days of knowing this girl, I was ready to introduce her to my mom. She had that much control over me. Her name was Clara. Since I was sterol, I told Clara I'd do anything to reverse my vasectomy. I wanted to spunk all of my cum in her all night to make a baby if possible. But that was only a dreamers dream. there was no way to make me sterol again. I only said that to fuck her. I'm such a shit but I didn't care. This was the one I wanted to be with. Last night we did it. I finally convinced her to fuck. She was so worked up on the idea of having my baby, it took all I had to stay calm until I was ready to explode in her. I ripped her clothes off and threw her on the bed where there was a mirror on the wall so we could see each other fucking. She turned me over and rode me like riding a bull. After a few minutes of that, I turned her on her side and threw one leg over my shoulder then slid my long thick stick in her. I was begging to feel super-human. She squirmed for me to go deeper as I threw her leg down and turn her on her stomach while raising her ass just a little. I slammed my cock on her ass. She gasp her air and asked me" please go slow." I gently slid my dick in her pussy while she grasp the sheets tightly as I pumped slowly until her secretion began to flow. I was memorized by the size of my cock pumping deep in her pussy from behind. Her eyes were glowing in the mirror in front of us. She reached up with her hand as I began pumping faster with a<b> stroke </font></b>of passion placing her hand on my forehead to feel the intense pressure of the blood flowing thru my single vein on my forehead. The<b> stroke </font></b>began to increase while she asked for me to go harder. She grasp the pillow in front of her tightly as I threw one leg up and one leg back to increase the<b> stroke </font></b>with ever inch going deeper as she moans my name. I was at the height of climax until my<b> stroke </font></b>was interrupted by a yell and push. Then a beautiful moment happened when Clara's sleepy eye opened flowing secretion all over me. This stretched my dick even longer as I was fucking excited and more aroused than ever. I plunged my dick back in her sleepy eye and fucked her continuously for the next 10 minutes until her eyes grew large due to the throbbing of my dick pounding inside of her. She could feel the head of my dick grow touching the walls of her inner soul. She screams" Cum for me Steve, Cum, please cum." I began to unload all of my spunk deep inside of her and my eyes roll back as I scream "Shit, shit, shit. I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Ahhh man, sheeew. Fuck. That was awesome." Then, I suddenly realized something. As I looked in the mirror and wondered, she called me Steve instead of D. We communicated thru AdultFriendFinder and I never told her my real name. Oh well, I guess I'll keep that between me and Steve Long.

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