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Tickle Pleasure  

StiffJim007 39M
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5/29/2020 8:06 pm
Tickle Pleasure

Feathered -

I have another true tickling tale. My girlfriend got me again! This time in a most sensitive and exposed area.

For those female feet tickling fans I was methodically tickling her feet with a feather when the door bell rang. In the midst of her gales of laughter, I didn’t hear it at first. She gave me a glance to get up, and I reluctantly complied leaving the bed to answer the front door. It was just the pizza delivery guy. I tipped him and I set the boxes down on the counter and reentered the bedroom looking to continue the tickle torture of my GF.

However, as approached the bed I was surprised as she came up behind me, and pulled my pants down! She had other plans than eating I guess! I still had my underwear on at this point, but not for long. Those were the next to go, as the pizza can definitely wait now I thought to myself. I decided to lay down on the bed stark naked, and she followed behind gently poking my balls with her long finger nails as she began to tease me verbally about my sensitive cock. ‘I can’t help that it tickles!’ I remember telling her as I flinched when her nails made any type of contact with my genitals. She loves to play with my penis. I just can’t handle too much touching or it tickles. She knows this and begins to fondle my balls more intensely, and I let out a small gasp as she briefly grabbed and squeezed and pulled my ball sack. She smiled and I couldn’t help but smile back, ‘I’m in trouble now.’ I thought quietly to myself. Almost simultaneously she pulled out a large feather that I had been using on her dirty size 8’s. I believe that was my reasoning for tickling her in the first place. I had been admiring her soles as they lay filthy on the bed. This isn’t allowed and she knew it! So I punished her ticklish feet as she laughed helplessly begging and pleading for the filling to end. The pizza guy had saved her from the flosser and toothbrush and she was enacting her revenge now! So getting back to the present situation, she had apparently stashed away the feather from when I grabbed the pizzas. ‘What’s that for?’ I asked already knowing the answer. ‘You’ll see.’ was all she said as she knelt down in front of me and began to slowly<b> stroke </font></b>my dick with the large, stiff feather. It instantly tickled and I let out an audible laugh. She laughed at the predicament I was in and continued to probe my cock as it continued to swell in size from the feather tip touches. She had a technique where she was swirling and weaving the feather inside and outside and around my balls and now erect cock like a football coach drawing up a play on a blackboard. I was overwhelmed by the sensations and could only try fidgeting in place to avoid the feather swipes as I laughed nonstop. ‘It tickles!’ I repeated several times and ‘sorry’ a few other occasions but she ignored my pleas and continued the relentless assault on my penis. The feather continued to both arouse and tickle me as veins began bulging in my cock and face!

After several more minutes I had now become red in the face and was sweating profusely. I was laughing and laughing for what seemed like eternity my begging still ignored. She was seeing how the tickling was making me horny and even more sensitive in that area. She briefly began to suck my cock and I was enjoying the brief halt to the tickling. However, I knew better and figured the reason for the lip service wasn’t to pleasure me, but to add extra moisture so the feather would glide easier against my now throbbing and swollen dick. She was right! She began rapidly tickling my shaft and balls with the end of the feather and it drove me crazy. I was now laughing like a banshee and she was smiling enjoying every second. I was too exhausted to resist and just threw my head back laughing. I instinctively grabbed a nearby pillow to mumble my laughs but it was no use so I tossed the pillow away and it accidentally hit my GF in the head. I wasn’t in control of anything at this point and yet she thought I had done it on purpose! ‘Stop!’ I pleaded as she decided to abandoned the feather and use her sharp manicured nails on my rock hard cock. Her nails caressed my rod as she began jerking and tickling at the same time. I was at my wits end now and begged for it to end. She finally complied and allowed me to relax, the tickling was over and she began to suck my dick again. It didn’t take much at the point and my erect dick shot a load like a geyser onto her breasts. She continued to<b> stroke </font></b>my cock afterwards but I was too tired to protest. I collapse back onto the bed and laid there for a second and closed my eyes. I opened my eyes to the sound of an electronic toothbrush she had hidden under the bed and she began tickling my cock with it! I was instantly hysterical with fits of laughter as the toothbrush scrapped and scratched my extra sensitive areas. I put my hands to my face and just continued to laugh on into the night. ‘Man, is your dick super ticklish!’ she exclaimed as she turned out the light and continued to tickle my cock and balls. All I could must was more laughter ‘Goodnight-Haha-HoneyHAHA’ I slept really good that night!

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